"Once you are pregnant automatically," shocked the entire network, this sentence stabbed 350 million women!

The signing of this agreement is more beneficial to her arbitration, because she encounters a blind boss who is unpredictable and deceived. After all, the agreement can be used as a direct evidence of the boss that violates the labor law.

In other words, as long as the female employees insist on not resigning, the promise is like a piece of waste paper.

People who have been in the workplace for several years should also know that although this type of overlord clause is illegal and invalid, there are still 100 ways to force you to leave your own.

To put it plainly, the terms of illegal law can still limit people’s disgusting people. The arbitration can win, but the energy and time will lose a lot.

Of course, there are only many companies that rub the labor law on the ground.

In July, Ms. Wang of Wuhan was pregnant for more than 5 months, but her company suddenly asked her to resign. Ms. Wang was disguised by the company after refusing, and she was also moved out of the company.

Because there was no clear removal document, the company believed that Ms. Wang was actively resigned, and Ms. Wang thought that she was fired during pregnancy.

Ms. Wang said that the company had proposed to compensate for half a month’s salary, but she stopped social security during pregnancy, and she could not receive her fertility allowances. What made her difficult to accept is that the company’s maternity leave was only one month.

In this regard, Ms. Wang’s HR said that the country is the country’s regulations, the company is the company’s system. The company is one month.

As the negotiations between the two parties have not progressed, Ms. Wang can only report to the labor supervision department in the end.

Good guy, it is impossible for maternity and mammal leave for maternity leave for a few months … Is it a human story to hear this?

Bad eyes illegal.Pregnancy dismissal belongs to illegal acts, either withdrawn and dismissal, or compensation for double compensation. As a result, the company is unwilling.Above it.

It is ridiculous that it is obvious that there is a law, but the enterprise does not execute it. It is no different from breaking paper.

To be honest, there are really a lot of such companies, but now the labor law is strict, and many companies dare not say that such companies are the level of legal blindness.It is estimated that there is no legal affairs inside, and the boss usually does not ask a lawyer to do such a low -level legal blindness.

Podlair said: Under the melancholy, they walked.Both feet are trapped in the dust of the earth, caught in the desolate land as the sky.They have the face that is destined to be hoping.

Fertility is the underlying support of social production.

If companies only want to enjoy the dividend of Chinese labor and do not want to pay the obligation to social fertility, it is worth condemning us.

Some time ago, there was such a post. Netizens who were suspected to be HR for help: The company’s two -month pregnancy employees do not want to do anything at present, and require signing an agreement with the company.What should the company do?

how to say?It is very interesting to combine the news that the company’s request to sign a commitment to sign up for pregnancy. "

Not to mention pregnancy, which is why women’s employment is so difficult today. Women’s workplace is getting more and more difficult, and it is really harmed by some people.

As we all know, the sick fake strips provided by the hospital can get basic salary, but the discipline must be issued by the company’s required leave, and it is managed according to the medical period.However, the employee should not pay as long as the social security, it is probably that the hospital may not be able to open it to her, that is, the hospital does not indicate that her work will affect it.

If you do n’t go to work to bear five insurances, if you discuss it well, the company is generally willing to help her to do a childbirth allowance on behalf of her.

It is undeniable that in reality, there are many employees who use the health of the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but have long -term fake diseases and fakes, and dragging down other colleagues in the department. In addition to the policy advantages, civil servants, teachers, and a few large enterprises.The boss and colleague are all miserable.

In addition to policy factors and social fertility pressure, women’s employment dilemma is the biggest reason in reality is the horses of the group inside the group.

Once a small company encounters a faithfulness, it is even more unbearable, and the female employees who have worked hard for several years have not received fertility guarantee.

Some women even sign a type of contract voluntarily to get an offer.

Compared to those "tall" principles, some people are willing to be a person who seize the wood and break this moral illusion. As long as you can find a job and live, you can survive.

These cases actually expose a very sharp contradiction in the current labor relationship. On the one hand, women suffer from gender discrimination in the employment market, and on the other hand, the company’s cost pressure on the cost of frequent pregnancy of female employees, both sides feel unfairThe treatment, and you can tell a lot of: HR gender discrimination, female employees who are pregnant when they are employed, and have two years of conceived in two years.

In recent years, various places have launched many welfare policies for women during pregnancy. Last year, Guangdong announced the new female employee’s maternity leave policies. Female employees had maternity leave for nearly half a year, almost pushing such contradictions to intensified.

