"Fetal Dream" is the hint of the fetus?Pregnant mom dreams of steed and dreams of "dragon", does it mean that there is a boy?

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Specific mothers and Baoma often listen to the word "fetal dream". Usually everyone discuss the content of dreams, mostly related to "luck" and money, and no one will care about "dream interpretation".Not allowed.

But when pregnant women have a strange dream, everyone naturally linked with the fetus gender, explaining that "the head is the Tao."

Qiu Ge dreamed of walking in a particularly beautiful garden during pregnancy, and felt a happy mood after waking up every time he woke up.Once she accidentally mentioned that her mother -in -law was very nervous during the dream.

The mother -in -law touched the belly of Qiu Ge and said slowly: "Dreaming of flowers and plants is a beautiful girl."Although her mother -in -law did not make it clear that she liked boys, Qiu Ge could still see the disappointed expression from her mother -in -law’s face.

A few months later Qiu Ge gave birth to a male treasure, which was a great surprise for her mother -in -law.The mother -in -law whispered holding the child, why is the baby daughter -in -law’s dream?When I was pregnant with my daughter, I dreamed of spending.

The "fetal dream" in people’s mouth refers to the dream of pregnant women. Usually, the content of dreams is connected with the fetal treasure. From ancient times to the present, from Eastern countries to western countries, they attach great importance to fetal dreams.

Although everyone thinks that "fetal dreams" exist, no one has done in -depth research and verification of the relationship between dreams and fetuses.Nowadays, various conclusions are mostly experienced by "coming people", or everyone discusses on the Internet or pregnant mothers.

There are many common sayings. For example, dreaming of beautiful things such as butterflies, flowers, birds, etc. represent a girl; dreaming of domineering things such as steed horses, "dragons", and alpine represents a boy.

However, the "baby dream" that expectant mothers and her family are convinced may not be as amazing as they imagined.The essence of "fetal dream" is not much different from ordinary dreams, but it has changed slightly because of the different identities of "dreaming people". There are mainly the following three types of dreams.

Hao Bin, a clinical psychologist, said that the content of the dream content and the perception of human body and the memory of life have a greater relationship.

The expectant mothers are the same as everyone. The brain cells are in a "rest" state when sleeping, but some naughty brain cells "can’t sleep". At this time, the weak changes in the outside world will stimulate it, and there are various dreams.The dreams are roughly divided into 3 types.

★ Thinking, what you see, and what you feel can become a dream

Most of the "baby dreams" that expectant mothers think are related to what they usually think of and people who do not come to mind, but everyone does not notice it.In addition, pregnant women are easily affected by fetal movements when they sleep, and their sleep quality becomes lower. It is easier to dream and dreams when they seem to sleep.

★ The dream of expectant mothers reflects her inner expectations

Women are very nervous about fetal treasures after pregnancy. Her heart has strong expectations for the appearance, gender, and health of fetal treasures.

Under the influence of this emotion, expectant mothers can easily dream of related dreams, such as dreaming of a cute baby to speak to herself, dreaming that she is pregnant with a girl and so on.The content in the dream is not necessarily accurate, but just represents the expectations of expectant mothers.

★ The dream of expectant mothers is "scared"

Some expectant mothers will dream of the fetal treasure, and some people feel that they are not "auspicious". In fact, the reason is very simple.

Similar to the last reason, the expectant mother has something to expect and fear, fearing that the fetal treasure is unhealthy, and the fetal treasure will not be born on time.This nervous and anxious mood may also appear in dreams, but the problems in dreams may not exist in reality.

If the expectant mothers often have a happy dream, it is okay to feel that the dream of negative emotions and even nightmares will affect sleep and emotions. Expectant mothers should pay attention to the following things.

1. Relax and stay up late

The longer the dream time, the more frequent the number of times the rest. The habit of the prospective mothers develops early to go to bed early and get up. Relaxing the mood can reduce the trouble of "fetal dreams".

2. Do not contact negative information

Try not to look at the drama, news, etc. of negative emotions during pregnancy. When the expectant mothers usually have a positive mentality, the content of the baby dream will become better.Specific mothers and families do not have to interpret the content of fetal dreams. Just pay attention to nutrition and safety during pregnancy and check on time.

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