"Marriage" husband and beauty boss are ambiguous, his wife is annoyed, almost a dead body and three lives

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Since Shen Mingbao was pregnant at home, Yang Zheng was busy with new jobs, and she saw Yang Zheng less and less time.Shen Mingbao didn’t want to think about it, but after she found that after Yang Zheng’s business trip, the shirt had a smell of perfume. She suddenly remembered that Mrs. Zhan reminded herself to be careful of Yang Zheng and his female boss Zhao Songwen.In my heart, I jumped.

Take advantage of the gap of Yang Zheng’s bath, Shen Mingbao asked him: "Who went on a business trip with this time?" It was just a very ordinary sentence.me?"

Shen Mingbao was even more sure that the other party had ghosts, and his tone was not good at once: "I ask what happened, do you guilty?"

Yang Zheng estimated that it was really guilty, and he even looked back: "Can you speak well!"

Shen Mingbao listened, even more uncomfortable, so he couldn’t care so much, and directly stated: "One week when I go home for a week, I don’t know if the company is magical, or the company’s people are attractive.

This time, Yang Zheng estimated that he understood: "What happened today? Learn those grievance women’s fire prevention and theft, anti -theft, anti -theft and small/three, as long as those women are within 5 steps from your husband, all are your imaginary enemies?Can reduce people’s IQ. "

Shen Mingbao was really angry. She was pregnant with twins, which was harder than others, and Yang Zheng was not like this when he was pregnant.They are accompanied by myself, what’s wrong now?Is he disliked his figure and dirty?

Yang Zheng felt Shen Mingbao’s low pressure, and said, "I’m sorry, I’m really tired. I really hope that when my career takes off, don’t drag my hind legs."

Shen Mingbao: "Did I drag your hind legs?"

Yang Zheng was also angry and said, "Can you not chew the words with me again?"

Shen Mingbao took a deep breath and said slowly: "I weighed more than ten pounds. When I passed the mirror every day, I stunned for three seconds. I watched the swollen woman in the mirror.I thought it is who is this? I have lost control over my own life and my body. I have to rely on my mother when I go to sleep at night, don’t say you, I hate myself.The child punched and kicked in my belly. I haven’t slept for a few days. I have no energy to fight you with you. "

Shen Mingbao also wanted to talk to Yang Zheng calmly with Yang Zheng, but Yang Zheng changed his clothes and said, "Don’t fight, forgive me, and forgive yourself, can you do it?"

Shen Mingbao was discouraged, and turned to see Yang Zheng who was wanting to leave, asking, "Where are you going late?"

Yang Zheng: "Back to the hotel. Here is another hotel for me."

After talking about Yang Yan, he left.

Even if the mother -in -law and mother caught the car key, Yang Zheng left his head and left.

Even when Shen Mingbao was born prematurely and fighting with the gods in the hospital, Yang Zheng still "struggled" in the company. When he arrived at the hospital, even his girlfriend’s husband couldn’t see him and wanted to go up to beat him.

Girlfriend Xue Kexin even scolded: "Do your wife have a child to make an appointment with your secretary in advance? It is twin, you have to stay on the second trimester of pregnancy, do you know how dangerous it was?By the blood of 5000 ml, your wife lost more than 4,000 milliliters alone. After changing it all over, the blood pressure is less than 60 now. You almost can’t see her anymore, do you know? "

Is Yang Zheng really a workaholic?Is it magic of Yang Zheng’s company, or is the company’s attitude?

How to say, Yang Zheng did have been unemployed for a long time before, so when he had a new job, he really valued it and wanted to make a little achievement. This is undeniable.

However, Yang Zheng and his boss Zhao Songwen broke the matter.

Knowing that Zhao Songwen was interesting to himself, what kind of attitude of Yang Zheng was, he did not refuse, and of course he did not take the initiative.Later, in front of Zhao Songwen, he deliberately did not answer Shen Mingbao’s call and complained that his wife dragged his legs.

Do not refuse, do not take the initiative, and irresponsible. Is this tone familiar?

He enjoys this ambiguity and wandering in it, even his sister Yang Manman can see that he has two ends.

In the face of Yang Manman’s question, Yang Zheng said this: "A few years ago, the two of us can give a happy, but now there are children, houses, and such a big family., Take a move, even if you want to divorce, it is no longer a matter of two people. "

Look, even with the idea of divorce, this man is selfish and does not want to propose himself. He would rather pull it among the two women, and he was unwilling to actively do such a "bad guy".

These are the story of the TV series "Two Life of Marriage". The TV series is about to end. I did not expect that Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng will develop like this. Will Shen Mingbao divorce Yang Zheng?Will Shen Mingbao forgive Yang Zheng?I don’t know, but in my opinion, Yang Zheng is really not forgiven.

Of course, if a slap is not lingering, Zhao Songwen is not a good person. Knowing that Yang Zheng has his wife and children, he will repeat the three places to tease others, and even deliberately provoke Shen Mingbao. It is really too much.

I really want to give them a word: the scum man with a dog, the forever!

You said, which one is even more disgusting!

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