"Fanghua" actress is 7 months pregnant and took photos!The skin is fair and slender, and her husband’s identity becomes a mystery

On September 14, the young actress Sui Yuan exposed a photo of pregnant women on her personal social account, and immediately attracted the attention of netizens.

In the recent photos of the exposure, Sui Yuan changed two sets of clothes to appear.The first set of clothes was dark tights. She tied her hair up, raised her head slightly, raised her gauze on her hand, and paired with black and white coloring. The whole picture was particularly beautiful.

The other set is a casual clothes. I saw her on the upper body wearing a short white T -shirt, exposing a pregnant belly as large as the ball. The lower body was paired with jeans and white sneakers to dress casually.

She was 7 months pregnant, although she had a big belly, but her skin was fair and shiny, her limbs were slender and long, and her condition was quite good. It is estimated that she still had exercise in private.

In a few months, Sui Yuan was going to be a mother. She was in a good mood and showed a bright smile in the camera.When taking pictures, she either looked at her pregnant belly or pointed at her pregnant belly. The picture was very warm and loving.

After looking at the latest pregnancy photos of Sui Yuan, netizens have commented on their comments, and some people were surprised that she had quietly married and gave birth to baby.

Sui Yuan, 30, was born in an ordinary family. His mother was a dance teacher.Affected by her mother, she has been practicing dance since she was a child and has dreamed of becoming a dancer.

In order to realize her dreams, she once entered the work of the Cultural Troupe.However, she did not become a dancer. After graduating from high school, she entered Northern Power and started to study performance.

In 2016, Feng Xiaogang’s film "Fanghua" went to Nortel’s casting. With her beautiful appearance and unique temperament, Sui Yuan was in the opponent’s appearance and had the opportunity to play the role of the dance team in the play Zhuima.

After the movie was released, it got a good box office and reputation.However, compared to Miao Miao, Zhong Chuxi, Yang Caiyu and others, Sui Yuan’s attention was not too much and could not be popular.

She was not too discouraged and continued to make a movie, hoping that one day she could be recognized.Feng Xiaogang seemed to appreciate her. When she started filming the TV series "Bei Ru Danna" in 2020, she once again arranged her role.However, the play’s reputation is not very good, and her career is still not much improved.

Earlier, Sui Yuan and Feng Xiaogang were filmed late at night, and the two had a scandal, but they did not respond to the matter.

For emotional life, Sui Yuan has always been very low -key and has never disclosed his other half.Unexpectedly, at the end of last month, she suddenly announced that she was married and pregnant. She also filmed a video to record the process from early pregnancy to mid -term.

It may be to protect the other half. She did not let her husband show up throughout the process, nor did she want to mention each other. Her husband’s identity is still a mystery.

Finally, no matter what, I wish Sui Yuan to have a healthy baby, and the family live a happy life!

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