"Obstetrics and Gynecology" should take medicine during pregnancy and have to be taken

As the saying goes: "It is three poisonous medicines", especially in the sensitive period of pregnancy, you need to be cautious when taking medicine!

The degree of severity of drugs at different stages of drugs has different degrees of influence.

Early pregnancy is the sensitive period of drug tears.Improper medication can easily cause risk of various malformations such as fetal facial features, bones, and limbs.For example, anticancer aminotrexate can cause fetal skull and facial malformations.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetal formation period, medication may affect fetal growth and organ function development.For example, using galcinin can cause permanent deafness in the fetus.Tetracycline leads to yellow dyeing of the baby’s teeth, and the enamel development is not fully developed.

Drug teratogenic is related to medication time, dose, duration, and the nature of the drug itself. The impact on the fetus cannot be generalized.

Some expectant mothers are concerned about medication, fear, and even infinitely magnifying, even if they are seriously ill, they refuse to take medication.This approach is very uncomfortable.The consequences not only delay the treatment of their own diseases, suffer from suffering in physical and mental pain, but also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

For example, chronic diseases such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid disease. If the disease is not controlled, the health of mothers and fetuses will cause harm.Specific mother asthma causes hypoxia in the fetus. Hypertension affects the growth rate of the fetus. Diabetes is not well controlled to cause excessive fetal, abortion, premature birth, and abnormal thyroid dysfunction.

During pregnancy, you cannot resist hardly. You must look at the doctor in time to evaluate the condition and use the drug reasonably.In particular, expectant mothers with chronic diseases, actively treat the best condition before pregnancy, should be used for the best condition before pregnancy, and should be used for medication during pregnancy and choose to be safer to the fetus.Good mothers’ physical and mental state can promote the healthy development of the fetus.

Some expectant mothers are pregnant unexpectedly, and they use drugs without knowing it, which is very tangled.It is true that early pregnancy medication is a sensitive period for fetal tears, but there is also a theory of clinical safety period, that is, the impact of drugs on the fetus within 28 days of pregnancy is completely or abnormal.Drug effects can cause early death of the embryo and abortion. If there is no impact, the embryo continues to develop without abnormalities.Because fertilized eggs have just reached the uterus in 28 days of pregnancy, but organs have not yet begun organs.

Regarding how to estimate the safety period of no teratogenic risk, the same room time and corresponding inspections should be based on the menstrual cycle.In addition, a small number of drugs are not suitable for clinical safety periods. It is recommended to see obstetricians or obstetric clinical pharmacists for consultation.

Scientific research reports that the cause of most congenital terators is not clear. It is generally believed that the main factors of environmental, genetic and disease accounting, and the effects of drugs are relatively small, with only 1 to 3%of the risk of teratings.

The medicine is a double -edged sword, which uses the cure disease. If it is not used, it will increase the disease or cause other diseases.Therefore, you must understand the condition before taking the medicine, conduct necessary examinations, and read the instructions carefully.

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