"Master", middlemen and operators: online sneak shot industry survey

On June 28, when Zhao Huan in Wuhan took the subway to get off work, he found that the man behind him was sneak in her skirt on the escalator at the subway station.Zhao Huan, who was scared, reported the police, and the sneak shot was detained by the local police for 3 days.

Zhao Huan’s experience is not an example.A reporter from the Beijing News found that since this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Ningbo, Changsha and other places have been exposed to sneak shots by the media.The location of sneak shots is mainly densely crowded public transportation such as subways and buses. It also includes public places such as shopping malls and teaching buildings, and even sneak shots sneaked into women’s toilets to sneak shots.

A black industry chain has been formed for women’s privacy.Sneak shots uploaded the videos and pictures of sneak shots to specific websites. The middlemen purchased videos for resource integration, established private domain chat, and sold videos to downstream buyers through the form of paid membership system.

In order to fight sneak shots, police from all over the country have continuously increased their strikes in recent years.Since June 25, 2022, the Beijing police have launched a "wolf hunting operation" to severely crack down on illegal crimes such as obscenity, sneaking, peeping, etc.Since June of this year, the Public Security of Hangzhou Metro has announced the details of punishment for impulse obscenity cases and violations of privacy cases.

Ye Xiaoshan, a lawyer at Beijing Zibo Law Firm, said that sneak shots violated the privacy of women and violated a number of laws.Women should call the police in a timely manner if they find sneak shots, safeguard their rights and interests, and punish the offenders.

Candid shoots that have occurred repeatedly

At more than 7 pm on June 23, Zhou Xinyi, who had dinner, and her husband Guo Yue came to Beijing Sun Palace Park.Later, she entered a public toilet in the park.After a few seconds in, she heard "click" twice.Zhou Xinyi was very strange. He picked up the mobile phone camera and stretched into the door seam under the toilet. He just took a man and lay on the ground, holding his hands to the ground, and tilted his head to peep from the gap.

Seeing that the man jumped up and ran, Zhou Xinyi immediately opened the door and chased out, and grabbed the other party.The man looked in his 60s, Zhou Xinyi grabbed his arm and called for help. Guo Yueli called the alarm call.Later, in the local police station, on the mobile phone of the elderly man, the police discovered a photo of Zhou Xinyi’s toilet.

Zhou Xinyi took a voyeur and sneak shot when she went to the toilet.Interviewee confession

At 6:30 pm on May 11th, another sneak shot happened to a bus.According to Yang Shuqing, who took the bus on the same day, told the Beijing News reporter that on the same day, she accidentally discovered that the man in the right front of the right in front looked back and looked back at the other three girls., Put the phone on the right hand on the left shoulder, and secretly shoot the video.

Yang Shuqing immediately reminded the sneaky girl and asked the girl if the man was sneak shot.After being revealed, the man was obviously a little panicked. First, he hid the mobile phone to denied the sneak shot. After being blocked by the girl, he apologized and confessed.

When the girl asked him to delete the video, Yang Shuqing saw that there were other sneaky photos in his mobile phone. The photo was a girl wearing a white dress in the subway.Yang Shuqing and others did not choose to call the police."Because everyone was at a loss at that time, the sneak shot deleted the photo without calling the police."

The Beijing News reporter combed and found that these two sneak shots for women were not an example.Since this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Ningbo, Changsha and other places have been exposed by the media.Sandaling locations are mainly on the densely crowded public transportation such as subways and public transport, including public places such as shopping malls and teaching buildings. Some candid people have sneaked into the women’s toilet to take women’s privacy photos and videos.

Xu Ning, who was still studying in Hangzhou, posted a sneak shot in a bus on the bus, and she recalled to the Beijing News reporter.

On the afternoon of March 13th, Xu Ning and her boyfriend took the bus from Suti Station to Jiuxi Station to the park to enjoy the flowers.When the two walked behind the bus after getting on the bus, Xu Ning saw a middle -aged man about 40 years old holding his mobile phone against her chest.After looking at Xu Ning, the middle -aged man immediately turned his mobile phone outside the car.Xu Ning suspected that she had been sneaked. After she told her boyfriend, her boyfriend stepped forward to check the middle -aged men’s mobile phone. Sure enough, she found a candid photo in the album.

