"Amendment" 2017 Primary Guardian Exam "Related Professional Knowledge" Answer

Many of the answers circulating on the Internet are wrong. This post is specially posted. Other subjects will be released one after another. If there is any question about the answer, you can comment below to ensure that all answers are the highest principles!

1. The most commonly used auxiliary diagnosis and follow -up items for pancreatic cancer are B

A. Hematuria starch enzyme

B. Sugar antigen 19-9

C. Serum bilirubin

D. amino metastases

E. Blood glucose and urine sugar value

2. Diagnosis of blood disease, the most valuable laboratory examination method is D


B. Type B ultrasound

C. X -ray examination

D. Bone marrow examination

E. liver function examination

3. The indicator of gastric tube removal and starting after peritonitis is e

A. Decrease or disappear abdominal pain

B. Small blood pressure

C. There is a sense of hunger

D. The body temperature is restored to normal

E. Intestinal sound recovery, anal exhaust

4. The following urinary system examination, the iodine allergy test is B

A. Urinary circuit flat tablets

B. Varicose renal pelvic angiography

C. Magnetic resonance urinary circuit imaging

D. B ultrasound

E. cystoscopy

5. The smell of the patient who exhaled diabetes ketone acid poisoning is B

A. ammonia odor

B. Rotten apple flavor

C. Decadic odor

D. Disposy

E. irritating sour taste

6. The most effective treatment for solid tumors is A

A. Surgical resection

B. Radiation therapy

C. Chemotherapy

D. Endocrine therapy

E. TCM Chinese Medicine Treatment

7. The best treatment for cervical polyps is D

A laser

B. Local application of anti -inflammatory drugs

C. Cervical Cut

D.Pochus removal

E. Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

8. Both sides are not waiting to see D

A. Optobia atrophy

B. morphine poison

C. Atropine poisoning

D. Cranial lesions

E. Pesticide poisoning

9. The preferred measure to rescue carbon monoxide at the scene is B

A. 绐 绐 oxygen absorption

B. Move it to a fresh air place

C. Make it flat

D. Drying treatment

E. Open its airway

10. Regarding the treatment of amniotic fluid embolism, the wrong thing is E

A. Correct respiratory circulation failure

B. Anti -allergy

C. Antibiotic prevention infection

D.Prevent coagulation dysfunction

E.Waiting for natural delivery

11. Patient women, 60 -year -old uterine drooping 1 degree light type, the following treatment principles are correctly D

A. Strengthen exercise

B.Surgical treatment

C.Radiation Therapy

D. Use the palace support

E.Enhance abdominal pressure

12. It may be related to primary epilepsy. A


B. Trauma

C.Brain tumor

D.Cerebrovascular disease


13. Female, 27 years old.Married, the past menstrual rules are obtained for 10 days due to the monthly period. It is required whether to be pregnant. The biggest examination for confirmed diagnosis is A

A ultrasound Doppler

B. Immune law measurement HCG

C. The height of the palace bottom

D. Pregnancy test hormone

E. Cervical mucus coating mirror inspection

14. The mechanism to apply TAT to treat taracle is C

A. Killing Tethellia

B. Devitalizer

C. Neutral and free toxins

D. Improve human immunity

E. Eliminate the source of toxins

15. Patient women, 40 years old.Due to severe infection.Examination: T39.5 ° C, P90/minute, BP116/80mmHg, blood gas analysis: PAO2 55mmHg, PACO2 30mmHg, first consideration as B

A. Acute renal failure

B. Acute respiratory distress syndrome

C. Persistent blood vessel intravascular coagulation

D. Acute liver overshadowing

E. Acute heart failure

16. Patient women, 35 years old.The upper right upper abdomenal arranged colic is accompanied by nausea and vomiting for 5 hours. Murphy is positive.

