"Apologize to my dog!" The dog owner who did not bare the dog rope was angry in the elevator because the pet dog was called "beast"?

As a pet owner

Didn’t tie the dog rope for your own puppy when he went out

After the dispute is still happening

Ask the neighbors to apologize to their dogs?

There is no puppy in the elevator

"Can’t be called beasts"?

Mr. Gao told reporters that on the evening of June 30, when his mother and his 4 -year -old daughter were about to take the elevator home, they found that there was a woman carrying small pet dogs in the elevator.Because the pet dog did not tie the rope, Mr. Gao’s mother was worried that the granddaughter would be hurt by the dog, so he stomped his feet to the pet dog and said that the dog should be tied to the rope.This is this sentence that makes the dog owner dissatisfied, and the two sides have a dispute in the elevator.

The surveillance video shows that the two sides are deadlocked at the elevator for about 6 minutes. During this period, the dog owner has controlled the elevator to prevent the elderly and children from leaving the elevator.After that, Mr. Gao received a call from his mother to hearing the news. According to the live video, after leaving the elevator, the two parties conflicted to the dog again. The dog owner insisted that the old man should apologize to the dog.The owner’s practice of not tie the rope and walking dogs is suspected of violating relevant regulations, while the dog owner responded that "the law (you) can do me to win."

Subsequently, the police officer of the police station rushed to the scene for on -site mediation, but the two sides did not reach an agreement.

Dog owner: Pet dogs are called "beasts" difficult to accept

Apology is a mad

Regarding Mr. Gao’s statement, Ms. Zhang, the dog owner, said that it was true.However, Ms. Zhang believes that although the pet dog did not tie the rope at the time of the incident, she hugged the dog in her arms after entering the elevator. If the old man was worried that the child was hurt by the dog, he could choose to take another elevator.

As for the request of the old man’s apology to the dog, Ms. Zhang explained that her pet dog has been raised for 9 years and belongs to the "elderly dog". Because of the deep relationship with the dog, she cannot accept others calling this dog as a dog."Beast", about how people apologize for dogs, Ms. Zhang explained as "just talk", and the two sides are deadlocked there, which is qi.

At the same time, Ms. Zhang said, "I can do it in the law in this regard, I can count you to win." When it was a dispute between the two parties, there were some inappropriate words. Ms. Zhang firmly believed that she was reasonable.

Ms. Zhang also said that after the incident, Mr. Gao and her family members insult and threatened themselves in the community owners.According to a screenshot of the owners’ group dialogue provided by Ms. Zhang, Mr. Gao’s family has threatened to kill the pet dog in the group.Ms. Zhang said that because of this, her personal information was also announced by Mr. Gao and her family. This was suspected of infringing privacy and did not rule out the use of legal weapons to defend her rights by herself.

Local police station: "People apologize to dogs" is unreasonable

According to the "Regulations on the Management of Dogs in Liaoning Province" implemented on May 1, 2015:

When leaving a dog, you should hang the dog brand and the dog chain.

Dogs should avoid the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and children;

Those who take a dog to take an elevator or up and down the stairs should avoid the peak time and take the initiative to avoid others, and wear a mouth sleeve or in the dog cage for the dogs.

Obviously, Ms. Zhang’s behavior has violated these three regulations.

On July 5th, the reporter called the Longfeng Police Station of the Land Fun Public Security Dongzhou Branch. The staff said that it had been involved in the mediation. Ms. Zhang asked the elderly to apologize to the dog.middle.

Comprehensive from the Xin Yellow River

Source: Shanghai News Radio

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