"Yu Jian Execution" trial method, fake pregnancy escapes execution

The obligation determined by the effective referee is the legal obligation that citizens should do. There are even people who try to drill the law "empty"?On June 8th, a lady faked the execution of the execution of the executive judge on the spot at the Executive Bureau of the People’s Court of Gongyi City.


Basic case

In April 2016, Ms. Mei needed to borrow 300,000 yuan from Baalou due to the project. Zhang and Xu jointly guaranteed Ms. Mei and issued the loan procedures.After the loan expires, Bama has repeatedly urged, but Ms. Mei kept pushing off.After trial, the court judged that Ms. Mei returned the principal and interest of the borrowing.After Ms. Zhang paid more than 390,000 yuan to Bay, Ms. Zhang chased Ms. Mei Ms. Mei, and applied for forced execution to her in April 2023.



On the morning of June 8th, Li Yuyang, executive judge of the Gongyi Court, led a team to the urban area of Puyang to find Ms. Mei Ms. Mei and brought her back to the Executive Bureau.After on -site interpretation, Ms. Mei still had no intention of performing, and argued with the executive policeman many times, and claimed that she had been pregnant for more than one month. The court could not limit her personal freedom.So the team police officer purchased the pregnancy test stick for Ms. Mei for testing.After Ms. Mei used improper means to make one of the pregnancy tests showing a pregnancy illusion, the team police officer took Ms. Mei to the nearby hospital for review, but at this time, the results of various inspections showed that Ms. Mei was not pregnant.

With complete evidence, Ms. Mei has been unable to escape the execution through "fake pregnancy".Considering that Ms. Mei had been hiding for a long time to escape the enforcement and unwilling to repay, the executive police decided to make a 15 -day punishment for her judicial detention, and sent it to the detention center at 11 pm that day.

Judge said: It is because of humanitarian considerations to exclude pregnant women from performing objects such as judicial detention, but it should not be a means of evading execution by the executed person.Any behavior in an attempt to evade execution is futile, and any behavior that avoids, obstacles, or resist execution will be severely sanctioned by the law.Don’t be lucky to try the way.

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