"The Secret of Fertility" affects pregnancy?The truth is …

When preparing for pregnancy, the husband and wife worked hard for a while but still did not see any effect."Then searching for this on the Internet is normal, and even some online messages say that there is difficulty in the relics of the uterus. Isn’t that it is yourself?"How much does it affect the front and rear positions of the uterus on the end of the uterus?

Today, the experts of the Reproductive Medicine Center of Xi’an People’s Hospital (Xi’an Fourth Hospital) have an analysis of the impact of the front and rear of the uterus on pregnancy with everyone?

The front uterus: It means that the cervix is directed to the back dome. It has a low position in the body. Therefore, after sexual life, semen is easy to concentrate there, and the cervix is soaked by semen, which is conducive to the sperm through the cervical mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth of the cervix and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth of the cervix and mouth and mouth and mouth of the cervix and mouth and mouth of the cervix and mouth and mouth of the cervix and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth and mouth of the cervix and mouth and mouth of the cervical mouth andThe egg encountered and conceived.Therefore, there are many opportunities to conceive in the front uterus.

Poor uterus: There are two types of uterine pouring and uterine pouring.The vertical axis of the uterus remains unchanged. The pouring of the entire uterus to the rear of the vagina is called "uterine backward". A sharp corner of the uterus is inverted and communicated with the junction of the cervix.The former is more common. Generally, the posture of the uterus generally does not affect sexual life, but the posture of the uterine may affect pregnancy.

There are two types of uterine positions: anterior uterine position and the rear position of the uterine. It is generally believed that the front position of the uterus is a normal position.So, is a woman a good position in the uterus or the back position?

Experts point out that although the front position of the uterus easily leads to the front placenta, it is relatively a normal position as a normal position as a normal position.The front position of the uterus is actually a normal uterine position, and most women are the front position of the uterus.

Severe patient patients can also cause symptoms such as excessive leucorrhea, small abdominal pain, backache back pain, pelvic congestion, more menstrual discharge of menstrual blood, and anal swelling. Some women even have pain or discomfort in intercourse.

The front position of the uterus does not have any impact on women.But pay attention to the post -uterine position:

1. Actively correct the uterine leaning.Persist in lying on the side, lying back, kneeling 2-3 times every day, and half an hour each time, so that the uterus has a chance to lean forward.You should also lie down once a day during menstruation. At this time, the uterus is slightly softer, which will help help forward.If the posture of the uterus is more serious, you should often be a knee and chest lying on the knees, that is, when the knees are vertically vertically, the waist must collapse down, not to bow up, about 15 minutes each time.

2. During the sexual intercourse of the same room, the woman’s hip cushion with a proper thickness cushion or small pillow can raise the hips, let the ejaculated semen concentrated on the vaginal dome, and continue to raise the hip in bed for 20-30 minutes. At the same time, after ejaculationThe woman does not understand the urination within half an hour, so as to avoid the outflow of the semen, and let the cervix mouth fully contact with the semen, thereby increasing the probability of sperm to enter the uterine cavity.

3. In the same room, the men’s posterior woman knees kneeling and lying on sexual intercourse, and it is also conducive to the semen that emit into the vagina to store it at the dome.

Pay attention to physical exercise, especially to enhance the tension of the ligament and pelvic floor muscles in the pelvic cavity by exercise, try not to relax it.At the same time, it should also develop a good habit of rowing urination, not to over filling the bladder, and not often increased abdominal pressure due to habitual constipation.Avoid chronic bronchitis, leading to a pilot when coughing. It is best to take a side lying position during sleep to avoid the uterine from falling back to the back due to gravity reasons.

Please refer to the above content, and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment.What confusion do you have during pregnancy or you must come to the hospital to consult a professional doctor in time!


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