"Must eat" & "must not eat" food after pregnancy

"Can pregnant women eat seafood?"

"Can I eat raw fruits in pregnancy?"

"Can pregnant women eat mutton?"


In such a sentence, all expectant mothers will not be unfamiliar: In order to conceive a plan in October, they ca n’t be wrong. What to eat and drink. Before entering the mouth, you must check it online, for fear of making mistakes.

The first 1000 -day nutrition of life should be based on a healthy foundation for the baby’s life. Dietary diet should naturally be treated seriously. However, if you are overkill and picky food, you may drag your baby’s healthy hind legs.

Which foods must not be eaten during pregnancy?Based on the Chinese eating habits of the Chinese people, the homeowner took a summary of the list from the authoritative institutions and organizations of various countries and organizations for the safe diet of expectant mothers to ensure that knowledge is "security" while eliminating all your online each online.The concerns and confusion of "legend" authenticity, I hope it will be helpful to everyone:

Raw meat -they are large hidden households of E. coli, Toxoplasma parasites, Salmonella, and Burrier. Once they cause infection or toxin poisoning, they will hurt their mothers and fetuses.

Safety suggestions -mature processing and reject any "ten mature" maturity.

Cold -cut cooked food (cold -cut meat/chicken duck, ham, sausage, hot dogs, smoked fish, etc.) and supermarket/fast food restaurant salads containing them -supermarkets or cooked food stores sold without packaging refrigerated meat products, which are easily not afraid ofLow -temperature Liszt bacteria pollution (its environment that is about zero -degree Celsius can also grow slowly, refrigerator freezer is often its "home"). Once the prospective mother is infected, it has headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.Geefmented, abortion.

Safety suggestion -Do not buy refrigerated salad mixed in the edible supermarket in advance.Do not eat cooked meat or cooked foods directly. Be sure to steam it with a steamer before eating.Love Tips: The rigorous packaging of cooked meat products produced by regular manufacturers can be eaten, but the vast majority of such foods contain nitrite, and expectant mothers to eat less.

Fresh milk that has not been disinfected by Basal -any "fresh milk" that has just crowded out of cows/sheep is often sold in bulk. Consumers usually drink after buying.Fresh milk is also vulnerable to contaminated by microorganisms in the animal and milking environment, including E. coli O157, Golden Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, fungal, Liszer, etc., and cloth from the animals, as well as cloth from the animal.Bacteria, Tuberculosis and other human and animals have a pathogenic bacteria … these "dangerous" diarrhea, premature birth, and dead babies caused by these "dangerousists" have many reports at home and abroad.

Safety suggestions — Para -binocular disinfection dairy products with ultra -low temperature refrigeration and relatively short shelf life of buyers, and ensure that they can be drunk during the shelf life. When drinking, it can be moderately heated (without boiling).

Some varieties of cheese -soft cheese and cheese cooked with mold (such as: French Burry cheese, sheep milk cheese, Carmen Bell cheese, Fida cheese, Queso Blanco cheese, Stylton blue pattern,Danish blue cheese, etc.), due to the pollution of Listera during the production process, the expectant mothers who love cheese "cut love" in the short term.

Safety suggestion -If you must eat cheese, please choose safe varieties, such as Palma cheese, Cheda cheese in hard cheese; and Fida cheese, Maskapen cheese, Marri -La cheese in soft cheese, Make cheese and so on.

[Love Tips]: No matter how safe the cheese, do not exceed a small strip as big as two fingers every day. After all, the calories and salt content of the cheese are not low. For prospective mothers who need to control weight and blood pressure, it is not possible to "Food of food.

Raw eggs and unfamiliar eggs -Salmonella is an important way for food poisoning.

Safety suggestions -the eggs in the refrigerator should be separated from other foods; clean the egg shell with flowing water before cooking eggs, and then wash your hands;Or in the egg yolk sauce and salad sauce of cooked food restaurants, eggs may often be mixed with eggs to avoid eating.

Some fish -environmental pollution gives some "unsafe" tags, especially expectant mothers and babies.These fish may contain excessive amounts of heavy metal mercury, which will affect the heart and brain function of the baby, and may cause irreplaceable brain damage.These fish include: shark (including shark fin), large catfish, long -fin tuna, red Luo Fei fish, Mexican shoremal fish, large -eyed tuna, etc.

