"Preparation must be seen" ovulation but informal?What kind of ghost is this?

"Doctor, I obviously checked the ovulation, and the ovulation period was also in the same room. Why can’t I be pregnant?" Many female patients who came to the hospital have such troubles, so what is the reason why ovulation during ovulation is ovulation during the ovulation period is not pregnant, but what is the reason why it is impossible to conceive during the ovulation period but can’t conceive when the ovulation period is not pregnant.What about it? Let’s take a look.

Conception is a complex physiological process. It must have normal eggs and normal sperm to ensure that eggs and sperm can meet and combine into fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube.Yufei Eggs.

Any abnormal one in these links may cause women infertility or difficulty in women.In this way, it is not that you can get pregnant in the same room during ovulation.

The basic conditions for women’s conception are:

Women must have mature and normal sperm and eggs;

Women must have smooth reproductive tract;

Women must have a suitable childbirth environment, with normal uterine cavity and normal endometrium, and changes in endometrium.

Female infertility must have a suitable sperm -egg binding time.If the above conception conditions cannot be met, then even if the same room is in the same room during ovulation, it may not be successful.

And there are many reasons for ovulation infertility.

1. Women’s eggs are unhealthy

If women have normal ovulation, they can be discharged on time, and pay attention to the same room during ovulation.Essence

2. Men’s sperm is abnormal

If women’s eggs are healthy, but the man’s sperm is insufficient, or dead sperm, no sperm, etc., will also cause sperm and eggs to be unable to combine normally, causing women to ovulate and inaccurate.

3. There is a problem with ovulation pipes

Due to abnormal fallopian tubes, infertility is one of the most important causes of infertility, the most common clinical.

If women’s fallopian tubes are blocked, water accumulation, adhesion, or fallopian tube malformations, and abnormal peristalsis, these will affect the normal combination of male sperm and female eggs, hinder the normal operation of sperm, affect normal conception, which will cause women to women, which will cause women to women.There is an ovulation without pregnancy.

4. Reproductive organs are deformed

If women suffer from congenital vaginal malformations, vaginal narrowing and other reproductive organs such as congenital abnormal development or acquired reproductive organ lesions, these will cause the normal function of the reproductive tract to be affected, cause the reproductive tract blockage, unobtrusive, and cause men’s sperm cannot be unable to cannotNormal swimming cannot be combined with the eggs normally, causing women to ovulate without pregnancy.

In short, there are many reasons why women have an inaccurate ovulation. If there are normal ovulation, they have been inaccurate, and they cannot always be entangled in a certain cause.Essence

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