"I love you!》 Hui Yinghong chats on the screen: I have been eliminated once and I don’t want to be eliminated again

Hui Yinghong was in the film "I love you!""In", played a lonely old lady Li Huiru.

The movie "I love you!"In ", Hui Yinghong plays a lonely old lady Li Huiru who picks up the waste. She and Ni Dahong played the empty nest old man often.In the film, she showed a "girly", she thought it was the role of hormones, and when she performed, she only devoted herself to the role.For her emotional life, she did not avoid it. She hoped that she could look for a companion like Li Huiru, and don’t hide it, because the time is really small.

Hui Yinghong lived sober and real, never concealed his desires and ambitions.In real life, she is also flesh and blood and greedy.She never avoided her expectations for the performance award and paid a movie. Why not have a return?She has already won the Golden Horse Awards and Golden Awards. Her dream is that she can "three golds" in hand and impact the Golden Rooster Award.In an exclusive interview with the Beijing News reporter, she made it clear: "People should have dreams, things they expect, can they live valuable and impulsive, otherwise they will retire."

The pride in Li Huiru’s bones is a bit like himself

Hui Yinghong is the director Han Yan as "I love you!"》 The first actor set.

At that time, the director surveyed the scene in Guangzhou. He hoped to see her and see the degree of fit with the role.Hui Yinghong happened to be in Shenzhen, so he went to Guangzhou to have a meal with the director and talked about Li Huiru’s role.

"I watched the script in advance, but I actually agreed in my heart." Hui Yinghong said. Li Huiru’s arrogance in the bones was a bit like herself. Her family was very good, but because of some changes, she was now collecting waste products, but her thorns were still on her body.exist.Hui Yinghong also has a pride. She admits that without such bone air, she will not play in this industry for so many years.In the performance processing of the previous part of the film, Hui Yinghong gave the character a little arrogant, especially when she felt that she often looked down on her (Ni Dahong), and the kind of arrogance naturally ran out, with thorns on her body.

However, when Li Huiru and often had a relationship with each other, when he started a dusk, Hui Yinghong gave this character a "girly"."This is the change of hormones." Hui Yinghong said that she did not deliberately act, and she also talked about love. When she was in love, she must be different from the usual state.

At the beginning of the rehearsal, Hui Yinghong kept telling himself: I am Li Huiru, my lover is a elder brother, and I must love this person.At that time, she had opened her heart, and in her opinion, the opponent actor Ni Dahong himself was also a gentleman. "This kind of man is actually a dream of our middle -aged and elderly people."A companion", Hui Yinghong said.

Hui Yinghong and Ni Dahong have a lot of wonderful opponents in the film.

Therefore, in the process of shooting, all the small movements of Li Huiru, whether it was the shyness that twisted his feet and meals, or the sweetness of dancing, did not need to arrange it deliberately, because Hui Yinghong devoted himself to herself all kinds of enthusiasm to her heart to the whole heart.In the role, I really love this person.You guess me, sometimes it is a waste of time. If you really love each other so much, just say it. "Hui Yinghong has no taboo for his own view of love.

"I love you!"In the last scene of Hui Yinghong, he often went to the countryside to find Li Huiru in order to drive to the countryside, and said" I love you "to her."At that time, the blood suddenly split up, and the tears were streaming. This scene only filmed one." Hui Yinghong said. She knew that this was her last shot, and then she had to return to the real Hui Yinghong.Release the most authentic emotion.

"I think this small design is very grounded."

Ni Dahong is an actor that Hui Yinghong appreciates.In Hui Yinghong’s view, in the performance, the masters and masters were particularly comfortable to recruit the conference. They didn’t need much discussion, so they knew how to cooperate with each other.However, in reality, Ni Dahong was a bit "social terror". Hui Yinghong took the initiative to find a topic to chat with him. When starting, cook something for him to feel care, and slowly open the gap.With tacit understanding.

Hui Yinghong said that the director did not do much requirements for the performance, and basically relying on the collision between actors, freely play, without a routine."I didn’t say what I was going to do later, how do you cooperate, there is no", Hui Yinghong said, there is no special design in the performance, if it is love for each other, it will naturally reveal it.For example, in the film, Ni Dahong will take the initiative to help Hui Yinghong organize the garbage. When the two walk, there is a pit in front of them. Ni Dahong will subconsciously protect Hui Yinghong. These are photographed by the camera.

