"Going to the Wind" Fanwai 63: Can I have the same room during pregnancy?Cheng Xiao couldn’t help but want to hug kiss

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Text: Linglong

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Cheng Xiao basically had no reaction during pregnancy.

Coupled with the balance of Gu Nanting’s diet, his body did not gain much weight, but his stomach was larger.

He changed his pattern to make delicious, nutritious food, and occasionally Cheng Xiao’s mouth was giving takeaway.

Cheng Xiao’s parents will make videos every day to see Cheng Xiao’s situation.

Seeing her look ruddy, I was relieved, and always asked when to come.

Cheng Xiao always said that there is no rush or not.

Cheng Xiao suddenly discovered that Gu Nanting’s recent flight mission has also decreased a lot. Even flying is short -distance, and he returned that day, more of the administrative class.

Cheng Xiao’s flight task also reduced the frequency. Without long -distance, it was short -distance flight.

Flying three breaks, sometimes flying four.

"Are you private? Don’t you have to be private?" Cheng Xiao leaned on the sofa and enjoyed him to massage his belly with pregnancy oil.

Gu Nanting: "In special period, both of us are flying staff. When they are not stubborn, as long as they do not violate the company’s regulations."

"Is this still selflessly, Gu Yanwang?"

"Your body is tight, and your child is tight. Anyway, the salary is linked to the flight, and you will earn less during this time, don’t be tired."

Every time I get off work, Gu Nanting always takes home with big bags and small bags. He cooks, wash dishes, do housework, courier, and throw garbage.

Cheng Xiao: "You have changed."

Gu Nanting: Of course, you have to change. You used to manage yourself. Now you are a wife. People who want to be a father should not think more. "

Cheng Xiao sometimes picked up the bowl and put it to the pool, and Gu Nanting came over.

"There is a smell of oil, you go to rest."

After taking a bath, Cheng Xiao washed his underwear and socks, and he was first stepped in Gu Nanting.

Even while taking a bath, Gu Nanting insisted on helping Cheng Xiao into the bathroom and bought a large anti -slip pad. After a long time, he knocked on the door.

I’m afraid she slides down in the bathroom, or fainted with high temperature and water mist.

Cheng Xiaojiao said: I am just pregnant, but not a child. I can’t take care of myself.

Gu Nanting insisted: Your body does not completely belong to you, it is our baby’s house, so you cherish.

In the evening, Lei couldn’t move with Cheng Xiao to walk downstairs to take a walk.

Cheng Xiao was holding his stomach, holding Gu Nanting in his hands, and saw that many children in the community were playing.

Cheng Xiao: Is this boy or a girl in the belly?

Gu Nanting: Boys and girls can be better. It is better to be a daughter and as cute as you.

Cheng Xiao: You want to have one more intimate little jacket, and one more lover of the previous life.No, I want a boy, I also want the lover of the previous life to stick to me

Gu Nanting: Naughty again.No matter whether the boy and the girl are, the baby of both of us, I will like it

Cheng Xiao: Do you want to give your child a name first and think about?

Gu Nanting: The small name is called a propeller, and boys and girls can use it.Maybe I like to fly in the future.

Cheng Xiao: Okay

Cheng Xiao suddenly got into his ear: you haven’t kissed me for a long time

Gu Nanting glanced at Cheng Xiao, his face was red, and his nose was scraped: When is it, do you still think of this?

Cheng Xiaodu: What do I think?Just kiss, and don’t do anything else.

Gu Nanting: Just kiss?I can’t control myself.Rest assured, I can hold back.

Cheng Xiao: I can’t help it.Ten months, not 10 days.You can always hug you.The doctor said that after four months, the fetus was stable, and the same house could be restored. Don’t exercise vigorously.

Gu Nansing’s face with a black line: You also asked the doctor to have such a private question

I feel embarrassed to think about it.

Cheng Xiao: I didn’t ask, the doctor took the initiative to say.I’m afraid we will mess up.

Gu Nanting: I won’t.I can hold back.

Cheng Xiao was unhappy.

(To be continued)

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