After getting out of the car, Xu Ning and her boyfriend were worried that candid people were habitual, and they would continue to take sneak shots. The two reported the police.

Also said on social media that has experienced sneak shots, there are Zhao Huan of Wuhan.

Zhao Huan recalled to a reporter from the Beijing News that on June 28, he took his own subway to get off work.When standing at the escalator at the subway station, he noticed that there was a man behind.Zhao Huan said that the escalator was very long. At that time, there were only two people, but the man was very close to her.She suspected that the man was sneak shot, and when she turned around, she saw that the man’s mobile phone had reached to her skirt.Zhao Huan asked the man aloud.Because the man had only one arms from Zhao Huan, Zhao Huan was both angry and scared, and he went to the subway to call the police.

The man who sneaked Zhao Huan escaped first, and then returned to surrender.The police told Zhao Huan that the man admitted that he was a habit.But he has deleted all the photos and videos of sneak shots before the beginning.In the end, the man was detained for 3 days.

In a group of chats, group administrators said that more privacy videos can add paid members to watch.Network screenshot

Candid images were rested layer by layer

Where did these candid pictures and videos go?

A reporter from the Beijing News found that in a private chat software, there are a large number of group chats that share and sell women’s privacy pictures and videos.In this dark net, this kind of sneak shot on the bottom of the women’s skirt is called a bottom or CD.A large number of users are invited to enter group chat, watch or get these videos.

At the end of June, a reporter from the Beijing News entered a group chat.

In a video released in the group, girls wearing denim skirts and white T -shirts are lining up on the platform and waiting for the station. In the video, the broadcaster can also report to the station name of a subway station in Shanghai.With the girl’s notice, the bottom of the skirt was photographed by the candid shot behind.Similar candid videos are updated in group chat every day.

Group chats are usually divided into two categories, one is a free preview group. Group administrators posted the whole body photos and skirt photos or short videos of candid girls.The video is updated from time to time. The main role is to attract members to actively talk about private chat group administrators and pay to join the membership group."The group is only a corner of the iceberg, and high -quality resources are in membership groups." The group administrator claimed so.

The other is the paid member group. The price is usually less than 200 yuan. After the payment is paid, the user is invited to enter the group chat.

The Beijing News reporter asked about the specific content of the paid group. A group administrator Zhang said, "The content of the paid group is ten times more content than the preview group, and it is all videos." The reporter asked if there was only one type.There are a lot of content. If you feel that there is only one type, you look down on us too much. "

The Beijing News reporter enters a member group undercover, and the group continues to update multiple videos every one or two days.The video records the entire process of women being copied. The video is short for more than one minute, and it is seven or eight minutes long.Sneak shots first shooting women’s whole body and wearing, including close -ups on the face, do not hit mosaics, and then close -up shooting skirt bottom.

In many sneak photos or videos in the group, there will be a brief introduction.Such introductions are often full of insulting descriptions.The group administrator will also classify the women in the video with the characteristics of dress style, appearance and other characteristics, and describe the words "black silk beauty, short skirt JK dress, dress young woman" and other words.

The Beijing News reporter found that there are few members of these groups of chats, and most of them have tens of thousands.

In a group of chats, group administrators are selling paid membership groups, and the entry price is 118 yuan.Network screenshot

Hidden industrial chain

A reporter from the Beijing News found that the situation where the privacy of women’s privacy was sold, and a complete black industry chain has formed. Professional photographers and middlemen and buyers have formed a chain of interest to sell women’s privacy videos and pictures.

In this chain, professional photographers are upstream.Several photographers told the Beijing News reporter that the famous sneak shot was called the "master". They had specific English abbreviation names and codes, and it was difficult for outsiders to recognize.

Li Jian is a person who claims to shoot a lot of bottom videos. "Update 20-30 units per month, and does not shoot safety pants. He claims that the video of the sneak shot is" pure original high-quality works "," all the heroines are all exposed, all their faces are exposed.Only picking 20-30 years old, most of the college students. "

The Beijing News reporter found that in the videos of group chats, the most common candid occasions are subways, shopping malls and pedestrian streets, especially jewelry shops, beauty shops, and clothing stores.It can be judged in the video that the sneak shot followed the woman, followed by the opportunity to shoot.In the subway candid video, sneak shots are usually sneaked behind the car, in the carriage, and the transfer of the car, and they will also take a height of the escalator.In addition, the auto show, Man Show, and Music Festival are also the "hardest hit areas" of sneak shots.In some videos, sneak shots even set up female skirts from behind. "It is really impossible to lift the skirt from behind, and may think it is the wind."