For the same play, the two will give different performance styles for director choices.For example, the show of breaking up, Hui Yinghong and Ni Dahong took 3 days on the Ferris wheel.On the Ferris wheel, except for the two, only one machine hung there, and the remaining were handed over to the two actors.After the first day of the shoot, the director said two days later, another method, and another one.The two did not communicate too much, each sorted out their emotions, and went up to perform again."This one is seen by the audience in the positive film. The first performance of the first article is a bit implicit. When the third was made, the director felt too worried."Hui Yinghong said that the director believes that some of our actors do not want us to have too many skills and routines when performing. "Many people think that pixels are easy. In fact, it contains some more advanced skills, justDon’t let the techniques be released to the audience. "

In the film, there was a scene of Li Huiru squatting down to the feet of sewing pants.Hui Yinghong usually likes needle lines. She knows how to do women in embroidery, tailoring, and pearls. She can even make a clothes out by herself.For her pants, it was even more handy for her.

When filming that day, Hui Yinghong suddenly thought of his experience. Before filming, there would be some injuries and injuries.And Li Huiru collects waste products, with a lot of right hand, and will accumulate some injuries for a long time, but if she has no money to see a doctor, she may use some soil methods to treat injuries, such as cupping.She suggested that the director, a few canned cans that were not too obvious on her right shoulder and neck.Hui Yinghong said that in the final picture, this can of this can not be too obvious, but you can also see a little purple mark. When this woman wears a small vest and sweetly sews her lover, it actually shows the character’sThere is also a kind of desolation and sorrow for environmental personality. She is to earn meals with labor. When she is painful, when she looks from the perspective of often precepts, this woman will even more embarrassed his heart.

"I think this small design is very grounded. Sometimes I put some of my own things in and use this method to help me check myself."

Han Yan dares to make the theme of the elderly "very brave"

"I love you!"Before the official start of the filming, the crew was rehearsed for 15 days, which seemed very luxurious in the environment where the actor’s schedule and the short shooting cycle.

"I haven’t tried it before, but this method is absolutely good." Hui Yinghong said. When the director asked for the 15 -day rehearsal, she thought it was a manuscript between actors, but it didn’t take 15 days to the draft.It turned out that the crew set up a simple scene according to the real -view size proportion. The director probably said his thoughts. The actors performed really in it, and the photographers, lights and other departments also operated according to normal shooting.

"After the 15 -day rehearsal, the director cut a version, which is basically the same as the current movie, but he will see a lot of help." Hui Yinghong said that although the actors played for 15 days, all the staff also entered the group in advance.The budget is really large, but many problems will be reduced when shooting later.

Hui Yinghong said that when the filming was officially started, everyone was very secure and would not sit down and study again at the scene. There was no waste of this time. It was more free to play.Run again.

"I love you!》 Focus on the life of the elderly group. The age of 4 actors Hui Yinghong, Ni Dahong, Liang Jiahui, and Ye Tong is 251 years old. This theme is relatively scarce in the current film market.Hui Yinghong couldn’t help but praise the director’s "brave."In her opinion, in the past 10 years, the movie of the old people in the market is rare, which is basically a line inserted in the story of young people, not the focus of narrative.Like Han Yan, the director who dares to touch the new subject should be more in the market.

Hui Yinghong was a person who came from the golden age of Hong Kong’s film. When the peak of Hong Kong films produced up to 300 movies a year."Previously, the movie" XX Flower "was very selling money. At least you saw" XX Flowers "on the posters of Hui Yinghong’s movie posters, so that a subject matter will be filmed." Hui Yinghong said.Dare to touch the new theme, she feels that the audience is not willing to watch the theme of the elderly. There are elderly people in the world. They have their own thoughts and have many stories. The movies should be full of flowers.The ministry may sell it, but there is always no fresh things that will always be tired.

"If you stay, you will be eliminated."

On June 21, "I love you!"On the day of release, Hui Yinghong showed up the screenshots of the other three other starring Ni Dahong, Liang Jiahui, Ye Tong, and a screenshot of the conversation of" I love you "on the social platform, and said that on June 21," I love you!"" ".

Hui Yinghong is very active on social platforms. She often interacts with actors and friends and netizens. She is like "I love you!"The precepts in" are often curious about online popular culture and new things, and they are holding an embrace attitude."I’m afraid of falling behind. Many old friends around me are actors. At a glance, I know when he feels when he feels the most glorious times, because the clothes and dress he or she are wearing are still there.Hui Yinghong said, this is not bad, but in her opinion, time is moving forward, the times are turning, and when you stop, sometimes he feels incompetent.Especially as an actor, we have to follow the times. What happened today is what happened today.

