"For the rest of your life, please give me more advice" Fanwai 80: Even if Gu Wei is excellent as you, I am not bad

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After this incident, Lin Zhi’s school found that he knew too little about Gu Wei. He thought he was an ordinary doctor, and as a result, he was a very, very rich doctor.

However, for her, whether Gu Wei, who was rich or Gu Wei, had no money, she married him because of love. Of course, material life was very important, but she prefers Gu Wei.

Even so, Lin Zhi’s school has to continue to work hard.Just like Ms. Li said to her before marriage, Ms. Li said to her that Gu Wei was a very responsible person, but there was a pride in his bones.Instead, be a person who is together with him.At that time, I didn’t quite understand that Lin Zhi’s school now has a new understanding of this.

After Gu Wei got up to work, Lin Zhi’s school took out the piano and started to practice.Yesterday was just a selection. She was fortunate to enter the list of the concert, but the road behind was still long, and she still had to continue practicing.She has a long way to go as a person who is as good as Shao Jiang’s brother, but she is confident.

Probably the reason why I have faith in my heart. Lin Zh School feels that his practice this morning is very efficient. He seems to be an epiphany. I found the feeling I wanted by this song, so that when Ms. Li sent her a messageIt’s time to eat.

"School, I feel very good to listen to the song you practiced." Although it was not particularly clear to live next door, Ms. Li still felt that the song that Lin Zhi’s school was pulled this time was different from the past.

"Yes, yes, Lin’s school, you feel different from the past this morning. I think there is a feeling of listening to the concert." Teacher Lin also attached Ms. Li.

Lin Zhi’s school was eating vegetables and listened to Ms. Li and Teacher Lin boasting."The two of you just praise me here, it should be a question of this song. I have a few pounds and two, you don’t know ~"

"Well, then we won’t exaggerate. Anyway, I feel pretty good." Teacher Lin told Lin Zhi’s school stubbornly.

"Okay, my teacher Lin thinks I am good, I am good." Lin Zhi’s school also coaxed Teacher Lin, and he must make him happy.

After eating, Lin Zhiba received the news of Gu Wei."Wife, have you eaten?"

"Eat, and was boasted by Teacher Lin for a rainbow fart." Lin Zhi’s school replied to Gu Wei, "Did my husband eat?"

"Just after the operation, I was going to eat it." Gu Wei took his mobile phone and went out of the office door with Yan Bingjun.

"Then my husband should remember to eat well." Lin Zhi’s school thought about his activities in the afternoon. "I go to rest for a while. This afternoon I will continue to work hard to practice the piano."

"Okay, my wife, come on."

In the past few days, the life of Lin Zhi’s school is like this. After Gu Wei went to work, she practiced the piano at home, and then went to the next door for meals at noon.TV, either busy in the study.Of course, this rhythm stopped abruptly when it was notified by the school.

This is the first row of Lin Zhi’s school after signing the company.She was very curious. Before that, the classmate said that the company she signed was very great in the industry, and she had to feel it.

The scale of the row really shocked her, but she was also very fortunate that she had no time in practice a few days ago. She could play smoothly in the process of this large -scale row.She started to look forward to the day of the concert. She should make Teacher Lin laugh.

The author’s words: It is still a transition chapter. The classmates of Lin Zhizhi’s school must start to work seriously. They must make Gu Wei’s parents feel that she is great, not Gao Wei Wei.

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