"In the October Cage" woman’s "unspoken clothes", how many domestic dramas "fake poor" have been played

Wang Baoqiang encountered an embarrassing thing while filming the movie "Acto Cage". He had no money when he took half of it, but there was only one way to put it in front of him: he also had to continue shooting.

Almost all investors are not optimistic about "The Octagonal Cage".

In their eyes, Wang Baoqiang is equivalent to comedy. It is equivalent to comedy as a box office. Even if Wang Baoqiang patted his chest and said, "shoot realist themes, and walking inner play is my strength."Willing to support.

This skepticism, in fact, began with the collapse of mouth collapse.

Because of this, Wang Baoqiang breathed a sigh of relief, and for 6 years, he became more frustrated and brave. He regarded "The Octagonal Cage" as his life. He must shoot well and succeed.

If a movie wants to succeed, the good script is the foundation, the good reputation is fertilizer. If you want to fly to the sky, it is indispensable for the audience’s mouth. It depends on whether the film is willing to publicize it.

At this point, Jia Ling, who filmed "Hello Li Huanying", won "gambling".

Wang Baoqiang also has a different way. He used all his connections to sing Liu Ruoying to sing the theme song, and invited Andy Lau to the chorus to promote the song to let the audience dream back to "The World No Thief".

Even Mo Yan was invited by Wang Baoqiang to watch movies. A tear he flowed was enough to prove that Wang Baoqiang was right this time.

Zhou Xingchi, who has always been with the entertainment industry, because Wang Baoqiang learned to be human, watching "In the October Cage", holding paper towels in his hand, and sighed: Baoqiang is one of the best actors I have ever seen.,Impressed!

I have to say that Wang Baoqiang’s wave of operation is quite effective, just to take the box office to win 400 million, which is unprecedented in the history of the film.

Just when everyone is waiting for the good news of the box office after the official release of "Acto Cage", it is the bad news of "cold" when it comes.

"Disappearing her" is not decreased, "Sweeping 3: People in the End of the World" snatched a part of the heat.

Makes less than 70 million box office on the first day of "Octagon", and the box office forecast also stays at 1.2 billion, so that a lot of netizens can’t help but sweat for Wang Baoqiang. Is he planting again this time?

Perhaps the reputation was fermented. The box office of the "Eight Embyscor" reversed the first day of the first day, won the 80 million box office, successfully achieved the box office inversion, and on the third day, it was 130 million.

Even if there are new opponents "Changan Thirty Miles", they are not panicked.

At this time, the box office prediction of "Octopus" also changed from 1.2 billion to 1.9 billion. It is believed that this number will continue to rise with the good word of the movie. It turns out that Wang Baoqiang turned over the wind.

The high box office in "Acting Cage" may be because Wang Baoqiang’s publicity is high, but it is because of the good reputation of the movie. More than 110,000 people have scored a high score of 7.5.

"I have grown in real events, and I saw Wang Baoqiang’s sincere expression."

"There is the burning of struggle, and there is helpless pain. The octagonal cage is a matchup of strength, violence, bloody, but also the only way out of the children of Dashen Mountain."

This time, Wang Baoqiang filmed into the hearts of the audience. Although there were flaws, but the flaws were not covered. Although it was not a masterpiece of Fengshen, it must be a neat and grounded work, a work that was shot to the people.

Compared with Wang Baoqiang’s director’s talents, in fact, most viewers appreciate his performance in the movie, saying that Wang Baoqiang is not an exaggeration to perform geniuses at all. Performance, sincere and natural, tension and convergence, blood and restraint, it is unusual.

Speaking of Wang Baoqiang, you will think of the simple and honest roots, and you will also think of Xu Sanduo who is thick and persistent.

The stupid performance is always mixed with humor. In "People on the Road", kill a whole bottle of milk Niu Geng, Tang Ren in the "Chinatown Detective Case", most audiences are impressed by Wang BaoqiangLink with comedy.

Get rid of the shell of the comedy, Wang Baoqiang can’t stand up?

