"Don’t you be pregnant, what is the confusion?" How difficult is it during pregnancy, only if you have given birth, you know

"Isn’t it just a ball in the stomach? There are still people waiting next to them, what is the pretense?" This is the understanding of many men’s understanding of pregnant women.

The TV series never tells you how hard the pregnant woman is. What you see most is the pain of vomiting or when giving birth to a baby, but in fact, a woman is pregnant and will never experience pregnancy and childbirth, constipation, and leakage urine., Back pain, sleep, diabetes, and may even lose their lives … These are the real pregnancy experience of a woman.

The biggest pain of the little rain first pregnancy: insomnia

I used to hear others say that the reaction during pregnancy is to eat meals, vomit, etc. during the pregnancy. Who knows that I can’t sleep.

This is from 18 weeks of pregnancy. I am as usual, as I used to go to bed at 22 o’clock, but who knows, I lay down in the past, I fell asleep for a while, I lay for two hours today, and I didn’t sleep at all.

My husband saw me kept turning around and asked me if I was hungry. I think I was probably hungry. I should be able to fall asleep if I eat something.Who knows, it is even more excited after eating, and he doesn’t sleep at all.

At first, I was so anxious to think that I couldn’t fall asleep. I was so anxious to conceive my baby. I couldn’t affect the health of the baby because of sleep. I kept telling myself to fall asleep quickly.

I didn’t sleep much one night. I guess it should be tiring the next day. Who would have thought that the spirit during the day is particularly good, and it is particularly strong at work. It is like a stimulant.

I couldn’t sleep on the first day, thinking that it should be an accidental phenomenon.

Later, he went to the doctor, and he told me that this could not be relieved by medicine. He could only slowly adjust his mentality. Since you can’t sleep, don’t force sleep, just get up, read the book, write a pregnancy diary.

Later, I stopped struggling to sleep. When I was tired, I went to sleep. I got up when I could n’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep and read books. I did n’t expect that this method was quite effective and slowly improved the state of insomnia.The quality of sleep is still very high.

The biggest pain in Maoer’s second child pregnancy: pubic pain

I started from 13 weeks. Whether I was lying down or sitting, the huge pain made me unable to move in minutes.I am afraid of recalling it now.

The biggest pain of the second child of Lanhu Baby: Limitic acid and constipation

One day at 28 weeks, followed my mother to take a walk in the park, walking, and suddenly the back of the back was not straight.But my mother said that it would be fine after giving birth to a child.

Constipation is something that makes me more painful than lumbar acid during pregnancy. Every time I go to the bathroom, it is like a fighting and death fight. With pregnancy, I dare not work too hard.Big fighting, but there is no progress.

Xiaolan’s biggest pain during pregnancy: long stretch marks

After seeing a ugly stretch marks grow under the mirror in the mirror, the mood was out of control instantly, and wept in the room.After her husband and mother came in and asked the reason, I felt that I was amazing.

But at the time, I couldn’t control myself and wanted to cry.

最 The biggest pain during the first pregnancy: frequent urination

After pregnancy, I just want to come and come to come up three or four times every night. After getting up, it is difficult to sleep, and I work during the day.

Since I got up many times at night, my husband ran to the study to sleep. Whenever I came back to see the empty bed, I always wanted to cry.

Pregnancy is really a comprehensive change from physical to psychological. Therefore, we must love the woman who takes you to the world, and the woman who makes you become a father.

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