"Folic acid" is a longevity element. It is recommended to eat 3 more "high folicular vegetables" after the age of 50 and strong tendon and bones.

The age of 50 is really over half a year old. With the age of age, the health of the body may be affected, so the importance of health is even more prominent.A healthy diet is very important for maintaining physical health, including intake of sufficient folic acid.For people aged 50 and above, the role of folic acid is particularly important.

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin, which is essential to maintain human health.It helps synthesis and repair DNA, and it also plays an important role in cell division and growth.In addition, folic acid also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and certain cancers, promote brain function and prevent birth defects.As you get older, your body needs more nutrients to maintain health.Folic acid can not only help protect the heart, but also improve immunity, reduce the risk of dementia, and promote bone health.

Eating folic acid foods are a simple and effective way to maintain healthy.Beans, green leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs and milk are all good sources of folic acid.

1. Pig liver

Recommended recipe: stir -fry pork liver

1. The pork liver bought back is divided into two.Put it in water and soak the blood in the inside repeatedly.

2. Prepare a section of celery, cut a small section of a leeks, sliced a green onion, cut the ginger, cut the minced garlic, chopped the pickles, add vinegar in large bowls, raw soy sauce, old pumps, salt, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepperPowder, a little chicken essence, clear water, dry starch and stir well, and mix with sesame oil and mix well.

3. Pork liver removes and squeeze the water, put it in a large basin, add salt, chicken essence, flower carving wine to fishy, mix well, and then a little dry starch and mix well.

4. Cold oil in the hot pot, under the green onion ginger, garlic, pickled peppers, fried fragrance, stir -fry the pork liver, change the side dishes, pour into the juice, and stir -fry evenly.

Second, cabbage

Recommended recipe: hand -tear cabbage

1. Prepare a cabbage, tear it out from the middle of the half -cut, and tear it into pieces.Do not cut off the cabbage with your hand, and use your hands to be more tasteful.

2. Prepare small bowls, add raw soy sauce, steamed fish soy sauce, taste very fresh soy sauce, a little sugar, chicken essence, a little oyster sauce, sesame oil, mix well.

3. Prepare the material head: onion ginger and garlic minced for later use.There must be more garlic, so that the vegetables fried in this way will be fragrant, and it is essential.

4. Hot pot and lard, you can also stir -fry with pork belly.Stir -fry the green onion and garlic, stir -fry the cabbage and stir -fry until it is broken.There must be more oil, so that it will be fragrant.

5. Almost poured into the adjusted juice, stir fry over high heat, and fried the flavor of the sauce.Just put it in the plate.Everyone remember not to add water for this dish. If so, the water is not delicious.

Third, broccoli

Recommended method: stir -fry broccoli

1. Prepare broccoli, divide them into small Duo, add a little flour into the basin, and wash them. The flour has a good adsorption effect, and washed full.

2. Prepare the tomatoes to peel and cut into small pieces.Cut the onion white section, shred ginger, and slice the garlic and put it in a bowl for later use.

3. Put 3 eggs in the bowl and stir with chopsticks.Soak the fungus with warm water.

4, refuel in the pot, stir -fry the egg liquid.Put the broccoli in the steamer for 8 minutes, so that the nutrition will not be lost.Boil the fungus with water for 3 minutes.

5. Cold oil in the hot pot, sauté the green onion ginger and garlic, add all the ingredients and stir -fry, seasoning salt, chicken essence, sugar, a little sesame oil, stir -fry the high heat to install the plate.The broccoli is very nutritious and delicious. It is good -looking and appetite. The elderly and children like to eat.

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