"I am pregnant" English is not "i have a baby"

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What do you say in English?

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I’m pregnant ≠ I have a baby

Remember: In English, "pregnant" cannot be said directly: I have a baby. Because this sentence means: I already have a child, and only after the baby is born, you can say that.The correct saying is: I’m having a baby. The same English expression also:


I’m pregnant.

I am pregnant.

She is explecting, you know that?

Do you know she is pregnant?

"Wedding photos" how to say English?

When it comes to wedding photos, you may think of: Wedding Photos. But Wedding Photos refers to a photo taken on the scene on the wedding dress on the wedding day., So the correct English expression is: Englishnt Photos.


Can I see your engagement Photos?

Can I take a look at your wedding photos?

How to say "second child" English?

In fact, the English expression of the second child is very simple, that is,: Second Child.


Her secrets a girl.

Her second child is a girl.

How to say "Fengzi Marriage" English?

We often say that "Fengzi is married" actually refers to unmarried first pregnancy.There is a proverb in English that expressed this: Shotgun Marriage. Shotgun originally meant "shotgun", which means "forced" (because children have to get married in advance)


I get my girlfricriend pregnant and now I’m having a shotgun wedding.

I was pregnant with my girlfriend, and now I have to marry the son.

What do you say "Money" English?

"Money" in Chinese, English expression is: Money as a Wedding Gift or Cash as a Wedding Gift.


I hope I get a lot of cash as wedding gifts.

I hope to receive many money.

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