A. Abdomen CT

B. Abdomen B ultrasound

C. Abdominal MRI

D. Abdominal X -ray flat film

E. Sinic liver stolen 皮 shadow

17. Patient women, maternal, 39 years old.Over the past year, menstrual flow has increased, and the menstrual period lasts 4 to 14 days.Examination: The uterus is 3 months of pregnancy, unevenness, no abnormalities in double attachments, and 90g/L hemoglobin.The diagnosis is uterine fibroids, and the proper treatment is B

A. Follow -up observation

B. Surgical treatment

C. Radiation treatment

D. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment

E. Hormone therapy

18. When the maternal mattress is infected, the best position should be taken is B

A. lying position

B. Half -bed

C. Sideline

D. Tiestone

E. Head and low foot

19. Little urine refers to the 24 -hour urine output less than D

A. 1ooml

B. 200ml

C. 300ml

D. 400ml

E. 500ml

20. The most common type of adult tuberculosis is C

A. Primary Type Tuberculosis

B. Blood distribution lung tuberculosis

C. Kyamato tuberculosis

D. Tuberculosis pleuralitis

E. Endonal tuberculosis

21. The treatment measures that should be taken for patients with small intestine rupture are E

A. Gastrointestinal decompression

B. Application wide -spectrum antibiotics

C. Actively supplement the blood capacity

D. Rest and analgesic

E. Surgical treatment immediately

22. About the incorrect stock hernia is D

A. Women who are more than 40 years old

B. H hernia ring is the upper mouth of the stock pipe

C. Prone to incarceration and narrowing

D. Non -surgical treatment

E. Block position is below the ingrains of the ingrains under the toe bone nodules

Analysis: Herbal hernias are easy to embedded and narrow, so surgical treatment should be treated in time!

23. The first symptom of allergic purple epilepsy is A

A. Skin purpura

B. Artaitis

C.stomach ache

D. hematuria

E. intracranial hemorrhage

24. Auxiliary examination of pregnancy combined with viral hepatitis does not include E

A. Liver Gong examination

B. Hepatitis virus test

C. Coagulation function examination

D. Placental function

E. Blood HCG Examination

25. The method of assisting the back of the back is C

A. Five fingers fist, beat hard

B. Five fingers together, fist inward slightly, from top to bottom, from the outside to the back of the Malaysian Malaysia

C. Five fingers together, fist inward slightly, from bottom to top, light from the outside to the mainland

D. Five fingers together, fist inward slightly, from bottom to top, lighting back from the inside to the outside

E. Five fingers together, fist slightly inward, from top to bottom, lighting back from the inside to the outside

26. When the intracranial pressure increases obviously, avoid C

A. CT examination

B. MRI examination

C. Lumbar puncture

D. Cerebral angiography

E. Cranisal Doppler examination

28. The most valuable test of diagnosis of poisonous bacterial dysentery is C

A. Seed mirror examination

B. Blood white cell count

C. Tunger bacterial culture

D. Bacterial culture of pharynx swab

E. Serum special antibody examination

29. The increase in total serum cholesterol is seen in C.

A.Lung heart disease

B. Wind disease

C. Coronary heart disease

D. Myocarditis

E. Perceinitis

30. The diagnosis of organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning does not include C

A. Special garlic smell

B. Typical symptoms and signs

C. Gastrointestinal Dinner

D. History of contact with organic phosphorus pesticide

E. Total blood choline enzyme vitality measurement

31. The diet guidance of patients with nephropathy syndrome is C

A. When edema should be low salt

B. enough calories

C. Multiple foods rich in saturated fatty acids

D. Active high -quality protein rich in amino acids

E. High edema and less urine volume should strictly control the amount of liquid

Analysis: The protein intake should be a normal input [1.0g/(kg • d)] high -quality protein (animal protein rich in essential amino acids).KJ (30 ~ 35kcal/kg).In order to reduce hyperlipidemia, less foods rich in saturated fatty acids (such as animal oils) should be entered, and unsaturated fatty acids (vegetable oils and fish oil) should be eaten.When edema should be low (salt <3g/d).

32. The correct part of the heart compressor of the chest is e

A. The upper paragraph of the sternum

B. Right edge of sternum

C. Lesson left edge

D. Under the sword

E. 1/3 of the sternum

33. The first choice for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus is C

A. chloropatrazine

B. contraceptive pill

C. Strong pine

D. Polyzide

E. Pulukinhamine

34. Patients with menstruation for 9 weeks, a small amount of vaginal bleeding for 3 days, no abdominal pain, the uterus is in line with the pregnancy month, the uterine mouth is not opened, and the B -ultrasound examination: intrauterine pregnancy, see the fetal heart beating.The main treatment principle after admission is A

