"Sports during pregnancy" is safer during pregnancy: swimming, pay attention to these preparations

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The expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy gradually became heavy, and some of the exercises that I often did before have begun to be unhappy.In this lesson, I will share with you a particularly suitable exercise in the middle of pregnancy: swimming.But pay attention to it, it is not recommended to start learning swimming during pregnancy before pregnancy.

There are many benefits of swimming. Although swimming throughout pregnancy, it is generally recommended to be carried out in the second trimester.

When swimming, the large muscle group that can exercise to the limbs. The buoyancy of water can reduce the burden of weight and pressure on the spine, reduce the risk of low back pain and back pain, and ensure that the exercise time of about 30 minutes will not be too difficult.

In addition, the relaxation secreted during pregnancy will relax the ligament of the expectant mothers, the joint stability of the joints, and the movement of swimming than jogging and mountain climbing can reduce the pressure on the joints and prevent exercise damage.

Swimming can also prevent the body from overheating during exercise and reduce the swelling of the arms and legs.

Although there are so many benefits to swimming during pregnancy, if you do n’t swim, it is not recommended that you learn from scratch during pregnancy.You can walk in the shallow water area when the protection measures are in place, or stretch with the buoyancy of water.

The swimming pool should choose comfortable, safe, and water temperature.The first is that the environment should be comfortable.It is recommended that you prefer a comfortable indoor swimming pool. Some modern indoor swimming pools are disinfected with ozone with ozone, which will not have a smell that makes you uncomfortable.If the weather is good, you can also choose outdoor swimming pools, and the air is more circulating.Avoid swimming in unknown waters, such as lakes, in the sea, because bacteria in the water may cause disease.

Secondly, it depends on whether there is security: Please choose a place where professional lifeguards are present, so that in the event of accidents, you can also get timely and correct rescue.

Finally, the water temperature is moderate: 29 ~ 35 "C’s water temperature is relatively suitable. This should also be a temperature that feels more comfortable in your body. Too low water temperature can easily cause uterine contraction.It’s easy to shrink.

Choose the venue to go swimming.Even if you are a swimmer, you must pay attention to safety during the period of pregnancy. I summarized 5 precautions:

First of all, warm up before launching, wear non -slip shoes, warm -up usually takes 5-10 minutes.After warm -up, you can walk in the shallow water area first, do not dive directly into the pool.

Second, choose the right swimming posture.In the second trimester, there is no restricted swimming posture, but it is recommended to preventstrooping in the second trimester to avoid backstroke.Of course, you can also choose your favorite and secure posture.Oxygen supply is important for babies, so it is best not to dive and hold your breath when swimming.

The third point, timely replenishment.You can drink 250ml of water before swimming, drink a cup for 20 minutes per exercise, and drink another cup after the swimming pool.Especially in hot or humid weather, more water needs to be supplemented.

The fourth point is not too fast, if the exercise strength is too high, it will make you very tired.If you have conditions, you can wear a waterproof and calculate a bracelet that can calculate the heart rate. The heart rate is 120 to 130 is a medium intensity. If it exceeds 140, it can be slightly slower.

In the last point, after swimming, you must dry your body in time and rinse and change clothes in time to avoid vaginal bacterial infections.

Any situation in the entire swimming process: dyspnea, chest pain, dizziness, or weakness; vaginal hemorrhage, painful uterine contraction; amniotic fluid leak, please stop exercising immediately and seek medical treatment in time.

Throughout pregnancy, the principles of exercise are step by step and force.Listen to your physical feelings, not force, be radical, and enjoy the relaxation of swimming to bring your body and mind.

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