"Pregnant women sending medical treatment delays abortion" on the Internet announced the preliminary investigation situation in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City

Beijing News According to the official micro -news released by Jiulongpo, on November 12, Lei Mou, a pregnant woman in Shiqiao Shipu Four Seasons Xiangshan Community on the Internet.Medical delay.The Government of the Jiulong Po District Party Committee attaches great importance to the matter, and immediately instructed the District Discipline Inspection Commission and the District Health and Health Commission to conduct investigations. The preliminary investigation situation is notified as follows.

At about 7:20 am on November 12th, because of self -feels, Lei Mou was not in the community, so he called Zhao Moumou, the staff of the Xiangshan Property Office of Four Seasons.The WeChat group of Bridge Shop Yingbin Road Medical treatment guarantee group uploaded Lei Mou’s medical needs information in the WeChat group.

At 7:35, Zhao Moumou issued medical needs information through the WeChat group to request processing.

At 8:01, the Shiqiao Shop Community Health Service Center Fu Mou saw the information in WeChat group, and then contacted Lei Mou to ask his physical condition.Lei Mou described him for 10 weeks of pregnancy, physical discomfort, and need to seek medical treatment.

At 8:24, after the judgment of Fu Mou, he issued the "Maternal Maternal Maternal Referendum Consultation to send a car arrangement form" in the "Shiqiao Passion -welcoming Medical Real Estate Support Group".

At 8:40, Xiao Moumou, a staff member of the old -fashioned community, received a notice from Fu Mou’s "Arrange Vehicle to the Jiulongpo District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine".At that time, the only transshipment car in the community had one cancer patient and two pregnant women made an appointment for medical treatment. The community had no other vehicles.

9:45, Zhao Moumou, a community property staff, and Xiao Moumou, a community staff, began to communicate and arrange vehicles, but they have not implemented.

At 10:48, Lei Mou called Zhang Mou, a staff member of the Shiqiao Panel Social Affairs Office, and said that he had a physical discomfort and needed to go out for medical treatment.Zhang then contacted Xiao Moumou. Xiao Moumou’s feedback transfer vehicle was charging due to power shortage; then Zhang contacted Zhang, the secretary of the old top slope community Ding, and asked him to coordinate the car.At the same time, Hao Mou, the manager of Sixiangshan Property, went to the community to communicate and negotiate with Xiao Moumou. Wang Moumou, the person in charge of the property company, sent Lei Mou to the Jiulongpo District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for medical treatment.During this period, Zhang contacted Lei and asked his vehicle arrangement.

At 10:59, Wang Moumou, the person in charge of the Siji Xiangshan Property Company, used his private car to send Lei Mou and his husband to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiulongpo District, and arrived at the District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at 11:26.

The survey found that the community was dealt with by the residents to seek medical treatment according to the process.However, there is indeed no communication between community staff, property companies and patients themselves in time, inadequate communication, unscrupulous community vehicle protection, insufficient response to community staff, and no urgency of the masses.We have sincerely apologized to the parties and instructed the relevant parties to give the parties appropriate compensation and have been forgiven by the parties.At the same time, the District Discipline Inspection Commission’s investigation of the relevant cadres was investigated, the relevant departments conducted detailed investigations of the property company, and dealt with relevant responsible persons in accordance with the rules and regulations.

It is the last word to control the epidemic, and to serve the masses is a hard task.We will do one of them, unblock the needs of the masses to reflect the channels, improve the service mechanism of the community for medical treatment for special groups, and strive to help the masses solve the actual difficulties in daily life.

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