"I have no derailment, I just like to have a relationship with different men." The two women destroy the three views

"I agree with you on the eve of the wedding!"

"I didn’t derail, I just found one more person to love me!"

Recently, the "Best of Zhangjiajie Hunan Zhangjiajie" and "a unmarried college student in Shandong" echoed north and south, and contributed to us with two shocking scenes.

The plot is progressive, which is amazing, comparable to Hollywood blockbusters.

The two heroines are particularly alternative. They both have a common name: derailed in the marriage.

Some men have a righteous and dedicated, but they have not been favored by love in the year of standing.

Some men are romantic and chaotic in life, but they are more than proud of different women.

Such a man, we call it "scum man".

And some women like such men and like to enjoy different stimuli.

There is a scumbag in Zhangjiajie. After watching the wedding photo sent by the female bubble friend, knowing that the woman was about to get married, she actually asked for passion with the other party.

Unexpectedly, the woman did not hesitate to agree.

Next, the scumbag proposed another bold idea: "Don’t take contraceptive measures, see who is pregnant!"

Unexpectedly, the woman said shamelessly: I am not afraid of listening to it.

I simply restrict my imagination!

This is not over yet. The scumbag actually proposed to add another protagonist to stimulate 3P, and seduced the woman to put on a wedding dress for exercise, which was more exciting.

The world’s great wonders.It is really that we can’t think of it, and no one can’t do it.

Unexpectedly, such a shameless demand, as a quasi -bride woman, also agreed!I also said: I think I am good or bad, because I also think too!

In this way, on the eve of the wedding, the woman was busy wearing a wedding dress while stealing the hotel while wearing a wedding dress.

At this moment, the groom may not dream of dreaming. When he is dazzling, he will marry his wife who has never slept late at night and make an appointment with other men to exercise!

Before the scum man moved, he actually sent all the chat records with female female friends to the group of friends, proud and complacent.

After the incident, the woman sneaked home with satisfaction, waiting for the arrival of dawn.

I thought that God did not know the ghosts, but unexpectedly, the friends of the scum men eating melon, who started to repost in their circles in their friends.

The so -called wall without wind.If you do n’t go out, bad things spread thousands of miles.

On the one hand, the groom greeted the bride with joy and immersed in a happy wedding.

On the one hand, the unsightly scandal spread all over the local size circle.

After seeing the groom’s friends, after questioning the bride and preparing to expose her, the bride begged bitterly and played the emotional card: I was pregnant with his child.

However, before the friend’s shot, the groom, who was busy with the wedding, found himself in the group when he took the time to brush his mobile phone.

At the beginning, he also looked at the attitude of eating melon. He saw it and was interesting. Finally, when he found that the man on the wedding photo was himself, the whole person was stunned!

Instantly, the red festive wedding scene became a green prairie.

Like a thunderbolt, the bride standing beside her, she was still busy planting grass last night!

Thinking of the 200,000 colorful gifts, the wife she married was so unfaithful, and the groom could not be unveiled.

It is tolerance, unbearable!The groom immediately found the three confrontation between the male and small through contact information.

Unexpectedly, this contemporary Ximen Qing not only did not have the slightest shame and nervousness, but instead, he was full of unwilling attitude and faced the groom with a thunderous jumping.

In response to the ruthless words of the groom’s release of his sword and sword, Ximen Qing also provoked that he was waiting for him at home.

The groom is sad and indignant, and everything is gray.

After calming down, he did not fight or scold, but went to the Public Security Bureau with the bride.

On the one hand, the scum man violated the right of reputation and portrait of the two of them, and went through the divorce procedures at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The groom’s mother, an innocent old man, was angry when he learned the truth …

As for the scumbag, the online rumor is going to sell the car!

I know the entire network, where can I run?But staying in the local area is definitely notorious.

And the bride, because of her bottomless moral corruption, in addition to the loss of a happy marriage, she also shame her and the family and sweep the floor.

The waves of two people eventually hurt three families.

Dao Lang once told us by singing: The impulse is not only a devil, but also punished!

On November 10th, "Warriors who charge for love", a big college college in Shandong, all over the network.

Because he was not only derailed at school, but he was also pregnant!

