10 days of abortion in the fetus, adjust your mood, start again, come on, come on

Today is December 13, 2019, and the tenth day I was discharged from the hospital. I was still difficult to calm down …

This is the first article I posted in the headline. I have been thinking about the first headline for the first time.The journey of mind!

I still remember those few days!The first one was on October 12, 2019, and the aunt who should have come back to the National Day on the National Day. It was a long time. I suddenly wanted to take out the pregnancy test stick and found that I was pregnant in surprise.Check it, it is indeed pregnant, but the doctor said that the life is short, the progesterone is still low, and you can’t do the color Doppler ultrasound. After a week later, I will check it.Earth alcohol tablets, reviewed after a week, blood drawing on the 25th, HCG doubled well, progesterone dropped to 8, and started injection again, so that two weeks later, the color Doppler ultrasound was reviewed, but after a week, my stomach was uncomfortable.The color Doppler ultrasound confirmed in the palace pregnancy, but the doctor said that the development was a bit slow, and the wait for the wait … One week was another week. Until eight weeks, the doctor told me that the fetal sac had not been long, and there was no fetal heart.I still refused to believe that I checked a lot of information and watched a lot of videos. I always felt that there was still a hint of hope. My husband and mother -in -law have always been afraid of time affecting the body, but I want to wait until ten or even twelve weeks.After this pregnancy, I don’t want to lose him … Finally, on November 28th, the color Doppler ultrasound still has no fetal heart, the pregnancy sac has become smaller, the HCG has also dropped, the progesterone has been low to 4, and it has begun to bleed.Symptoms of aura abortions … I think, maybe it is time to make a decision … On the 28th, a relevant examination, coagulation, vaginal secretion examination, electrocardiogram, the hospitalization procedures on the 29th, because the fetus stopped, the pregnancy sac is not not the sac, the pregnancy is not the no sac, the pregnancy is not not the sac, the pregnancy is not not the sac.Large, the drug flow, afraid of major bleeding, it is recommended to be hospitalized!After noon dinner, I started taking Mifi. After two days of medicine, accompanied by the pain of the shrinkage of the uterus for a while, at 4 am on the 1st, I started to get a big blood clot. I went to the doctor.Come again … that is, I have n’t experienced it, I have been staying until six:30, and I ca n’t help it. A lot of bleeding has caused me to dizzy and my legs … The doctor finally appeared, and the blood clot was blocked.The cervix has caused bleeding … The Misso, who had been eaten after breakfast, also became immediately eaten, lost blood loss, could not eat meals, I could only beat glucose, now I only remember that every minute that morning was suffering … ThenPain, the feeling of syncope, lasted for four hours, finally stopped pain at about eleven o’clock, and completely ended this pregnancy … I have restored the order without the time for me to think.The body … the color Doppler ultrasound result is normal. The doctor said, without the need to clear the palace, you can be discharged the next day, two weeks later … Until now, I still feel like I am dreaming, doing a beautiful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, painful, and painful, painful, and painful, painful, painful and painful.Dreams, bred life are beautiful, and abortion of fetal stopping is painful. In the face of the loss, he is painful.I also want to witness my next happiness through the headline. I hope I will usher in my healthy baby as soon as possible, come on

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