A.Fetal treatment

B. Clear palace as soon as possible

C. Turbal hemostatic and blood

D. Intermittent oxygen absorption

E. Prevention

35. The bone marrow image of patients with acute leukemia is A

A. Most of them are primitive cells and childish cells

B. Most of them are neutral nuclear and neutral leaf nuclear cells

C. Most of the lymphocytes and giant cells

D. Mainly lymphocytes, a few naive lymphocytes

E. Most of them are young and middle -aged, late -young, rod -shaped granulocytes

36. The most dangerous of the adverse reactions of anti -thyroid drug treatment is C

A. Liver function is damaged

B. Gastrointestinal reaction

C. Grane cell deficiency

D. Redocyte reduction

E. medicine rash

37. The wrong treatment of patients with acute abdomen is C

A. Forbidden diet, implement gastrointestinal decompression as needed

B. Actively apply antibiotic antibiotic antibiotics

C. In constipation, low pressure enema

D. Disable strong analgesic such as morphine

E. Correct the imbalance of the body fluid in time

38. Children, 5 years old.Simple nephropathy induction and relieving the preferred drug is D

A. Antibiotics

B. Diuretic

C. Low molecular right Forraphylasses

D. Strong pine

E. Circinamide

39. The lesions of early esophageal cancer are A

A.Limited to the mucosa layer

B. Invasion or soaking the muscle layer

C. lymph nodes transfer in the distance

D. Liver metastasis

E. The length of the lesion exceeds 5cm

40. Patient male, 40 years old.Suddenly dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, fast pulse, vomiting coffee -like stomach content, the first choice of the cause of the cause is C

A. Selected arterial angiography

B. X -ray 查 meal examination

C. Gastroscopy

D. B -ultrasound

E. Cotton Swallow Line Test

41. Patients with heart failure patients have long for a long time to take azine diuretic diuretic.

A. Holding blood calcium

B. Hypoglycemia

C. High uric acid


E. Hypertension

42. Usually open -minded injuries, it should not be later than C

A. Practice immediately

B. 3 to 5 hours after injury

C. 6 to 8 hours after injury

D. 12 hours after injury

E. 24 hours after injury

43. Difficult to breathe in breathing in ascended to C is found in C


B. swelling

C. trachea foreign body

D. Chest effusion

E. Bronchial asthma

44. The most common part of breast cancer lymphatic metastasis is A


B. Under the collarbone

C. Celatium

D. Sternum

E. Liver

45. Patients with oral methotrexate tablets in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis usually take the frequency of medication to E

A.Once a day

B. 2 times a day

C. 3 times a day

D. Once the next day

E. Once a week

Analysis: Many textbooks are not mentioned.Add it: Anthate (MTX): Almost all rheumatologists in the United States use MTX, and more than half believe that it should be used as a "first -line medicine". Due to good curative effect and high tolerance, it has become RA treatment.Main medicine.The progress of MTX’s understanding includes: ① curative effect and dose.② Folic acid helps prevent a variety of adverse reactions.③ Due to good curative effect and tolerance, it is suitable for long -term applications.④ Almost all other SAARDS can be used.⑤ Biological utilization rate is reduced during large -dose maintenance.⑥ Personal response and tolerance are different.⑦ Mild renal toxicity.⑧The sufficient amount of NSAIDS and reducing the excretion of the kidney on MTX with a small dose.采 Some patients can use weekly therapy.Clinical application: ① MTX25 ~ 50mg+0.9%sodium chloride 500ml, 2 times a week, intravenous drip, and oral ibuprofen 600-900mg, 2 times a day.The total effective rate is 88%, and the combined medication (ibuprofen or corticosteroids) can improve the efficacy.② MTX7.5mg, take it once a week, increase the amount of dosage of dosage of rheumatoid arthritis in 6 weeks, the maximum amount does not exceed 15mg, and NSAIDS can be taken.3 months is a course of treatment, with a total effective rate of 88%.③ Mtx7.5mg, orally every week.The willow nitrogen sulfin (SASP) is 0.25mg, 3 times a day, orally, increased to 0.5 mg after 1 week, and maintained 3 times a day.3 months is 1 course of treatment, with a total effective rate of 79.4%, especially significant swelling. The adverse reactions are mainly gastrointestinal reactions (44%).SASP starts 1g/d, and increases to 1.5g/d after 4D, and then increases from 9D to 2g/d after taking 4D.After the 16th week, if the efficacy is poor, the SASP is increased to 3g/d, and MTX will be increased to 15mg per week.The other group was combined with two medicines.Results: Patients with early rheumatoid arthritis are well tolerated by three treatments.There is no significant difference in the efficacy of combined treatment than a single drug.④ Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) of the whole body: Small doses of small doses (1mg/kg) and pheasanto are conventional, while taking MTX10mg/m2, once a week.After the whole body symptoms and joint swelling and pain disappear, the amount of Pennone is reduced, and the drug was stopped within 6 to 12 months. At the same time, the Patto Shengpu Sheng was discontinued.MTX is suitable for the treatment of systemic and multi -joint JRA, which is resistant to other drugs, small adverse reactions, and no serious adverse reactions have not occurred for long -term medication.