Hui Yinghong plays Cheng Tienan in the film "Elderly".

"If you stay, you will be eliminated. I have been eliminated once, and I don’t want to be eliminated again."The elimination in Hui Yinghong was a career trough in the late 1990s.Hui Yinghong was born in a drama. In 1982, he won the 1st Hong Kong Film Golden Award for Best Actress Award with the Kung Fu film "Elderly" and became the martial arts star of Shaw’s head.When she was the most popular, I could make 9 scenes at the same time.However, with the decline of Hong Kong kung fu films, Hui Yinghong’s drama is becoming more and more limited, and the chance of filming is getting less and less.Until 2003 began to come back with a new person’s attitude and find his position again.

Therefore, Hui Yinghong, who has been "eliminated" once, cherishes the opportunity now. She wants to follow the times and keep paying attention to the current society."I don’t want to sleep every day, and I have to brush my phone for an hour to see the news in the world. What happened in the entertainment industry, what is popular now, sometimes the staff around me will say that I don’t know this child.You know, "Hui Yinghong felt that because he was still working, if you don’t understand something, it will also cause many troubles to others.

In Hui Yinghong’s view, paying attention to fresh things and online popular culture is also helpful for acting."For example, when I play a fashion drama, when others help me make styles, I know if this is the most popular at the moment, because I understand, others can’t lie to me."

During the filming in the early years, Director Liu Jialiang told her that he had to understand every position of the movie. Don’t stand in front of the machine like a wooden man. At a glance100mm, I know how to perform.Today, the lights are right when shooting. Hui Yinghong knows at a glance that this is also a protection for her, which can make her merge in various departments of the crew and become a way of communication.

"Chicken chicken, I really want to ‘Three Golds’ in hand"

Hui Yinghong never concealed her desire and ambitions.She believes that she is greedy and hopes to do the best in various fields. "I think there is a masterpiece there in various aspects."

She has played a TV series for a long time. Why should she perform?Because she has not won awards in the field of TV dramas before.It wasn’t until she won the 26th Huading Award for the Best Actress Award in 2019 with the TV series "Iron Detective" in 2019. In 2020, she won the Qianqian Xinghui Awards Ceremony 2019 Best Actress Award.Her wish.

She also participated in many variety shows. In the actor professional art training inspirational reality show "Infinite Beyond Class", who ended in March this year, she served as producer and mentor and obtained good ratings.But if there is a variety show of the same type, she will not participate anymore than before.

In 2018, she also tried the stage drama "Glass Zoo" for the first time, and also achieved good results.

Asked what ambitions do you have in your career?Hui Yinghong answered very simply: "Chicken Chicken, I really want to ‘Three Golds’ in hand."In fact, looking back at Hui Yinghong’s movie resume, the record is very rich. The 3 Golden Awards Best Actress Award, 2 Golden Awards Best Supporting Actress Award, 1 Golden Horse Award Best Actress Award, 1 Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actress AwardNympho

In 2017, Hui Yinghong won the Golden Award for Best Actress for the third time with "Lucky is Me".

Unfortunately, she has not yet won the Golden Rooster Award.She did not avoid the expectations of the award. "Per importance to it, attach great importance to it, I have worked so hard, perform a movie, and deal with it so well.I don’t expect this movie to bring you the following awards. "The Golden Horse Awards and Golden Awards have been won. She hopes to be able to "three gold" in hand. She thinks that people should have dreams and things she expects to live valuable and impulsive, otherwise retirement will be retired.

As an actor, the person on the screen was not herself, they were fake.In private, she felt that she should live as herself, "That’s my job, this is my life." Hui Yinghong said that in work, she received the pay of others. Others asked for 100 points.200%of things came, that’s her duty, but in real life, she is also flesh and blood, and there are also greed.

She warned young people to put her heart in a industry, not to explain to the boss, at least to give herself an explanation."Just like you are doing this visit today. If you are here, after this article, you will look at it one day, you will be ashamed, you will blush, that is, you do n’t do it well. Do n’t have this sequelae.Do it well. "

Hui Yinghong has entered the industry for four or fifty years. In her opinion, the actor’s job is not like the salesperson. It will not save after selling clothes. All the works that have been performed will be kept permanent.On the day, this is not to respect others, but not respecting yourself.

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