"Mo Fei is pregnant with incense"?Pregnant mothers go out for a walk.

After pregnancy, the expectant mothers are very concerned about the health of the fetus in the abdomen. In fact, it is not just the human world. In nature, "motherhood" is connected. Many small animals will have a natural sense of closeness to the expectant mother of pregnancy.

Now in winter, the weather is cold. Under normal circumstances, most animals have entered the "hibernation stage".

However, a pregnant mother in Guangxi was attracted by a butterfly when she was bent.

The pregnant mother is now 38 weeks of pregnancy and entered the third trimester.When she went out for a walk, she suddenly encountered a very strange thing.

In the process of walking with a big stomach, she didn’t know where to fly from a butterfly, she lay directly on her stomach and stayed for more than 1 minute before leaving.

Pregnant mothers are also very surprised for this situation, because it is also the first time that this situation has encountered.

Not only that, it is also curious that the pregnant mother should not have a butterfly this season, and this butterfly stays in such cold weather and stays on his belly for so long, which is really amazing.

The pregnant mother also took such a picture, and it also attracted the interest of many netizens after it was sent to the Internet.Everyone expresses their own opinions and guess the reason why the butterfly falls on the stomach of the pregnant mother.

Some netizens think: It is estimated that this mother is pregnant with a daughter, because when she is pregnant, she also has a butterfly flying to himself;

Some netizens said: There are still butterflies in such a cold weather. Maybe what may be in the stomach is the person who wants to see it ~

Of course, some netizens teased: Is it possible to recruit butterflies, is it pregnant?

Indeed, in such cold weather, it is really rare to attract butterflies, but the reason behind it is not like netizens, full of magical colors.

From a scientific perspective, a large part of the reason why butterflies like to stay on the body are attracted by human sweat.

Because butterflies like to drink sweat, especially the "Dibcanoae".

And pregnant women happen to be a crowd of sweating again. Because the level of hormones in the body is higher, the body surface temperature of pregnant women is higher than that of normal people, and the frequency of sweating will be more diligent, and naturally it will be more likely to attract butterflies.

Not only the animals outside, especially the pets at home, when they realize that their owners are pregnant, they will take the initiative to play with the owner.

Sometimes it will lean back on the stomach, and when the baby in the belly has fetal movement, it will show a surprised expression. The response is really super warm and cute.

After the owner at home is pregnant, even the cold cats are usually like to follow pregnant women. This can’t help but doubt: Can the animals really feel the baby?

In fact, animals can feel the magnetic fields and sound waves that many people can’t feel, and after pregnancy, the body temperature of pregnant women will be higher than that of the average person. This temperature will also attract the attention of many animals.

Just like a cat, it is usually a very afraid of cold animals, and the surface temperature of pregnant women is high, and naturally likes to follow the pregnant woman;

In addition, pregnant women after pregnancy will secrete certain hormones in their bodies. Such hormones can also attract animals, and natural pregnant women look more likely to be close to animals.

In China, it is very common to keep pets after pregnancy. Especially the pet cat and pet dogs at home. The most worried is the "bowworm" carried on them, which is easy to abodceate pregnant women.

So many families will send the pets at home during pregnancy. When they go out, they will not easily contact animals.

In fact, this is too cautious. Normal contact with animals is okay, but also pay attention to some security issues:

For stray animals outside, try not to contact.They prey outside every day, and it is easy to eat some infected foods to carry bacteria;

For pets at home, try to avoid excessive contact.Try to avoid raw food in feeding. Pet feces should be cleaned every day, but it is best to clean up the feces.

For pregnant women, it is not a flood beast, so pregnancy is not the reason for abandoning pets.

Instead, pregnant women are exposed to animals during pregnancy, or pets at home will also be beneficial to themselves and their babies.

Like pets can help the depression symptoms of prenatal or postpartum for antimony, after the child is born, it can also improve the child’s anti -allergy ability and cultivate children’s love and responsibility.

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