"Growth" Dog’s abdomen is like a water ball, but it is not pregnant?

In daily life, there are more and more people raising pet dogs, and healthy and high -quality dogs should be well -proportioned and appropriate. If the dog is always swollen, it means that the dog must have a problem where there is a problem with the body.And if it is not treated in time, the dog will be more uncomfortable, so if we find that the dog has abdominal bloating, we must make a clear reason for the reason and treat it in time!

1. Eat too much

Sometimes the dog’s stomach swelled very much, which may be simply eating too much, but it is usually more positive on the puppies. This is like a child. It is more greedy.If you eat more, you naturally make the dog’s belly bigger.In this case, if the dog is just bloating in the abdomen, no gastrointestinal discomfort, and no vomiting and diarrhea, then you can ignore it, and do not need to use medicine. Pay attention to develop a good eating habit for the dogs in the future.

2. Obesity problem

If the dog is more exercise and eats too much, the dog is too obese, so we must pay attention to the stomach, because the dog obese may cause a lot of complications, such as hypertension, such as hypertension, such as hypertension, such as hypertension, Hypolin, coronary heart disease, etc., even excessive obesity will cause the dog’s daily actions to be restricted and affected, so that the owner must pay attention to formulating a scientific weight loss plan for the dog to ensure comprehensive nutrition and balance.Quantitative and timely exercise helps dogs reduce weight first.


In addition to the above two cases, the dog’s abdominal bloating may also be caused by diseases, such as stagnant water, abdominal flatulence, etc., which will cause us to feel large when looking at the dog’s belly every day. In this case, dogs are also dogs.It will feel more uncomfortable, so if you find that the dog has this abnormalities, it is best to take it to the hospital to check it first to determine the cause of the disease.

4. Parasite

Because the dogs like to spread the grass outside the grass, and in the grass or jungle, the dog is more likely to infect the parasites. In addition, the dog always likes to eat random, and it will also make the parasites have the risk of living.And if a dog is infected with parasites, it will also cause abdominal distension. Therefore, when the dog is full of three months, the dog must inject the first needle deworming vaccine for the dog.Dogs are injected with insect repellent vaccines every three months.Otherwise, if you do n’t do it well, in addition to your abdomen, the dog may still have loss of appetite and thin body.

5. Pregnancy

If the dog is pregnant, naturally there will be abdominal bloating, so parents should review whether the dog has mate with the male dog during the estrus.It is necessary to give the dog’s good living environment, nutritious diet, and necessary care, etc., and then check it regularly to see if the dog’s body is abnormal, wait for the puppy’s birth.

The above is the cause of the simple summary of the editor that may cause the abdominal swelling of the dog. I hope it can help parents of pet dogs. The abdominal swelling is not particularly big to the ordinary people, but if it really is really, it ’s really.The abdominal distension caused by the disease. If it is not treated in time, it is also a great torture for the dog.

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