A merchant said that the shooting lens was generally hidden in backpacks, handbags and shoes.

In a video from a reporter from the Beijing News, the above -mentioned merchants stated that the two ordinary black backpacks, after modification, could not be seen from the appearance with a pinhole camera.A few modified pinhole camera photos show that the micro camera is hidden in the cross gap of the screws. It is difficult to see without looking at the naked eye carefully and very hidden.Such a miniature lens module is priced at 399 yuan.

Multiple group operators revealed that "master" usually upload privacy videos on paid websites and continuously updates and sells. After recharge of website users, you can download videos.According to Xiaoxiang Morning News, the "master" and the website were divided by the website.The usual proportion is that the website gets 40%of the yield, and the "master" takes 60%.

A group operator said that the original video was shipped on a paid website, and a video profit was as high as 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

The midstream of the industrial chain is the middleman.Under normal circumstances, operators of each paid member group are middlemen.They collected and purchased the original videos flowing out of each other, and then sold to downstream buyers through the payment invitation system to earn the difference.In the words of Li Jian, "equivalent to nothing, just sort out these videos and earn your (buyer) money."

The video will be resold after many times.A downstream buyer revealed that someone went to pay the website once a month to download it once, and sold it after integration.He buys a period from others every month, with more than 30 videos, a total of more than 10 yuan."You can get hundreds of dollars of resources, all of them have sold how many times," said a group of operators.

The Beijing News reporter undercover a "bottom -up collection preview group" undercover.The group managers divide the video into 26 series through the photographer, shooting time, shooting location, activity, etc., with more than 7,000 videos.The selling price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. The newer shooting time, the more quantity, the higher the price.After paying, you can join the group to watch online, or you can get packaging resources through a cloud disk.The group managers said, "I am in Amsterdam, all resources are legal here. Don’t worry about resource failure and after -sales problems."

There is also a type of sneak shot, which will create crowdfunding chats for a specific event, such as auto shows with large traffic, long exhibitions of young people, and music festivals.After buyers pay, you can see the candid video on the day of the event.

The Beijing News reporter found that the above -mentioned group chats are constantly entering people every day.A group chat manager told reporters that in order to operate group chats, he had to use a computer for at least 14 or five hours a day.In addition to copying groups, such group administrators also operate a variety of group chats such as toilet groups, hotel sneak shots, top hip street shooting groups, bathhouse candid groups.

The Beijing News reporter searched and found that the bottom -up video was circulating in the domestic interactive community. Resource holders and traders were active, and they were deeply hidden.Search for the English abbreviation of a sneak shot "Master" in Baidu Tieba. You can see multiple posts of posts for resources.This abbreviation is highly hidden, and the identification requires a threshold.

Some posts said, "There is a complete collection of a master, you need it." Some netizens under the post will send out their QQ numbers or QQ mailboxes, and write "Find the Complete Works" and "Exchange."They generally use QQ mailboxes, various network disks, etc. to buy and sell resources.Some netizens told reporters that there are hundreds of G resources that can be exchanged.

Those who circulate the base resources are relatively strong in anti -reconnaissance.The reporter from the Beijing News added a bottom -copy resource group owner from QQ. After the owner asked the reporter to add a friend through another chat software, "Delete QQ, don’t leave a record."

In the group chat, many women were sneaked in videos of the bottom of the skirt.Network screenshot

"Don’t be afraid, grab him"

After the sneak shot incident, the girls took different ways to solve it.

Afterwards, Yang Shuqing blame herself a little, and continued to hold the sneak shot without calling the police."I am very angry, and I feel that the sneak shot is not punished at all."

After Xu Ning called the police, the police said that the alarm was correct.If the girl finds a sneak shot and is accompanied by someone around, she can directly ask the sneak shot to delete the photo.If you are alone, you can call the police immediately.

