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  • Royal Holidays

    Holidays made for a queen : Osborne House
  • Lookbook… Expecting

    Hello Everybody, Few months ago, I posted an article about maternity fashion in the 50s (read it here), so now I share with you my « I am expecting » wardrobe. All my outfits are true vintage, some from 1950 and few maternity blouses are made from vintage house dresses. I did like the smock top and trousers […]
  • St Ives

    Hello All, A comeback to our summer holidays before facing the autumn! First step in Cornwall, where we had such a lovely time (even with the sleepless nights with a newborn!). St Ives is a pretty seaside town (and family friendly too) with lots of beautiful fisher cottages.  It was my first time in Cornwall and […]
  • How to dress… Expecting in the 50s

    Hello there, Being pregnant was a wonderful time for me and I did enjoy wearing original 1950s maternity clothes. I did some research aboout maternity fashion in the 50s (sources from Internet and books I read) that I wanted to share on my blog. Hope you like it! *** The maternity fashion through the decade […]
  • Un déjeuner sur l’herbe

    Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, Manet Saviez-vous que le mot « pique-nique » a été utilisé dans un écrit pour la première fois en 1692?! Il signifiait à cette époque le fait de dîner dans un restaurant et d’apporter sa prope bouteille de vin. Le pique-nique, désignant le fait de déjeuner à l’extérieur, devient populaire au XVIIe siècle […]
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