"Health Hall" anemia during pregnancy?5 tricks to teach you to "return blood quickly"!

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When you are pregnant, everyone wants to have a healthy and smart baby.However, the premise must have a good body in order to safely spend the entire pregnancy.As the saying goes: "People in life are scared to death." This is the truth.Pregnancy is risky and accompanied by many complications, such as: pregnancy with anemia, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.What we want to tell today is the most common but most easily ignored during pregnancy -pregnancy combined with anemia.

Moderator: Hello everyone, please watch today’s "Healthy Win County". Today, let’s talk about the problem of anemia during pregnancy. We invited Dr. Wang Liqing, attending physician of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.We answered questions.Dr. Wang welcomes you, why are pregnant women prone to anemia?

Answer: After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman began to afford the blood supply of large and small. In order to meet the growth of the fetus, the blood capacity of pregnant women will gradually increase.Three times more.Therefore, the blood is diluted, and the symptoms of anemia may occur to varying degrees of anemia.

Moderator: What is the harm of anemia during pregnancy?

Answer: Impact on pregnant women: Pregnant women with anemia have poor tolerance for childbirth, surgery and anesthesia, even mild or moderate anemia; severe anemia can cause anemia heart disease due to myocardial ischemia and hypoxia.During anemia, the tolerance of blood loss is reduced, and it is easy to produce major bleeding, blood loss shock, insufficient milk after production; reducing maternal resistance in anemia, prone to production mattress infection, will not only induce cervical erosion, but also induce endometritis.It also affects postoperative incision healing after cesarean section.

Impact on the fetus: When pregnant women are moderate anemia, the oxygen and nutrients provided by the placenta are not enough to meet the fetal growth needs, which can easily cause fetal growth, fetal distress, premature birth or dead tires, and at the same time, it also affects the fetus in long -term.

Moderator: How to know if anemia is divided into anemia during pregnancy.

Answer: There are many types of anemia during pregnancy: iron deficiency anemia, giant cell anemia, and regenerative disorder anemia.The most common is iron deficiency anemia, accounting for about 95%of pregnancy anemia.Knowing whether you are anemia is very simple. As long as you go to the hospital for a blood, you can know the blood test.Pregnant women’s anemia is different from non -pregnancy women. Pregnant women’s blood <110g/L and red blood cell ratio <0.33 is pregnancy anemia.According to the level of blood protein, it is divided into mild anemia (100-109g/L), moderate anemia (70-99g/L), severe anemia (40-69g/L), and extremely severe anemia (<40g/L).

Moderator: What are the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy?

Answer: During pregnancy, it is best for pregnant women to do blood test once a month to check their own anemia.If there is no regular pregnancy test, then the following conditions will be prevents the occurrence of anemia:

1. I often feel tired, sleepy, and weak

2, complexion, skin and mucosa pale

3. I often feel headache, dizziness, scattered attention, and severe anemia may also have conscious ambiguity or even faint

4, palpitations

5. Symptoms of digestive system disorders such as loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

6. Difficult to breathe or breath, etc.

It is worth noting that mild pregnancy anemia may not have any signs, so it is not entirely reliable to rely on these possible clinical manifestations.If you want to accurately understand your physical condition, you should go to the hospital for targeted examination.

Moderator: Understand anemia and discover anemia, so how can we prevent and treat?

Answer: 1. First of all, you should balance your diet and develop good dining habits. Avoid picking eaters and chewing slowly during pregnancy. You cannot treat snacks as dinner and try to achieve nutritional balance;

Cherry, strawberry, etc.;

3. Supplement foods rich in folic acid. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, radish, celery, peaches, etc.;

4. Supplementing iron, many pregnant women will worry about the impact of iron on the fetus, and even being misled by traditional concepts that iron supplements are drugs, and they feel that any drugs can be taken during pregnancy.Large, and many iron supplements on the market are used for pregnant women, so pregnant women can choose to believe in doctors. Once the symptoms of anemia occur during pregnancy, you need to choose the iron supplement in time.Because of the continuous development of the fetus, the diet is difficult to meet the body’s demand for iron. With the case where food supplements cannot be satisfied, iron supplements are more effective.When anemia is more serious, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s order for drug treatment.

5. Blood transfusion is required. When <70g/L, blood transfusion is recommended.

Moderator: In addition to food supplements and drugs, pregnant women should remember that maintaining a comfortable mood and regular prevention of anemia are also critical. I hope that all pregnant women can bred healthy babies and "unload" smoothly!

Comprehensive report from reporter from Wenxian Rong Media Center

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