No, Wang Baoqiang, who acts seriously, can still think about "good play", such as "Hello!"The tree brother in Mr. Shu, the audience sighed after watching: Wang Baoqiang performed exactly like a village alone.

Some people say that in the "Eight Ending Cage" many scenes, Wang Baoqiang is like a tree brother, and he has no sense of play with the original ecological actors, especially the soil smell on the character, which makes the audience feel kind.

Wang Baoqiang’s performance skills are obvious to all, and his director can also be perfectly displayed in the movie "The October Cage". He has eaten the hardships that he really spoke "the poor".

It is not difficult to find that there is no place to stand in the domestic drama.

Take the life drama "Thoughtful of the Thoughts" launched by CCTV at the beginning of the year, showing the "poor people’s distortion" to the fullest.

The beginning of the story, in order to highlight the "poor" of the two sisters of the protagonist, the plot is paved everywhere, such as salary, more than 2,000 per person, six or seven thousand per person, and there are many people, but it is a bit cramped in Beijing.

The screenwriter not only made an article on salary, but also reflected the "poor" of the two sisters in all aspects of life. For example, they squeezed bus at work and work. Their mother would have no money to live for living.Public toilets.

Perhaps the screenwriter felt that the "poor" of the protagonist was almost paved, so he began to release himself and set the protagonist’s home in the courtyard house of the Second Ring Road in Beijing. The high value is self -evident."poverty"?

Looking at the two sisters, the face is more tender than one, the makeup is more exquisite than one, and the one is more advanced than the other. Is this called "poor"?

The "poor people" who are out of real life like this, grabbing a lot in domestic dramas, the more you see, the more people feel "unattainable".

Of course, there are still some directors in the entertainment industry, such as Li Ruiyi.

The "Hidden Dust Smoke" he directed to let people living in big cities see the "poor people" who have rooted in the land and let the wind blow and rain.

Although "Hidden Dust Smoke" was "hidden into the dust smoke" in the end, this time the "Eight Embrium Cage" also produced the life of "the poor". Although the length is not large, it is enough to touch people’s hearts.

Especially those young children in the movie.

They all have thin noodles, dressed in tattered shirts, often hungry and full, how luxurious they can eat a full meal, so eat meals to gobble, regardless of decentness, just put the big in front of you, just take the big in front of youThe steamed buns and vegetables are stuffed into the stomach.

The children in the play come from Dashan, and in reality.

When filming, you only need to eat half a steamed bun, but the children are unwilling to be thrown away. They eat them all before the start of the filming. It is enough to let the audience see the original "poor".

The children in the movie have no new clothes, no new shoes, and a piece of clothing seems to have never taken off since wearing it.

The child’s feet also became blurred because of inappropriate shoes, and when he took off, it seemed to fade away his skin, which was so painful.

When you come to the children’s house, where is this? It is clearly a few soil houses that are leaking around.

The children in the village were unkempt and stunned, and they couldn’t see a little bit of agility on the ground, lying on the ground, like crops growing in the field.

A half -body girl was lying in the soil house. She was one of the children’s sisters, because her parents had gone for several years, and she had only her and her younger brother.

The black face’s face was not a little bloody, trembling, as if a gust of gust could blow her down. The upper body was wearing a pretty decent red autumn clothes, and the lower body was covered with only one piece of cloth.

Such a body can not make money, what exchanges for food, and what survival, I saw the girl tightly holding the broken cloth that covered the lower body, and her eyes were erratic. At this moment, nothing said, but it seemed to say everything.Essence

There are not many hidden plays, but it is shocking enough.

Xiang Tenghui played by Wang Baoqiang put the money on the window sill, and the only light transmittance in the family. This beam of light brought a hint of hope to the dark life. Only this drama was enough to spy Wang Baoqiang’s deep understanding of "poor".

In the second scene of "poor people", Wang Baoqiang left himself.

A rough room that says a small, one is a small farm yard, planting vegetables in the yard, raising chickens, and an old mother who wants to think about it every day and night.How many viewers touch the scene?

Regardless of the final box office performance, Wang Baoqiang, who took the real life of poor people, has won.

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