"Little Seafood" flower armor, a few dollars a pound, simple practice, the whole family eats beauty

Flower armor, scientific name flower clams, is an excellent shellfish growing rapidly, strong vitality, suitable for artificial high -density breeding.

Huajia is not only delicate and delicious, but also contains a variety of nutrients such as protein and amino acids. In addition, the price is also very cheap. Therefore, it has become an indispensable protagonist in the large row, and it has also entered the kitchen table of ordinary people.

Frying, cooking, simmering, burning, stewing … The method of making flower armor is rich and varied, but no matter what kind of, it can be coordinated with the flower armor, which stimulates the most hooked taste.

From the Star Hotel, and down to the street stalls, you can click this spicy and seductive fried flower armor, which shows that its nationality is high.

And no matter how to make flower armor, the most important and important thing is to clean the flower armor.Add salt to the water to soak the flower armor is a small secret to help it quickly spit the sand. The flower armor that does not even wash the sand, no matter how beautiful the seasoning, it cannot reach the pass line.

The most important thing for stir -fried flower armor is the heat and pot qi, and the soul is in the word "stir -fry".You ca n’t stop your hands, you must continue to stir -fry; you ca n’t spend your eyes. You must keep your eyes on the opening of the flower armor; you ca n’t shake your hands.For some operations, ginger, green onion and garlic wine Xiaomi spicy, Guangdong also likes to put on the nine -story tower. The condiments and the flower armor are on the bottom of the fire, dancing the most exciting Waltz.

Eating explosive fried flower armor is best at the small table in the summer night market, with beer, and three or two good friends sitting and talking. That is the most fresh moment of flower armor, and it is also the most beautiful moment in life.

The flower armor, known as "the first fresh in the world", meets smooth and tender eggs. The combination of the two has achieved the favorite of the elderly and children.

It can be said that 0 cooking skills can also make delicious water steamed eggs. The secret is on the "two oils".The first is to wipe the oil at the bottom of the bowl before steaming, then put the flower armor, and then pour it into the beaten egg liquid; the second is to pour the harmonious sesame oil and raw soy sauce after steaming.Neither oil is needed, but it is a necessary element to stimulate umami and fragrance.

The smooth steamed eggs melt in the mouth, and the fleshy chewing of the teeth touching the flesh of Hua Jia Q bombs can be used as a nutritional breakfast, a dinner supporting role, and can also become a bowl of warm heart to soothe the hungry people late at night.

On the gurgling stove, there are sealing tin foils. Inside the invisible interior, flower armor, rice noodles, broth, time vegetables, and various types of balls may be completed.

The Hua Jiami line can be said to be the king of supper in every night market.You love spicy spicy flower metal noodles, love sour and sour, garlic with garlic, light taste and clear soup base.I’m hungry, come to fill the belly of the flower metal noodles;

A dozen or twenty -twenty -or twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty -twentie anchor can easily have happiness.

In the case, hundreds of thousands of expensive seafood can be affordable by everyone, and the "little seafood" that is cheap and beautiful, just like the flower armor, is the love of ordinary people.Thanks to Hua Jia’s effort and growth, so that every food, there is another memory for life.

Have you ever eaten flower armor?What kind of way of eating the most?Do you also know which "little seafood" similar to the low -cost items that are similar to the flower armor?Message from the comment area, share and communicate together ~

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