From the perspective of an enterprise, they cannot obtain any benefits from women’s fertility. The direct beneficiaries are female workers and husbands and wives, indirect beneficiaries are society, rights and obligations respond.Burment, naturally miserable.

From the perspective of women, fertility is the basic right, and it is righteous, because how long you have a uterus, you must bear such a serious discrimination and even unfair.

With the current low fertility rate, this contradiction seems to be increasingly unsolvable.

In fact, companies and most women (the horses of the group are not counted) are victims. The fertility costs that should have been affordable by the whole society, officials, units, and families have always been paid by the company’s family.

Normal enterprises do not allow pregnancy, they are afraid of getting pregnant just as soon as they are, and they are more afraid of running after giving birth. They do not create a little value.

Because of this, more people are unwilling to give birth, because they can’t find a job.24-30 is both a suitable age and a peak period of career development.Choose a family or a career?Without a career, the poor couples are mourning.Children are expensive, and they have lost their careers because of this.So there will be more candidates.

In the final analysis, the gender discrimination of recruitment is the problem of the fertility cost.

When will discrimination discrimination?

The problem of fertility costs cannot be solved, I am afraid that discrimination cannot be rest.

Thinking of a previous female colleague, when she hopped, the interview was actually very successful. At the end of the end, the last question was asked: "You already have a child, do you have a child to have a second child?" The colleague thought to "nonsense", butThe answer is "No."

In the words of HR, if there is no thunderbolt, they will recruit a female employee, get pregnant when they enter the job, and leave the post after giving birth, that is the biggest recruitment error.

Unmarried and unprepared, there is no object, worrying that you will fall in love and get married and have children

Unmarried and unmarried objects are worried that you will get married and have children soon

Unmarried and unburdened, worry that you will have children soon

I am married and have a child, and I am worried that you will have a second child soon

Married to have two babies, worried that you will have a third child soon

I am married and have three babies, and I am worried that you will take your children to work every day

No children are afraid of you to have children, and children are too old and don’t want it.

But for women job seekers, when not married, married, and educated in the interview, they will be challenged by HR and are impolitely asking various marriage and childbirth questions. They often torture souls. Women are not worthy of in the workplaceDo you develop?

Think back that when our parents had a big pot of rice, they basically had jobs, and their income was stable, and there was no gap between the rich and the poor.Women can get married, gave birth, and retire.

Now that social development is getting better and better, women’s employment has become a problem.

On the one hand, the fertility rate is now falling straight.On the other hand, women are discriminated against due to pregnancy, and even the company’s dare to ask women not to be pregnant. Once pregnant, they will leave, which deeply stimulates the nerves of women in the workplace.

The status quo is that fertility is encouraged at the macro level, and women at the micro level are discriminated against in the workplace. This contradiction and conflict have triggered a large number of non -positive emotions.

Rather than saying that these are naked fertility discrimination, it is better to say that some enterprises ignore the law and fertility policies, and even despise.

Behind it is to survive the most realistic issue, the mutual pull and compromise of enterprises and employees are the rights given to the law and the abandonment of fertility policies.

For some young employees, I must first solve my rice bowl problems before they will consider others.

The reason why this provision occurs is because the law of the law is often in Xue Dingzhang’s punishment, and the other is that the cost of employment is large and the cost of paying too much.

In fact, it is a cost issue. All costs require the enterprise to bear it. The vision is good, but the company considers cost.

If you can implement the state’s payment and the enterprise payment can be promoted in time.Another example is to increase the amount of corporate maternity insurance payments, at the same time financial capital injection, and make a major maternity fund pool. Employees during pregnancy are issued from the fertility fund except for basic salary.The expenditure of recruiting employees has also decreased.

There are more fiscal burdens and less enterprises, which can also reduce the fertility of young people. For enterprises, financial bleeding is not enough.

Perhaps the women’s workplace environment will be better solved from the macro level.

Coupled with the extended male accompanying leave, and can be restrained, men and women are staggered, or they have breastfeeding leave as women, and encourage men to bring baby.The main significance of this false existence is to eliminate employment discrimination against women, and so on.

If you simply drive the women home, the post is given to men, but if only one family has one person to make money, encounters real estate in the past few years, training the unemployment tide, the only economic source is gone.The result required.

For ordinary families, the two sources of income are definitely the most stable and most secure.Driving women out of the workplace is to force the family of ordinary people to the bottom line, and the whole family is finished.

It can only be said that I hope that there are similar policies to be introduced earlier. In this way, the employment environment of domestic women will have an immediate improvement. The malicious regulations of the company can disappear.

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