"Obstetrics and Gynecology" is not anxious for birth.

In the initial stage of pregnancy, every expectant mother could not be separated from the inspection of "HCG".

By drawing the content of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the blood test of human chorionic gonads in serum, doctors can initially judge the development of the embryo. Thereforeone.

Is HCG rising, is it pregnant?

HCG is one of the earliest molecular substances secreted by human embryonic cells. It is a kind of glucocrin synthesized and secreted by a synthetic layer of cells and secreted to the mother’s blood during pregnancy.

The main function of HCG is to stimulate luteal transition from menstrual luteal to pregnancy progression. At the same time, it promotes the continuous secretion of estrogen and luteum ketone, maintains the endometrium shape, promotes the formation of uterine moltage, and matures the placenta.Essence

Except for certain special diseases, the human body will only secrete HCG only under pregnancy.With the increase of pregnancy weeks, HCG can be excreted into urine through the blood circulation of pregnant women. Therefore, after women are pregnant, blood and urine will contain HCG, so there are two detection methods: blood HCG and urine HCG.

How many HCG is normal?

The level of health sac secreting HCG is relatively fast, so the growth rate of HCG can directly reflect the development of the embryo.

Under normal circumstances, on the 6th day after the sperm eggs are combined, the nourishing layer of fertilized eggs will secrete a small amount of HCG, which doubles by about 1.7 to 2 days.The serum HCG concentration of 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy reaches its peak. After about 10 days, it fell rapidly. By the end of pregnancy, the serum concentration was only 10%of the peak value, and it continued until childbirth.

But even with two pregnant women with the same number of pregnancy days, the value of blood HCG may be very different.So everyone will find that the indicators on the HCG checklist are very large.

Therefore, it is difficult to explain the problem after a test result. It is necessary to see the rate of HCG growth multiple times to determine whether the fetal development is good.

Under normal circumstances, within 7 weeks of pregnancy, HCG is 48 hours apart, at least 67%.

If HCG reaches more than 67%, it can usually be considered to be better in the quality of the gestational sac; if HCG only increases a little and does not reach 67%, it is necessary to combine other indicators or check for further evaluation; if HCG grows slowly, be careful of the fetus is the fetus isIt’s not a problem.

What’s wrong with HCG low?

There are two most common reasons for HCG’s slow growth:

1. Extrace The pregnancy (commonly known as ectopic pregnancy): The gestational sac of the abnormal pregnancy is in the abnormal position of the fallopian tube, the ovaries, etc. Due to the poor blood supply in these locations, the "soil" is much more barren than the endometrium, and the pregnancy sac is poor. HCG is HCG. HCGThe secretion is relatively slow

2. Poor embryonic quality: If the interval is 48 hours, the HCG value has not increased, and even starts to decrease. After excluding the detection error, it usually means that the possibility of embryo survival is very small and there is a possibility of abortion.

In addition to checking pregnancy, HCG also has these functions

01 Differential and abnormal pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, abnormal pregnancy is mostly due to insufficient blood supply to the bed, resulting in poor development of nourishing layer cells, less secretion of HCG, and lowering levels than normal.If HCG does not double every 2 days, ultrasonic images check the signs of uterine -free pregnancy, it should be highly suspected of abnormal pregnancy.

02 Diagnosis and treatment of abortion

· Insufficient abortion, there is still residual placenta tissue in the uterus, and HCG is qualitatively positive; when completely miscarriage or death, HCG can be negative, such as HCG below 2500IU/L and gradually decreased, there may be abortion or dead tire;/L, it is inevitable.

· During the treatment of tire protection, if the serum HCG continues to decline, it means that the fetal protection is invalid, otherwise it is prompted to be successful.

· The serum HCG should be returned to normal 4 days after childbirth or 13 days after artificial abortion. If it does not meet, the abnormal possibility should be considered, and further examination should be checked.

03 Diagnosis and Condition Observation of Pregnancy Nourishing Cell Diseases

① Patients with nourishing cell diseases in pregnancy, HCG concentration is more than 100 times that of women with normal pregnancy. When the uterus reaches or exceeds 12 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG value remains at the peak level and does not decrease, it is prompted to nourish the cell disease.

② 12 to 16 weeks after the hydatidium is cleared, HCG turns negative; if the HCG is reduced slowly or after decrease, it will rise after 12 to 16 weeks, and the possibility of pregnancy nourishing cell tumors should be prompted.therapy.

③ Three weeks after surgery for patients with pregnancy nourishing cell tumors, HCG should be less than 4ng/L, and it should be negative at 8-12 weeks. If HCG is not reduced or does not turn negative, it is prompted that there may be residual lesions, which should be checked regularly to prevent recurrence.

04 others

HCG may increase HCG in patients with blood and urine in patients with patients with teratoma, testicular interstitial cell carcinoma, lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. Therefore, HCG can also be used as tumor logo applications, but it must be combined with clinical manifestations and other examinations.Results of comprehensive analysis can make sense.

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