"My Grandpa" Chapter 65 Pregnancy

Author: Zhao Tong

Sixty -five pregnancy

By the end of May, the weather gradually became hot.Some of the students came to the lake while taking a walk, and some of them practiced English listening with a tape with a pair.The institute is newly built, the environment is quiet, and the water is far from the lake, so few students come here.Cheng Xuepeng’s office windows are facing the shade, opposite the newly built teacher apartment in the school. There are no lives in it. If there is no voice at all, it seems more quiet.Cheng Xuepeng was called by Director Shi.

"Lao Cheng, our school wants a company." Director Shi opened his head.

"What company?" Cheng Xuepeng asked.

"High -tech company, didn’t you let you go to Shenzhen last time, you have nothing to go. At that time, I sent someone to study experience in Shenzhen. The Institute meant to let you go to that company and take office next summer." Director Shi patiently. "Explain.

"Thank you in the institute’s trust. I have to think about this." Cheng Xuepeng was a little embarrassed, and he retired in five years. At this time, he did not know whether it was good or bad to go to the newly built school -run enterprises.He was hesitant. Director Shi just added a word to make Cheng Xuepeng determine the determination to go. "Xuepeng, the salary of that is decided by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, which is more than doubled than now.It has always been an active element in our office. He has done his job due to his work. For a few years, you can save more foundations after retirement. "Although Cheng Xuepeng did not take any responsibility in his family, he could not count on good husbands and good fatherHowever, I did not have to pick it at work, and I was resentful, so I was recognized and reused by Director Shi.

Cheng Xuepeng was appointed just three minutes. Before the excitement, he hadn’t passed. As soon as he returned to his office, he saw a newspaper on the table published a news that "controlling population growth is a major strategy of modern construction"Cheng Xuepeng, who often watched the news, also understood the meaning of this article when he saw this title.Family planning is determined to be a basic national policy, effectively controlling the normalization of the population, and advocating a couple to have a child, late marriage, late childbirth, less birth, and eugenics.After reading the full report, Cheng Xuepeng put down the newspaper and sighed. He knew that Cheng Chuanjin’s wishes could not be achieved.The rural areas even vigorously promoted this basic national policy. Cheng Chuanjin and his daughter -in -law sighed for a while, annoyed.

What made them unhappy, the small bed sent by Xu Yingjie probably had the function of giving birth.A good news was passed from the new house to Wudeyu, Jianluo, and then the country hometown, Cheng Min was pregnant.The news of the girl’s pregnancy can break Cheng You, thinking that the son did not hold it. It would be better if you could hold the grandson, let alone this grandson also surnamed Cheng. He always had to go to a new house of a daughter before going home every day before going home from work.Put down some delicious food.

When I was pregnant for two months, Cheng Min began to hurt his mouth, what to eat and vomit.Among the neighbors who lived with Cheng Chuantie’s courtyard, one was the model of the cotton spinning factory. The surname was Liu. Whether it was in the factory or in the yard, everyone was called Master Liu.There is a TV, washing machine and refrigerator sent by the unit after the award.Although there are many household appliances at home workers, most of them are usually not used, and they are reluctant to use it.For example, this refrigerator is basically not opened. Only when it can’t stand it, you can freeze some ice cubes and freeze some cold water with the refrigerator.On this day, Liangbai opened a little bit of ice, Master Liu turned off the switch of the refrigerator, sitting at the door with a tea tank and drinking.I happened to see Cheng Chuan Tie sweat pushed the car into the courtyard in the courtyard, and handed him a cup of cold water to him.Cheng Chuantie felt too comfortable after drinking a small sip. He walked to the room with a cup. "Try it for my daughter -in -law."

Master Liu pulled his arm and criticized it severely, "You are stupid, how can this pregnant woman drink such cool water!"

"I have a new boiled gourd soup, and give Cheng Min for a bowl." Master Liu drilled into the kitchen.

Who knows that this Luguang Tang was just entered the house by Cheng Chuan Iron, and Cheng Min smelled the stomach like the stomach like the river, and an irresistible nausea and vomiting rushed to the mouth from the bottom up.. "Cheng Chuan Tie smelled the smell of this gourd soup, and he really had a appetite, so he poured the soup in his own aluminum rice box, returned the bowl to Master Liu, and said gratitude.In order to prevent Master Liu from seeing, he poured the gourd soup in the night of the night to the trash can from several streets from his home.

In winter, because there was a pregnant woman at home, Cheng Chuantie gave birth to a stove in the house.Whoever wants to have a stove in a night, Cheng Chuan Tie sleeps too much. Cheng Min woke up and wanted to drink water in the middle of the night, but felt heavy head and quickly patted Cheng Chuan Tie.Fortunately, it was found that Cheng Chuantie opened the window to ventilate in time to avoid a gas poisoning incident.But it was also scared to Cheng Chuan Tie. In the evening, he did not dare to sleep anymore, and he could wake up with a little movement.

As the child is getting bigger and bigger in the month, Cheng Chuan Tie feels a bit uncomfortable.However, the parents of his father -in -law Cheng Min are busy to handle the marriage of the second daughter, and also take care of the young daughter who graduated from technical secondary school.Looking for a mother to take care of, the stepfather is afraid of disagree.Cheng Chuantie could not only put his job aside, and ran to the house when he had time.

Cheng Chuantie found the old aunt Guan Mofang and went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to see how the child looks like.Guan Mofang accompanied Cheng Min to enter

In the B -ultrasound room of the hospital, she was studying medicine in itself. After seeing a few times, she knew that Cheng Min was pregnant with a boy, and it was healthy, and she smiled at her heart.Cheng Chuantie saw the results of the hospital’s examination and was relieved. It was a man or a woman but didn’t care.

Cheng Chuan Tie also told the old aunt who took care of pregnant women.Guan Mofang always loved this nephew, so he took the ticket. "Okay, you take your daughter -in -law home and rest. I’ll go to your mother and definitely do it."

Guan Mofang picked up Cheng Xuepeng when he got off work, and opened the door to see the mountains and said politely: "Sister, your daughter -in -law’s belly is so big, and you don’t take care of it." Guan Mofen asked silently.

Guan Mofang actually said to Cheng Xuepeng, but she did not look at the brother -in -law, and took Guan Mofen’s hand and said, "I can take the little tiger daughter -in -law to the hospital today. I am pregnant with a boy. Sister, you have grandson.! "

Guan Mofen couldn’t hold his mouth with a smile, and asked, "Really? Really?"

Cheng Xuepeng couldn’t sit still, and came over and asked.

"That’s it, I watched it in myself." Guan Mofang paused, and said to Cheng Xuepeng, "You must be in the city in the city in the future."

"Yes, yes, yes." Cheng Xuepeng’s most dared to mess with this little aunt for so many years.

"Just you heard it, Cheng Chuantie had a son, it means that you have grandson, but now you are the only children …" Guan Mofang continued: "You can’t treat this grandson like Cheng Chuan Tie."

"Old aunt, you can rest assured. I like the boy, I must take him like a grandson." Cheng Xuepeng said vowed.

"What like! It’s your grandson." Guan Mofang added.

"Yes, yes!" Cheng Xuepeng nodded honestly.At this time, Guan Mofen, who couldn’t put it on the side, was also very happy.

Now that Cheng Xuepeng acknowledged his grandson, he should not be too bad to his son.The most important thing is that if you have grandson, you can also be inherited.

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Author: Zhao Tong

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