46. The pathogen of the pathogens of pelvic inflammatory disease due to the direct spread of organ inflammation in the pelvic cavity is mainly D.

A. Gonorrhea Naose

B. Chlamydia

C. Syntica spiral body

D. Essential Essence

E. Tuberculosis

47. The main purpose of the early activities of the large -hidden varicose veins is to prevent D

A. Infusion

B. The affected limb stiff

C. Postoperative recurrence


E. Vascular spasm

48. Patient female, 29 years old.Top tracheal expansion for 10 years, cough, cough, sputum, and 50ml/d.The following incorrect processing is C

A. Position drainage

B. Strengthen nutrition

C. Long -term application of antibiotics

D. 痰 d d

E. 吸 e 雾 inhalation

Analysis: The bronchial expansion usually does not need to use antibiotics when the bacteria comes from the coming.It is generally not right to apply antibiotics for a long time, which is easy to cause flora disorders.

49. The main pathway of bone and joint tuberculosis is A

A. Blood spread

B. lymph

C. Contact infection

D. Playing tract propagation

E. Near combined organization spread

Analysis: TB fungus generally leads to tuberculosis through respiratory tract transmission, and then spreads to bones and joints through blood.

The most important cause of type of patients with type 50.2 diabetes is C

A. Diabetic foot

B. kidney disease

C. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular lesions

D. Diabetic retinopathy

E. Neuropathy

51. Coronary arterial film examination must be done before C

A. Coagulation test

B. Antibiotic allergy test

C. Ambustion allergy test

D. ECG monitoring

E. Blood pressure monitoring

52. The language avoided during consultation is A


B. Blood stool

C. Cough

D. Headache

E. panic

53. Patients with kidney injury After non -surgical treatment, the following nursing measures are incorrect.

A. Strict monitoring of life signs

B. Strictly observe changes in hematuria

C. Old pain, bleeding

D. Get out of bed as soon as possible

E. Application antibiotics

54. Patient female, 50 years old.Frequent vomiting for many days, unable to eat, dehydrated, hybrid potassium, family members are anxious when the fluid is replenished, and the speed of replenishment is accelerated without permission.

A. Magnesium sulfate

B. ammonium chloride

C. 2%sodium bicarbonate

D. Sodium lactate

E. Calcium glucose

55. Factors that may cause maternal paralysis mothers do not include E

A. Hypertension

B. Diabetes

C. Abdominal trauma

D. Contact radiation

E. Nuclear jaundice

56. What can detect kidney function is A

A.Blood urea nitrogen

B. Jaundice index

C. Central varicocene

D. Coagulatases Time Time

E. Three P Tests

57. The first choice for the treatment of syphilis is C

A. Azithromycin

B. erythromycin

C. penicillin

D. Vancin

E. Kolincin

58. The most reliable auxiliary examination of early gastric cancer is B

A. Ultrasound gastroscopy

B. Fiber gastroscopy examination

C.Tetsellice Fluorescence Test

D. Stomach breakdown cell examination

E. X -ray gas dual angiography examination

59. Postpartum bleeding caused by the weakness of the factor, the preferred hemostatic measure is A

A. Moving the uterus

B. Hei Yuki drugs

C. The uterus is full

D. Lifting pelvic blood vessels to stop bleeding

E. Sterilizer gauze strip Fill the uterine cavity

60. Patient male, 42 years old.The urination often interrupts. The transformation is tedious to continue urination. At the same time, it is accompanied by the symptoms of bladder stimulation and ending hematuria.

