"Bird’s Nest During Pregnancy" does not have a long fetus!Reasonable dietary guide during pregnancy, self -report from a fan

问️ Many people have come to ask what nutrition I need to supplement during pregnancy?Do I have to eat nutrients?Is it better to eat bird’s nest, sea cucumber or glue?Let me talk to you about two dietary deployment during pregnancy.

头️ In the early stages of pregnancy: The first 3 months of the baby’s organs are slowly forming, so supplementing vitamin folic acid is the most important.Food supplements are also very important. I ate tomato, apples, grapes, broccoli, onions, sea fish, river shrimp, and bird’s nest every day.The more varieties, the better, as long as you don’t eat cold food.The appropriate amount of vitamin C and protein, even if it cannot make the child white and beautiful, can make the baby strong.Believe in the power of food supplement!

宝宝️In secondary pregnancy: Babies begin to develop skeletal development and long hair, and the middle of pregnancy is the peak period of nutritional needs.In addition to supplementing DHA and calcium tablets, I insist on eating nuts, sesame milk, cuttlefish, animal liver, etc. At the same time, eat bird’s nest every day, plus two or three meals a week.The calcium in sesame is many times that of milk. It is rich in dietary fiber and is very helpful for constipation during pregnancy. Animal liver is also rich in vitamins and trace elements; bird’s nest and sea cucumber can condition the body and prevent illness during pregnancy.

宝宝️In third trimester: Babies start to improve the functions of various organs, and the weight of pregnant mothers will increase.At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with some aerobic exercises to help the fetus enter the birth canal smoothly and adjust to the best position.Diet should be high -protein and low -fat foods, such as: low -fat milk, beef, fish, soy milk, etc.In the later period, I can eat mung bean soup. I also took the traditional Chinese medicine with my mother -in -law at the time. The two babies were born clean and had no saliva. I think the diet during pregnancy is still very particular.

一直️ In addition to all kinds of fruits, there are also bird’s nests.Salmonic acid in bird’s nest can improve the intellectual development of baby.In addition, bird’s nest is a mild nourishing product. On the one hand, it can prevent illness during pregnancy, and on the other hand, it can alleviate the fatigue caused by post pregnancy.Persistence to eat skin will also be hydrated and elastic, prevent spots and stretch marks!

的️ Therefore, I still care more about the choice of bird’s nest. I ca n’t be greedy or blindly followed by things in my stomach. I chose the bird’s nest of the Bird’s Nest’s house after I did laziness during pregnancy.The fresh taste is also very smooth, not sweet or fishy.Silk silk is also very thick, and there are no preservatives, which is very suitable for pregnant mothers.It is convenient to add a little warm water to an empty stomach every morning. I have been eating the skin condition during pregnancy, so I have always insisted that I have eaten it now. Although I often stay up late after giving birth, I do n’t have time to skin care, but the complexion is still very goodThis has a lot to do with eating bird’s nest ~

孕️ Moms must pay attention to a balanced diet and appropriate exercise during pregnancy.Supplement the nutrition required by the baby in time according to each time period!

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