"Parenting Knowledge" for pregnancy test!Super full pregnancy test schedule, detailed check -in items

Dear pregnant mothers, at the moment when they become expectant mothers, are they full of excitement and anxiety?

But the mothers during pregnancy are not easy at all. The biggest task is to ensure the safety of themselves and the baby.

Let’s take a look first, what are the inspections of expectant mothers during pregnancy? Novice mothers remember to collect it ~

The first time 0-5 weeks draw blood

The second time 6 to 8 weeks progesterone B ultrasound

12 weeks of pregnancy nt (see later)

Comprehensive screening of Donci by 16 weeks of pregnancy

The 5th weeks of pregnancy in the fifth pregnancy

The 6th weeks of pregnancy of gestational diabetes screening

The 7th weeks of pregnancy, weight, blood pressure, palace height

The 8th weeks of pregnancy, abdominal circumference, fetal heart

32 weeks of pregnancy, blood routine, urine routine

34 weeks of pregnancy, 34 weeks of liver function, renal function review

36 weeks of pregnancy, weight, blood pressure, palace height

The 12th weeks of pregnancy, abdominal circumference, fetal heart

38 weeks of pregnancy, blood routine, urine routine

The 14th weeks of pregnancy for fetal heart monitoring and ultrasound examination

The 15th weeks of fetal heart monitoring, ultrasound examination of 40 weeks of pregnancy

The first check (0 ~ 5 weeks)

Check items: draw blood (no empty stomach)

Intimate reminder: If menstruation is delayed, you can use the pregnancy test stick/early pregnancy test strip. After all, blood drawing is created.

After menopause (from the first day of the last menstrual period, calculated, it can be confirmed in about 40 days)

Note: Check the progesterone and HCG to confirm whether you are pregnant

The 2nd inspection (6 ~ 8 weeks)

Inspection items: B super check (need to urinate, no empty stomach)

Intimate reminder: This examination is mainly to confirm whether there are fetal heart buds, whether it is intrauterine pregnancy, and the number of fetus. The check data shows that the yolk cylinder can be seen, the fetal buds can be seen, and the original cardiovascular pulsation can be visible to bed!

Note: Even if you do n’t see the fetal heart for the first time, you do n’t need to be nervous, the embryo is bed in the morning and evening, it can be checked again after two weeks

The third examination (before 12 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection items: File file +NT

Intimate reminder:

1. Different provincial and municipal policies

2. With my service center, I was not conducted in a hospital at the time of establishing files and NT. You can choose a community health service center in your jurisdiction (all inspection items, your production hospital is recognized)

And only in the community can we get the mother and child health manual (commonly known as the construction) community upload your information, the hospital can make an appointment for subsequent production inspection items

3. Consult all the policies for all the archives in your jurisdiction as soon as possible. Don’t miss the best NT inspection time!


① need to draw blood (on an empty stomach), so go as soon as possible, otherwise the project will have discomfort !!

② The dad of the file must be accompanied. The doctor will ask the family situation. It is best to bring the hukou book. The marriage certificate is to fill in the location of the household registration

③ The archives need to bring the quasi -student certificate (different requirements in various places), ID card, medical insurance card

NT examination is immediately written below ~

NT examination (before 12 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection items: B Super (no need to urinate, no need to take an empty stomach)

Intimate reminder:

Because the NT examination is the transparent layer of the fetal neck skin, it is timeliness, and it will disappear after more than 13 weeks. It is not obvious in less than 11 weeks. ThereforeBook the time to avoid missing the best time.


If the card and the NT are carried out on the same day, it is necessary to take blood on an empty stomach. Specific mothers can bring some milk and chocolate, and immediately replenish the energy.It’s a long -lasting battle, don’t be tired of yourself ~

The 4th examination (16 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection items: Tang’s syndrome screening, palace high, abdominal circumference, blood routine, urine routine and other conventional examinations

Intimate reminder:

The screening of Tang’s syndrome is to check whether the fetus has chromosomes.Abnormal only as a screening cannot be diagnosed.If the test results are positive, the doctor’s negotiations enter the non -invasive DNA amniotic fluid puncture for further diagnosis.

Note: You need to be empty, and food and water are prohibited after 12 o’clock the night before

The 5th examination (20 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection items: four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, fetal cardiac color Doppler ultrasound

Intimate reminder: You can see your baby’s facial limbs (commonly known as large rows of abnormality) without need to urinate.

The 6th examination (24 weeks of pregnancy)

Examination items: Pregnancy Diabetes Screening (Sugar)

Intimate reminder:

① Need an empty stomach, restrain food and water after 8 pm the previous day

② The sugar resistance needs to be drawn for blood/three times, 1 hour after serving sugar, and 2 hours after serving.

③ During the inspection, you must not eat any water and food, do not drink tea and coffee, and drink sugar water in five cents.

Note: Because you are not allowed to eat and drink water in the process! It is best to accompany your father or family to prevent the mothers from discomfort.

Seventh test (28 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection items: hepatitis B antigen review, urine routine

Intimate reminder: No need to take an empty stomach. If hepatitis B antigen is positive

Disable B vaccine in the need to be vaccinated within 24 hours after birth

Note: If the antibody is positive after production, the expectant mother should also be vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine

The 8th examination (30 weeks of pregnancy)

Inspection items: Check the pre -eclampies

Intimate reminder:

If SMN1 has been done in the early stage, which is the optical gene screening, then this investigation is more secure.


1: It is recommended to do a birth check every 2 weeks after 30 weeks of pregnancy !!:

2: It is mainly fetal heart monitoring and fetal weight monitoring.

3: It is best to accompany each pregnancy test.

4: After 36 weeks of pregnancy (full month), there may be production possibilities every day, so it is recommended to do a birth check for fetal heart monitoring every week, confirm the admission time, and wait for the baby’s birth.

Finally, waiting for the birth of life is a magical and happy thing, expectant mothers, come on ~

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