"Greed" eating watermelon causes trouble, which almost caused blindness!

The 59 -year -old Aunt Li didn’t expect it, so she almost caused her eyesight because of eating more watermelon. Aunt Li started diabetes since the age of 34. Diabetes was more than 20 years old.Fruit pastry, but when I think of my diabetes, I still start to pay attention to diet management, and blood sugar is relatively stable.

In the early seasons of watermelon this year, the temperature of Xiangtan continued to be high. Aunt Li could not resist the temptation of watermelon. I had to eat watermelon several times a day, and the amount of eaten was more.The hospital conditioned blood sugar, and the blood sugar dropped, but the dark shadow began to appear under the right eye during the hospitalization. At that time, I didn’t care. After I was discharged, I returned to the house to decrease.The pick -up granddaughter to school has a great impact on her life, and the shadow has gradually begun to expand. Seeing things is becoming more and more difficult. After recommending the relatives, she went to Xiangtan Aier Ophthalmology Hospital for treatment.

After receiving the doctor Liu Kai, the Department of Eye Disease, the Eye Ophthalmology Hospital of Xiangtan, found that Aunt Li was diagnosed with "Kong Yuanli retinal detachment". Director Liu Kai led the team to formulate a treatment plan for Aunt Li.On the second day after the hospitalization was hospitalized, Director Liu Kai personally performed "vitreous resection+silicon oil filling+optical solidarity method of retinal repair" for Aunt Li.Feeling."Aunt Li said happily.

According to data released by the International Sugar Package Federation (IDF), the number of diabetic patients (20-79 years old) in my country in 2021 has reached about 140 million, ranking first in the world. 1 patient with sugar net.

"Diabetes patients often pay more attention to the control of blood sugar and the treatment of the whole body complications, but they don’t pay enough attention to the health of the eyes. Many diabetic patients did not come to the ophthalmology hospital for the first time until blindness."Director Liu Kai said that once diabetic patients are diagnosed at least once a year, in order to facilitate the detection and problems in the early stage of the lesion; and for patients with underground lesions or poor blood pressure control, they should be admitted to the doctor’s suggestion on the doctor’s adviceNext, go to the hospital to review regularly."

Correspondent Wu Yani

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