Safety suggestion-Choose a variety of fish with less mercury and safer, such as salmon, canned tuna, etc., which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid DHA, which is of great benefit to the baby’s brain development (extended reading: [American Pediatric Society] 2018 New Deal: Forced 11 key nutrients for brain development, it is difficult to remedy 1000 days).

Shengyu shrimp (including sushi), raw shell crab -Although some countries still allow expectant mothers to eat these raw aquatic products, given that the safety of raw foods in my country is still not completely controllable, it is recommended that pregnant mothers better not eat raw raw raw raws. Aquatic products, in the event of infection with parasites or pyelics, are still very dangerous.

Safety suggestions -tolerate, only eat well, avoid unnecessary trouble.

Fruit juice (including freshly squeezed fruit juice), homemade fruit vinegar and other fermented fruit products without Pakistani — are easy to avoid dark arrows.Once the gun is hit, it is infected, diarrhea, and abortion. Why?

Safety suggestions -try to eat fresh fruit of washing and peeled, and do not touch such fruit drinks. If you must drink fruit juice, you must also choose a sealed product disinfected product (the cold cabinet in the supermarket is available)EssenceLove Tips: Even if it is a safe juice, do not exceed 1 small cup a day.The sugar content of fruits and fruit juice is high, and the nutrition is relatively single.

There are no parasites that are not cleaned or did not wash, or the epidermis of fruits and vegetables.Gow -shaped worms can be passed to the baby through the placenta, causing a variety of malformations and even death of the fetus, and can also cause pregnant mothers to have a miscarriage, death, and premature birth.Reminder of love: The various bean sprouts, crickets, radishes, etc. that you germinate at home must also be cleaned thoroughly, and you cannot think that it is "naturally harmless."

Safety suggestion -thoroughly washed with flowing water, peeling should be peeled.

Alcohol -alcohol can cause permanent birth defects to the baby, please stay away from any form of wine and drinks!

Important Tips: The separation of raws, kitchen knives, kitchen knives, vegetable basins, etc. are an important part of all the above pollution and cannot be ignored.

What are the foods that must be eaten during pregnancy?

[Big Principles]: Based on the healthy dietary suggestions of pregnant mothers in the "Dietary Guide of Chinese Residents (2016)" to ensure the freshness, food diversity, processing safety of food, and eating the amount of food.On this basis, appropriately increase the attention of the following foods:

Folty acid -rich foods: animal liver, eggs, beans, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Iron -rich foods: animal blood and animal liver (eat 1 or 2 times a week), thin red meat (eat 20 ~ 50g per day in the middle and late stages, that is, half of the palm to a palm size and thickness equivalentThe amount of thickness (here refers to the amount of raw meat).

Milk and dairy products: expectant mothers increase 200g of milk more than ordinary women a day, which not only supplements high -quality protein, but also increases calcium intake.

Fish rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and iodine-rich seafood foods (focus on the third trimester): low mercury deep-sea fish with 2-3 times a week (such as salmon, catfish, autumn saury, yellow croaker, yellow croaker, yellow croaker, yellow croaker, yellow croaker, yellow croaker, yellow croaker,Sea bream, etc.), can help the baby baby get a sufficient amount of DHA, ensure the development of brain and visual function, and enhance their "anti -inflammatory" ability.The kelp, seaweed, skirt vegetables, etc. can be provided with a sufficient amount of iodine for maternal and infants.(Extension reading: Eat more fish, it can make you smarter -wait a moment, are you sure you are right?)

All -valley and miscellaneous beans: In the middle and late pregnancy, if you can have 1/3 ~ 1/2 of oats, brown rice, ravioli, buckwheat, red beans, mung beans, etc. in the daily staple food, it can effectively help expectant mothers prevent constipation and control weight. At the same time,Get more B vitamins.

how?Is it comprehensive enough?I hope that the two lists carefully prepared by the homeowner will help you who are about to become a mother, bypass those "familiar" "pit", and protect the small life in the belly through the scientific verification of diet nutrition equipment!

May your little baby’s beautiful life journey set sail from the "safe nutrition" from the first 1000 days!

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