A. urethral stones

B. kidney stones

C. Uresert

D. Bladder stones

E. Bladder Tumor

61. Severe obesity refers to E with an average weight of the same gender and the same height of the same gender and the same height

A. 10%

B. 20%

C. 30%

D. 40%

E. 50%

Analysis: According to the weight growth of children, children’s obesity is divided into 3 degrees.Based on the same gender, same height (long) normal children’s weight as the standard, the weight of more than 20%to 29%is mild obesity; more than 30%to 49%is moderate obesity; more than 50%of those are severe obesity.

62. Those who belong to the first -line anti -tuberculosis drugs are B

A. ammonia sulfur

B. Pyrazineamide

C. Cenamycin

D. Ayramine

E. Sodium salicylate

Analysis: At present, the classification of domestic anti -tuberculosis drugs is: first -line cigarettes, ribpin, pyrazinamide, chaincin, second -line litanol, amino sulfurin, scatomycin, amino water poplar poplarSodium acid, etc.

63. Patient male, 28 years old.One hour after a car accident.At that time, it was coma for about 10 minutes. After coming to the hospital, headache, nausea, and no vomiting.The right nostrils are visible to the bloody liquid continuously flowing out.The nursing measure at this time is wrong. B

A. Quickly establish venous channels and closely observe the changes in vital signs

B. Use aseptic cotton ball to block the nasal cavity to prevent the liquid from continuing to flow out

C. Apply antibiotics and tetanus according to the doctor’s order

D. Combined the oxygen inhalation of the cover of the cover

E. Patients take a half -bedroom position

Analysis: This is the cerebrospinal fluid leakage.

64. Children, 5 years old.The fever is 2 days of mumps, and diagnosed as "epidemic mumps".The suitable nursing measure for the child is A

A. Give digestive semi -current diet

B. Disable salt water mouthwash

C. Eating oral hot and sour food

D. Drink less water

E. Local hot compress

65. The prerequisite for intravenous potassium supplementation is A

A. The urine volume is above 30ml/h or more

B. The concentration is above 0.3%

C. The speed is 60 drops/min

D. The total amount is below 4 ~ 5g/d

E. Do not exceed 6 ~ 8g/d at most

Analysis: Note that the prerequisites in the question are not correct.Remember to see potassium urine.As for the amount of urine, the teaching materials may be inconsistent, it doesn’t matter.

66. After the anal fistula resection, patients who need to take a bath and change the medicine daily. The reasonable arrangement is E

A. Change the medicine first in the morning

B. First bath bath

C. Stool first, then change the medicine, and then take a bath

D. Sit a bath first, change the medicine, then stool

E. Poipate first, then take a bath, and change the medicine afterwards

67. The most important and easy way to diagnose rectal cancer is B

A. Tunger hidden blood test

B. Rectal finger inspection

C. Endoscopy

D. B -ultrasound inspection in the cavity

E. serum cancer embryo antigen measurement

Analysis: 1.The stool hidden blood test is the first screening method of colorectal cancer, and the positive person will do further examination.2.Rectal fingering is the most important and easy way to diagnose rectal cancer.Most of the rectal cancer occur in the middle and lower part of the rectum, and more than 75%of rectal cancer can be touched during anal finger test.3.Endoscopy includes rectal, sigmoid colonoscopy or fiber colonoscopy, observing the parts and forms of the lesion under direct vision, and at the same time, a lively tissue can be taken for pathological examination.

68. The examination of dehydration in children with diarrhea is B

A. Blood potassium measurement

B. Sodium measurement

C. Blood glucose measurement

D. Serum protein measurement

E. CO2 combined force measurement

69. Patient male, 18 years old, closed abdominal damage for 2 hours, abdominal pain, vomiting, patients with a pale face, wet limbs, no urine, blood pressure 70/50 mmHg, pulse 120 times/minute, the abdominal cavity does not solidify the blood, it does not solidify the blood.The fundamental processing measure is D