It may be vanity and strong, unable to withstand the sweet words of others, and pursue crazy; it may also be that the little couples usually get together less and more communication, and women can’t bear the loneliness of their bodies.The red apricot came out of the wall.

He has to ask for a statement in person.

Unexpectedly, after he rode a bike for three days and three nights, he came to his destination, and his wife didn’t see him at all.

As a last resort, the angry warrior crossed the school’s iron gate, intercepted it under the pursuit of security guards, ran all the way, shouting his wife’s name while running, and scolding him from being unfaithful to marriage.

At this time, five people were rushed from a building square in the school. One of them seemed to be a male primary three, punching and kicking the Warriors.

However, the forced warrior did not have a frightening field, with one enemy five, and the two sides had a fierce physical conflict.

Finally, under the combination of security and everyone, the Warriors were out of match and were taken away by the uniform.

The derailed woman never showed up.

Later, the enthusiastic people posted the live video to the Internet, which quickly caused netizens to watch.

Public opinion continued to ferment, and this incident was getting bigger and bigger, and a chat record of suspected two people had been exposed before.

The Warriors questioned why her wife was derailed, but the woman did not expect that the woman was sophistry, and even said amazingly:

"About P is derailed, I am not about P, I and I are true."

"I and you are also sincere. I am sincere about you. I just find a boyfriend than others. Why do you say that I am derailed?"

As soon as this statement came out, the three views were destroyed!In my lifetime, for the first time, I saw someone saying the derailment so straightforward, fresh and refined!

The Warriors were also furious and scolded.

Who knows, women continue to start a different and unique values.

"I love you, I love him too, I am serious to you! Just because I love one person, you say I am not dedicated? You are selfish, do you know?"

Seeing this, I sprayed out the old blood: Does this woman compare herself to a bicycle sharing?Or is the mother love flooding?Husband work to support her family, derailment of school by themselves, and the other party understands that they are very dedicated?Intersection

The colorful flags are fluttering, and the red flag at home does not fall. This woman will really build her own new life of ideals.

The warrior’s head green hat did not usher in the sincere apology, regret, guarantee, and request forgiveness of his wife, but got such a strange speech after another.

The injured warrior was smoking, thinking of his hard work, thinking of his own persistence, but in exchange for such a pair of broken shoes.

In the anger, then I chose a thousand miles to ride a bicycle to find someone, to face the quality, and to make a break.

I never thought that women did not even see each other.

She thought that the old man was so bully.

I don’t know: good people are bullied!

She wouldn’t even think that this year’s netizens were too powerful. They seemed to be pervasive, seamless, and omnipotent.

Women’s social accounts were exposed by netizens and continued to encounter various justice greetings.

Under the pressure, the woman had to post an apology online.

I never thought that this unconscious and messy apology exposed her "female version of Ximen Qing".

"Saying an apology with a few male students who have a relationship with me is that I don’t know the relationship between men and women have brought you a bad impact."

Dare to love you, this "specialty" is to learn emotional majors!

Moreover, the marriage hasn’t left, and the "ex -husband" is called?Intersection

How much can’t you wait and want to start a new life?

After that, a chat record of the woman and her friend was circulated on the Internet, revealing the truth of the matter.

Women said that they did not like each other, they married each other for money, and had the idea of divorce, it didn’t matter anyway.

In fact, it can be seen from the trend of this woman, fashionable, and tongue nails. His ideological avant -garde and some admiration vanity.

Divorce may be a liberation and a new beginning for the Warriors.

The vast crowd, two people who have no blood relationship can enter the marriage, it is rare.

The heroines of both things have a commonality: young, beautiful, open, and do not derail in marriage.

As everyone knows, the bottom line of marriage is: loyalty.

Without feelings, unsuitable personality, and pursuit of stimuli, are not an excuse to break through the moral bottom line.

Before marriage, you do whatever you want, that is your choice;

After marriage, you are loyal, that is your responsibility.

Any behavior that destroys yourself and the family of others will be shameless and will also eat the evil results.

However, in recent years, with the development of society and the advancement of material, the derailment incidents in marriage are becoming more and more common, endless, and even spread from the city to the countryside.

How to eliminate control is a difficult problem in the era, which requires all men and women in marriage to pay attention to it.

What do you think about this incident?

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