The police told Xu Ning, "Someone will use the scene and happen to shoot you as an excuse. Citizens have the right to shoot in public. You have no right to stop him from taking it, but you have the right to delete your photos about you."

Zhou Xinyi is insisting on letting the sneak shot pay the price.

On June 25, Guo Yue came to the police station to get the administrative penalty decision on sneak shots.The penalty decision shows that Shi Mou was punished for 5 days of law and order.

But Guo Yuefa found that Shi Mou was detained for a day.The police handling the case explained to Guo Yue that because Shi Mou was 68 years old, he suffered from a number of basic diseases and the detention centers of the age, and Shi Mou was released after receiving oral education.

On the afternoon of June 28, a reporter from the Beijing News called the Sun Palace Palace of the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau. A staff member said that it was inconvenient to interview.

Zhou Xinyi’s usually quiet personality, she described her "stupid, would not quarrel with others."But in the face of this sneak shot, Zhou Xinyi felt that he was "quite strong."

After a sneak shot, Zhou Xinyi did not close his eyes for a few nights.Repeated thoughts of being sneaky, shaking hands, easy to be nervous and scared, and it is difficult to concentrate.She checks if the door is locked before going to bed every day.When she went out to see a person similar to Shi Shi, she would avoid it."Although I know they are innocent, I will subconsciously think of Shi Mou."

On the afternoon of June 25, Zhou Xinyi came to the People’s Court of Chaoyang District to file a civil lawsuit against Shi Mou.

Zhou Xinyi said that rights protection not only has a certain deterrent force on sneak shots and peeping behaviors, but also let the candid shot aware of it, "Not all people will only swallow the sneak shot, but also tell those boys or girls who encounter such things., Don’t be afraid, grab him! "

Ye Xiaoshan is a lawyer who is enthusiastic about protecting women’s rights and interests. She said that sneak shot refers to taking photos or videos privately without the permission of the other party.Different content of sneak shots and sneak shots on different occasions, the nature of behavior is different.Article 1033 of the Civil Code stipulates that except for other provisions of the law or the right holder clearly agrees, no organization or individual may shoot or peek at the private parts of others.

Ye Xiaoshan said that the videos in the group chat mainly sneaked in women’s privacy parts. Candiders violated the Civil Code and infringed on women’s privacy. Women who were photographed could file a civil lawsuit request compensation, apology, stop infringement, and so on.At the same time, this sneak shot of the privacy of others has also violated the "Public Security Management Punishment Law". Women can call the police to the public security organs, and the public security organs shall impose corresponding administrative penalties on the sneak shot.

Ye Xiaoshan mentioned that sneak shots took pictures of women’s privacy parts in the toilet, uploaded photos or videos to the Internet, or downloaded such photos or videos for sale and spread.The Criminal Law constitutes the crime of spreading obscene items or spreading the profit of obscene items.

It is understood that in recent years, in order to combat sneak shots, the police have continued to increase their strikes.

Since June 2017, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Bus Corps has set up a "Wolf Hunting Group" at multiple police stations to combat the "color wolf" that disturb the trouble in the subway.

According to Beijing Daily, since the "Hundred Days Action" was launched on June 25, 2022, the Beijing Police launched a "wolf hunting operation" to severely crack down on illegal crimes such as obscenity, sneaking, peeping, etc.Handling 221 personnel involved.

Since 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Bus Branch has formed a subway plainclothes team.In the subway station, the subway police police patrolled, the plainclothes police patrolling control, and carried out special operations to crack down on subway obscenity.Police are invested in a large number of subway plainclothes police forces during the morning and evening peak hours and cases of the subway. Pay attention to the abnormal actors of women, and discovery, stop and arrest the current suspects of illegal suspects in a timely manner.

Since June of this year, the Public Security of Hangzhou Metro has announced the details of punishment for impulse obscenity cases and violations of privacy cases.The punishment in the case is obscene on the subway or use a mobile phone to sneak a female passenger, and the public security organs will be detained in the administrative detention of the punishment in accordance with the law.

(In the text, Zhou Xinyi, Yang Shuqing, Xu Ning, Zhao Huan, and Li Jian are all pseudals)

Beijing News reporter Qiao Chi intern Cheng Ran

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