"Dark Glory" is all in Jun’s really terrible existence, and get the most important punishment.

Finally after watching "Glory of Darkness", I don’t know if you feel the same as me after reading it, and feel very cool.

The ending is very popular, there is no bad tail.

What I especially like this drama is that it is not to say that the heroine kills or what the violence who lolly her is, and she makes full use of human nature to use their inner evil to let their dogs bite dogs.

As Wen Dongen said, the ruins were not established. She just gave a chance to cause them to cause them to cause the ruins.

Many friends chased this drama together. In fact, we have a lot of controversy, that is, in the role of Jun.

Many people followed the five senses and felt that they were not so bad in the five -person group in the bullying, but they were finally punished the heaviest.

Not only was his eyes blind, but he was finally pushed to the cement pool. After death, he couldn’t even find the body.

Today, let’s talk about the role of Quan Jun, and why I said that Quan Jun is the most vicious.

Like Park Yanzhen and Lishara, all in Jun did not get enough love from the family, and it was unreasonable.It is also the main reason for the formation of their personality defects.

In the role of Jun Jun, he has a clear personality. His native family is wealthy, so he has little frustration during the growth process.

I didn’t see much of his parents’ relationship in the play, but I could speculate on his family relationship through details.

When he was in school, a classmate teased his color blindness.All Jun Dang was out of control and slammed the other party.

When he heard others poke his weaknesses, he jumped like a thunder. If the child was born with color blindness, the parents cherished and guided the children’s distinctiveness, it would make the child build a strong self -confidence, and he would not care so much about his color blindness.

And all in Jun regarded color blindness as a shame, it should be that his family environment has been causing to him for a long time, resulting in his very sensitive personality, inferiority and easily irritating.

He thought that he had been alien since he was a child. His inner hate was not for no reason, but the accumulation of his weaknesses and family and external hostility.

He was inferior in his heart, but the superiority given by his birth made him self -proud of his own class, and he really looked down on others.

In the later period, he learned that he had a daughter and vowed to return his daughter and determined to guard his daughter. Let us see that he was at least cared about his daughter.

But this is not love, but his narcissism is satisfied.

Does he really hate the defect of color blindness so much?

He is a narcissistic personality and cares about himself in the eyes of others.On this basis, all Jun found that he had a biological daughter, and the blood and the inheritance of his genetic defect made him ecstatic.

Compared to Park Yanzhen as another herself, I feel that Quan Jun is more like finding another world in the world.

He had been forced to be ashamed of genetic defects inherited by his daughter perfectly. In the early years, all the shame brought about by color blindness reappeared again.

Although the play does not directly explain the family background and members of the handsome body, through the plot, he can be at a edge in the entire family.

So when he found the color -blind daughter, he set up a new one in the subconscious, belonging to his own home.

In his consciousness, 100 % is his child, and 100 % must be owned by himself.That’s why he was obsessed with his daughter and even decisively gave up Yanzhen.

Compared to what he did in the entire bullying group, it seemed that everyone felt that he didn’t feel that he was so serious, as if he did not shot to fight the female lead.

Among the five -person group, Yan Zhen rushed forward, all the bad things were done by her.

I don’t know if everyone is concerned about three women who have been dominated by Yan Zhen and the entire gangs in this play.

One is Vento, the other is Yin Suxi who is dead, and the other is Jinglan.

Have you found that these three women are closely related to all Jun Jun?

In the early stage of the play, there was no relationship between Yin Suxi and Quan Jun. Later, with the development of the plot, we knew that Yin Suxi was pregnant before his death.Essence

Jing Lan worked in his shop, in fact, he lived beside him, and Quan Jun almost controlled her.

The heroine Wen Dongen in the play seemed to have no scenes with all in Jun Jun.

But I found that there was a detail in the middle, when I saw Wen Dongen in the eyes of Jun in high school, Wen Dongen instinctively covered his chest with his hands.

I still remember the eyes of Jun’s look at Dong En, which was really scary. He was as aggressive as he looked like Dong En’s clothes.

Dong En was most resistant and afraid of him. He had serious physiological discomfort only after he and Quan Jun’s independence. After growing up, Wen Dongen had to run to the bathroom after shaking hands with him.

But the sin that Quan Jun did was not just that. Why did Yan Zhen’s dominant object have something to do with Quan Jun Jun?In fact, it was because Jun Jun provoked Yan Zhen’s jealousy.

There is a detail in the play. During the high school, he was lying on Yanzhen’s legs. Yanzhen asked him if he was beautiful?All Jun Jun said that she not only had a good face, her body, but she was very good -looking.

Yan Zhen was very angry after hearing, and he began to be more serious at facing Dong En.

As the object of all -in -hand, Park Yan cherishes him, it is hard to say, her jealousy and possessive desire to have a strong desire.

She found that she was unable to control all the places in Jun, and vent all her anger on Wen Dongen, Yin Suxi and Jing Lan.

And what is Quan Jun doing next?He actually did nothing, he provoked jealousy, he raised this battle, and he kept observing coldly.

But in fact to promote the entire bullying process, he played a very great role behind him.

He deliberately made Yanzhen angry. In fact, Jun was all enjoying Yan Zhen crazy for him, enjoying Yan Zhen’s jealousy, enjoying the feeling of being sought after, and enjoying the people around him based on his will.

Speaking of which, it is not to analyze who is the two main bullyers of Yan Zhen and Quan Junjun. Who is more harmful and who is the culprit. Yan Zhen is definitely a vicious crime in it.

As a high, the person who is as high as the high, helps the bully, is even more sinful!

The above is my interpretation of Quan Jun, my personal thought.What do you think of Quan Jun’s character?

Hello everyone, I am Yingyue.A girl who chased freedom in words!

Talk to the drama experience, welcome to exchange comments.Fortunately to get your likes!@月

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