"Dream Psychological Analysis" Dreaming of a meatball when the body dreams

Net name:

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Occupation: full -time mother part -time stock speculation

Marriage status: divorce

Dream description:

I dream of a man who I like him and I like me in reality. He has no children.

Logic recovery 1. (The prototype in the dream is the man you know in real life)

When he came to my house, he was in the porch, took off my pants, and a piece of meat fell down in my vagina. I should be afraid, but I am not afraid. Look carefully at the meat like a flower, flesh -colored flower, petals with petals, with petals with petals.That kind.

Logic recovery 2, fall down, represent children.Reason 1. Men do not have children, he probably want a child.2. In this occasion, a relationship means that it may be pregnant.3. The flesh becomes a flower, which means that you also know that having children is unrealistic, but it can only be an illusion imagination.

That is not in line with common sense. I think this may be the uterus drooping from the vagina, but I don’t hurt at all!Then we went to see a doctor,

(Logic recovery 3. Seeing a doctor because you have had a fetal before, the relationship with this man reminds you that the sexual relationship that happened in the past may cause pregnancy. The fetus will cause harm to the body. You are worried that you will be in the future.There are gynecological diseases, so I want to seek medical treatment.)

As a result, it became a lot of steps when I went out. The house was so big that I couldn’t see it, but it seemed that the hair embryo room was not decorated, or the cement brick was still like the kind of hair embryo room and the little boy.Hug).

Logic restoration 4. Cement brick house means that you remember sweet and warm places.Although I went to see a doctor nominally, the doctor did not show up in the end, but there was a scene of love when I was a child, indicating that you felt like this man was dating a young boy when he was a child.Emotional needs are better than rational to the hospital to see a doctor.

The steps were very wide. He and I walked down the steps, and a woman looked at me quietly. It was a woman like my baby in the group.

Logic recovery 5 appears a baby -like woman. First, a woman like a baby has a good relationship with you. You think she will understand you in the subconscious.Secondly, she is like the crowds of the onlookers. Looking at you and explaining that, you don’t mind sharing with friends and girlfriends. There is no particularly shameful feeling.

Overall, this dream is a dream that reflects emotional needs, because the next day to see a favorite man, the subconscious has a certain response to this scene.

In the dream, seeing a doctor is a prediction and rational analysis of the adverse consequences of this incident.Later explanations were defeated by emotions. They didn’t care about the eyes of others, or they had to obey their wishes.

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