"My daughter is so good, I am pregnant as soon as I go to college?" Mom dare not believe it, parents need to pay attention to 2 o’clock

When facing children’s education, many people are generally overwhelmed. Many people think that children are usually well -behaved and sensible, but when they grow up, they slowly begin to change.Do you do something incredible?

In the recent community, Aunt Chen did not expect her daughter who was well -behaved in her weekdays. After arriving in college, she became pregnant a month?When the news of pregnancy came from her daughter’s phone, Aunt Chen’s first reaction was that it was unbelievable, but in the helpless telling of the daughter on the other side of the phone, the fact that the aunt slowly had to believe in this fact.

I suddenly became pregnant as soon as I went to college. This kind of Aunt Chen really felt embarrassed. After hanging up the phone, Aunt Chen immediately rushed to her daughter’s school.When I grew up under my own eyelids, I was also a good girl in the eyes of everyone. When she was in high school, she did not find signs of falling in love with her daughter.

Why did you suddenly get pregnant as soon as he went to college?According to the daughter’s understanding, it turned out that after the college entrance examination, she talked to her boyfriend who had just talked about it.After the college entrance examination, her daughter often went out to play. Aunt Chen thought that the child needed to relax well and didn’t care.

But when she went out to play during the holidays, the girl met a boy and talked about love. In the end, she was pregnant unexpectedly. Aunt Chen mainly thought about how to make this thing the minimum damage to her daughter.When the mother is really incredible, but it is really no wonder children.

For example, many college candidates have begun to indulge after the college entrance examination, especially when the high school stage, parents and teachers have stared tightly.Generally, the energy of students must improve. In terms of academic performance, when the child is in love, he is particularly nervous immediately.

However, when the child encounters depression after the college entrance examination is completed, the summer vacation is the peak period of the flow of people after the college entrance examination.Great damage.

It is really negligent for early love, but many parents do not particularly agree with the statement of early love. They believe that adolescent boys and girls have a good impression on the opposite sex.Many parents cannot be restrained because their children are young. Many parents are nervous.

However, when children fall in love, it is inevitable that we will be like an enemy. Generally, when the child meets the objects they like during school, it is not as terrible as parents imagine.The most important thing is the education of parents, and the smart family will make children more and more excellent in this love.

At the same time, parents should also do education and guidance to establish correct sex education and love view for their children, and Aunt Chen’s daughter is because of being negligible by her parents, so there is often some too much when facing the relationship between falling in love.Too indulgence.

Many parents find it difficult for this aspect. It is precisely because of this that it has caused her daughter to walk around. Of course, the parents are educating their children. Children can also understand this aspect to better protect themselves and protect each other.

As a parent of a man, you should urge to urge, especially when a son in the family is in love, you should remind a lot of reminders that the girl must be protected by the girl.child.

At the age of age, you can be in love, and now many universities have similar situations, but the school may feel a bit influential, but now it is more open and nothing, but parents must maintain a good attitude at the same time.

Parents should know how to guide their children correctly.

After the children enter the adolescence, under the stimulus of hormones, their emotional state will inevitably change with them.Especially nowadays, the high degree of development of information also makes children more precocious, and ignorant emotions will inevitably make children feel confused, and even make wrong choices under impulses.

So at this stage, parents should pay more attention to their children’s sex education questions, answer their children’s confusion, and lighten the direction for their confusion.

What do you think about early love?Welcome to the comment area to discuss [Smile]

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