A. Sending pain relief

B. Supplement blood capacity

C. Apply diuretic

D. Anti -shock at the same time caesarean section detection

E. Forbidden diet, continuous gastrointestinal decompression

70. Children, 8 years old, pain in the left hip, lameness, accompanied by low heat, night sweats, and no appetite for 3 weeks.Examination: 37.6 ° C in body temperature, limited left hip activity, Thomas (+), hip X -ray films are slightly narrow in the joint gap and marginal bone destruction.The following inappropriate disposal is C

A. Anti -tuberculosis drug treatment

B. Fixed braking

C. Strengthen functional exercise

D. Support therapy

E. Local medicine

71. Significant reduction of serum protein should consider A

A. liverization

B. pneumonia

C. Bronchitis

D. asthma

E. anemia

72. Patient women, 50 years old, shortened the menstrual cycle in the past year, and the menstrual period is prolonged.


B. Immediately shrink the paddy

C. 甲 c c Aminopine

D. A large amount of progesterone

E. e e e e e e e

73. The main treatment of patients with chronic bronchitis is B

A. Oxygen absorption

B. Control infection

C. Crimson rest

D. expectorant


74. Children, 4 months, artificially feed, often irritable and crying, difficult to fall asleep, checked: 6 kg of weight, body temperature 37.9 ° C, soft pillow bald and skull softening, diagnosis as a mirror disease, and to vitamin D 10,000IU muscle injections have been thickened 3 times, about 20 to 60 seconds each time. After the attack stops, the serum ion calcium is 1.0 mmol/L, and the total serum calcium is 1.8mmol/L.The reason is D

A. acid poisoning

B. Thermal stagnation

C. Seizure

D.Decreased serum calcium

E. Lack of vitamin D

75. The first measure of the first aid of the child with heartbeat and stopping the first aid on the spot is C. C

A. Open airway

B. Create breathing

C. Pressing the chest of the chest

D. Application recovery drug

E. ECG monitoring

76. The most important symptom of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia is E

A. Hem urinary

B. frequent urination

C. Uridarity

D. Pain pain

E. Difficulty in urination

77. Patient male, 48 years old, a history of lumbar disc herniation for 2 years, and aggravating year by year, it has seriously affected life and work, and urinary stool disorders should be selected.



C. Traction

D. medication

E. Surgery

78. First maternal, 10 days after cesarean section, suddenly the vagina flows in large quantities, blood pressure is 80/85mmHg at the time of admission, 110 times/minute of heart rate, 60g/L in red protein, the primary treatment principle is C.

A. Strengthen contractions

B. Prevention infection

C.Rescue shock

D. Varicors input centers

E. Moving the uterus

79. The increase in serum creatinine should consider C

A. Unscaled lung function

B. Insufficient heart function

C. Nephrology incomplete

D. hyperthyroidism

E. rheumatoid

80. Patients with menstruation for 42 days. The pain in the right lower abdomen was painful for 1 hour. It was accompanied by anal swelling, BP80/40mmHg, full abdominal tenderness, reflective pain.For the right side, move the voicing of voicing, the cervix is painful, the rear dome is full of tenderness, the uterine diagnosis is not satisfactory, the tenderness in the right attachment area is obvious, the simplest and reliable diagnosis method is B

A. Pregnancy test

B. Poch vaginal dome puncture

C. B ultrasound

D. Laparoscopy

E. Diagnosis

Analysis: The patient is an abnormal pregnancy.Performance: Most patients will have irregular vaginal bleeding after 6 to 8 weeks of menopause; abdominal pain is the main symptom of the clinic, which is often hidden in the lower abdomen; abdominal mass.When rupture, the lower abdomen can tear the pain, the blood pressure drops suddenly, the vaginal dome is full, and the cervix lifts up pain or swing pain.The vaginal dome puncture is a simple and reliable diagnosis method.Surgical treatment.

81. After maternal, a baby baby naturally gave birth to naturally 3 years ago, weighing 3700g, no difficulty in having a history of production, 40 weeks of pregnancy, and the deflection of the rules 2 hours ago., 130 times/min in the fetal heart rate, first exposed head, 4cm of the palace mouth, at this time the most suitable treatment is E

