"The stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy is normal. Go to the hospital to toss and waste money."

Women’s pregnancy can be described as a big deal. Not only will the pregnant mother’s body uncomfortable, but also about the health of the baby’s baby.Once pregnant mothers have physical discomfort, they will worry about all kinds of worries, and then they are anxious to go to the hospital for examination.However, some people think that there is no need to go to the hospital when there is something wrong, and often this mentality will make a mistake!

Xiaoyu is a pregnant mother who is pregnant with a second child. It is good to say that it is good for others. It is said that the unpleasant point is that the personality is cowardly and never dare to red face with her mother -in -law.But her mother -in -law is exactly the kind of strong and powerful person. Since Xiaoyu married their house, she has never dared to disobey her mother -in -law and swallow it all day long.

Not long ago, Xiaoyu ’s holiday was postponed. She bought a test paper test. The result showed two bars. The happiness Xiaoyu told her mother -in -law and said that she went to the hospital for a few days to check and confirm it.My mother -in -law said, "No need to check, the two bars are pregnancy. Going to the hospital for examination is a waste. If you have the money, you might as well buy some delicious food!" Xiao Yu felt that it was not unreasonable, so he reluctantly raised his fetus at home.In three months, I went to the hospital to check the card by the way.

But before three months, one morning, Xiaoyu woke up from her sleep, and the Xiaoyu in the confused felt a burst of pain in her stomach.This is not the first time. In recent days, Xiaoyu often feels painful, but it will be fine in a while.At that time, she told her mother -in -law that her mother -in -law said that it was normal, but it didn’t hurt later, and Xiao Yu didn’t take it seriously.But this time this time is different. After a long time, the stomach is still very painful. Xiaoyu in the pain shouted her mother -in -law and planned to go to the hospital to check it.Blindly tossing, waste money! When you see if you have a tire, you like to go to the hospital for examination. As a result, isn’t the child good? "

After being rejected by her mother -in -law, Xiaoyu lay on the bed for a while, hoping that the pain could be relieved. However, after a while, Xiaoyu felt that there was a hot thing below flowing out. If you look closely, it is bleeding!Seeing the bleeding, her mother -in -law became nervous, and she quickly asked someone to take Xiaoyu to the hospital.But when I arrived at the hospital, everything was too late, and the light rain was aborted!And the doctor checked that Xiaoyu was not a normal pregnancy, but an ectopic pregnancy!Fortunately, after emergency rescue, Xiaoyu saved his life.

I would like to remind you of pregnant mothers that you can generally be determined that it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy in about 50 days of pregnancy. At this time, it is necessary to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound and blood drawing.It will cause abortion, infertility, fallopian tube rupture, etc., and even life -threatening, which is harmful to women’s physical and mental health.Therefore, it is still necessary for pregnant mothers to do inspections to determine whether it is an in -palace pregnancy. At the same time, once the body is uncomfortable, go to the hospital to ask the hospital for examination in time.

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