"The neighbor’s house is all smoke!" A resident of Hangzhou reported the police urgently, the police risked the window and entered.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

"I am a purple -cinnamon apartment. Some people have smoked, and many smokes are afraid of getting angry!" The time to receive this alarm was at 8 pm on October 19, 2021.The police station quickly told the police Xu Shaobo to lead the team members to the police. They rushed to the scene in just 4 minutes.

After on -site survey, the door of the smoking house was closed and no one answered. The homeowner Mr. Wang’s mobile phone was always shut down.

In a hurry, the policeman Xu Shaobo knocked on the door of the neighbor next door. After checking the situation through the adjacent room, he found that the smoke people had a dense smoke in the room.The situation is urgent, and the fire source needs to be cut off the first time.After observing the peripheral environment, the police team of the police station decided to turn the window into the house.

The team member He Yanfeng volunteered: "I have the lightest weight and often exercise often, let me."

He Yanfeng stepped on the windows on the window sill on the third floor, picked up the aluminum alloy window frame with his hands, and carefully climbed from the balcony into the smoke house.

The thick smoke rolled and the sight was blurred. The police officer immediately opened the doors and windows, ventilating and dispeling the smoke.

They quickly found the fire source in the kitchen. It turned out that a pot was still burnt on the stove, and the dishes inside had been dried long ago.

See, how thrilling!

Police officers closed the gas stove and opened the kitchen window to ventilate. Firefighters launched fire safety inspections in the room for the first time.At this moment, the policemen Xu Shaobo found the homeowner who was sleeping in the bedroom, and he was actually at home!

The police immediately woke the homeowner.

"What, is my family smoking?" Mr. Wang, who had just woke up, was still a little bit embarrassed. He scratched his head and watched the police and firefighters who fell from the sky and the full armed.Reality.

It turned out that Mr. Wang, 34, usually lived alone. He burned vegetables in the kitchen that night. When he was waiting for the room to play games, he forgot when he played and played. When he was tired, he fell asleep in bed.

If it wasn’t for the police to call the police, the police at the police station arrived in time without causing fires, otherwise, it would definitely cause a big disaster.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News reporter Chen Lei Correspondent Jin Jianan

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