A. Observation in the production room

B. Warm soapy water enema

C. 破 c c c c

D. Varicors Injecting Kyatsu

E. Urgent delivery of delivery rooms to prepare for delivery

82. The normal value range of the central vein pressure is e

A. 2 ~ 3cmoh2O

B. 3 ~ 4cmh2o

C. 4 ~ 5CMH2O

D. 5 ~ 6cmh2o

E. 6 ~ 12cmh2O

83. The characteristics of Gram -negative bacteria infection do not include E

A. Intermittent fever

B. Wet and cold limbs

C. hypotension

D. The body temperature does not rise

E. Formation of metastatic abscesses

Analysis: Gram -negative bacteria infection is a cold war or intermittent heating and "three lows" phenomenon (no increase in body temperature, low blood white blood cell count, hypotension)

84. The nursing measures for maintaining respiratory function of blood breasts are not correct.

A. Those who have large foreign objects on their chests should be removed in time

B. Closely observed the changes in respiratory form, frequency, and respiratory sound

C. Give oxygen in accordance with the condition, observe the change of oxygen saturation

D. When the signs of life are stable, you can take a half -bedroom position to facilitate breathing

E. Clear the respiratory tract secretion in time

85. Grand Baror’s typical cerebrospinal fluid is changed to B

A. Bloodycerne

B. Protein-cell separation phenomenon

C. Both protein content and cells increase

D. Waste -glass -shaped

E. lymphocytes increase significantly

86. Stomach intestine meal examination needs to be fasted at least A.

A.6 hours before inspection

B. 8 hours before the inspection

C. 10 hours before the inspection

D. 12 hours before the inspection

E. 14 hours before inspection

Analysis: Each textbook of this question may be inconsistent.Please according to the designated textbook for the human health version: gastrointestinal meal examination and examination of drugs and heavy metal drugs such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium that affects gastrointestinal functions; for more than 10 hours of fasting;Draw out the stomach.

87. Patients, 40 years old, have a history of liver cirrhosis for 2 years. Sleep disorders occur after a high protein diet, decreased directional force, abnormal ease and electrical.

A. Restricted protein diet

B. Magnesium sulfate diarrhea

C. weak alkaline solution enema

D. Clasma sugar oral

E. Trone beta

(88 ~ 89 sharing alternative answers)

A.Blood transfusion

B. Spleen resection

C. Arogen therapy

D. Sugitic hormone therapy

E. Immunosuppressant treatment

88. Patients with special platelet reduction purpura for treatment are preferred D

89. Patients with severe recycled disorders are preferred for treatment of patients with treatment E

Analysis: This question was previously examined. The answer written by many spam on the market is blood transfusion.Each textbook may be inconsistent.Please specify the teaching material according to the human health version: immunosuppressant anti -pectoral gland cell globulin and anti -lymphocyte globulin can inhibit patients T lymphocytes or non -characteristic immune response. It is currently the first choice for the treatment of heavy -dysworked obstacles.

(90 ~ 91, sharing alternative answers)

A. Increased nail protein

B. Increases of carcinoma antigen

C. Extraction of amylase

D. Alkaline phosphatase increases

E. Acidal phosphate increases

90. Value testing for the diagnosis of primary liver cancer is A

91. Value testing of acute pancreatitis diagnosis is C

(92 ~ 93 Questions sharing alternative answers)

A.Potassium salt

B.Folic acid




92. Pediatric nutritional iron deficiency anemia should mainly supplement C

93. Pediatric nutritional giant red blood cell anemia should be mainly supplemented by B

(94 ~ 96 questions sharing alternative answers)

A. B ultrasound

B. Multi -row spiral CT

C. Magnetic resonance layer image

D. X -ray chest

E. Positive Electronic Laying Body Layer Appearance

94. Examination with the advantages of high soft tissue resolution and direct multi -plane imaging is C. C is C

95. The inspection with higher scanning speed and image resolution is B

96. It can objectively describe the examination of human brain physiological and pathological metabolic activity images.

Analysis: The full electronic emitter layer of the body layer is called: Positron Emission Computerd Tomography, which is a more advanced clinical examination image technology in the field of nuclear medicine.The rough method is that some substances are generally necessary substances in the metabolism of biological lives, such as: glucose, protein, nucleic acid, fatty acids, radioactive nuclein (such as F18, carbon 11, etc.) marked on the human body, and inject the human body into the human body.By reflecting the metabolic activities of the substance in metabolism, the purpose of diagnosis is achieved.

(The test questions are collected on the Internet, and there are still a few questions, and the subsequent will be updated as soon as possible)

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