10 pregnant mothers and 8 pregnancy vomiting, teach you 3 moves to relieve pregnancy, but if these 6 points appear, you need to go to the hospital immediately

A mother said: Since knowing that she is pregnant, she has begun to think about supplementing her child.But I didn’t want to buy a bunch of ingredients. When I just wanted to cook, I smelled the smell of oil and started running into the toilet. I dare not step into the kitchen for three months.

The other mother said: I did n’t think of it until almost two months after my pregnancy. It seemed that I had n’t come here this month before I bought a pregnancy test stick to test the urine to find that I was pregnant.

After that, because I had no symptoms, I often forgot that I was pregnant. I didn’t feel that I was really pregnant until I slowly grew my stomach when I was more than four months old.

Both mothers are pregnant, but their reactions are completely different. In fact, about 70%or even 80%of pregnant women will have pregnancy.

These mothers are like:

I can still brush my phone in the morning. Now as long as I get up in the morning, I rush to the toilet, especially if there is a smell of fuel fume when my neighbor’s home has breakfast in the morning.Do not feel too bad.

Because most mothers will have pregnancy, many of these four problems are concerned:

Generally disappeared after 13 weeks

Moms don’t have to worry too much. Most mothers in the early pregnancy will feel sick and want to vomit in about 45 days.The sun is particularly warm, his husband is particularly handsome, and his room is particularly comfortable because he doesn’t want to vomit.

I usually take a bite of breakfast and find that I can finish eating in one breath, and I want to add a bowl.

Because the baby’s early pregnancy, the less stable stage of the pregnancy must also grow up, and the mothers need to eat more things.

Of course, there are also a few parts. It is about 1%of mothers very unfortunate. Vomiting may be accompanied by the entire pregnancy. These mothers should pay more attention to go to the hospital for examination.

"Morning vomiting" just means that most mothers are more likely to cause vomiting because they are not comfortable when they get up in the morning.Those oil fume taste may immediately cause vomiting of pregnant mothers.

Moms may smell some dislikes, or when they are too tired, they will easily vomit.

Vomiting does not hurt the child. The opposite will protect the child. Vomiting is a common symptom that occurs when the hormone level is rising to stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines, and hormones are protected by the baby to make the baby better in bed.

The baby in the early pregnancy is very small and small, and there is no power to fight for the outside poison, and the food will have certain toxins, so vomiting is to spit out these toxic foods to the baby to protect the baby.

Because the baby is still very small, there is basically no need to worry about the baby’s malnutrition. Many mothers in the early pregnancy not only did not gain weight, but also lost a few pounds.You don’t have to worry about these meats in the middle and late pregnancy.

1. Psychologically

Knowing vomiting is a normal physiological response in the early pregnancy. It is not so anxious inside, and even vomiting can make the mother clearly know that the baby is very safe in the stomach and no problem.It also shows that the baby is very smart, so I know that the mother’s stomach spit out what he doesn’t like.

Accepting such vomiting in the heart can naturally coexist with nausea and vomiting from time to time.

2. Food

Give the kitchen to the others at home during pregnancy, because the smell of oil fume is a major culprit that causes vomiting.

You can record the daily food. Some foods vomit when you eat it yourself. Do n’t eat it during this time. Some foods feel very comfortable when you eat it yourself, so you can eat it frequently.

Generally speaking, these types of foods can be more acceptable to the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant mothers.

1. Stimulated ginger

Moms who like vomiting can prepare more ginger in their pockets, smell it, and wipe the ginger on their lips.Or eat a piece of ginger, and marinate ginger into a dish.It has a relief effect on vomiting during pregnancy.

2. Sour -flavored lemon

You can do lemon honey water. It is also very practical for pregnant women who always feel dry mouth, which can make the skin more moisture.

You can also put the lemon in sugar -free cola. The bubbles in the cola can stimulate the fans to remove the nerves and prevent vomiting.This is also an artifact for many foreign obstetrics and gynecologists that it is recommended to prevent pregnancy in the early pregnancy.It’s just a pity that there are few sugar -free cola in China.

And the general cola sugar is high and can not drink too much.

You can also use the effect of lemon carbonated mineral water.

3. Fruit with high water

Compared with apples, pears, and apples, the fruit acid can relieve the symptoms of discomfort.High moisture pears can also increase some moisture lost due to vomiting.

Grapes, little tomatoes are also good choices.There is also a mother who lives in the early pregnancy.

Of course, it is not recommended to only eat fruit. It is not mentioned that the nutritional imbalance is not mentioned first, and it can easily lead to excessive blood sugar.

4. Some rhizomes of vegetables

Carrots can try raw or fried.Celery is also a good choice.

5. Carbonated drinks or soda biscuits

It is best to have sugar -free carbonated beverages. I know a mother every day to drink a bottle of sugar -free carbonated drinks. It is not a drink at a time, but she is carried with her. She wants to take a bite when she wants to vomit.

The same is true for soda biscuits. Some mothers reflect the acid in the stomach when they vomit, and eating soda biscuits can also alleviate.

6. Food of high carbohydrates

Baking potatoes, potatoes are also good for staple foods.Or oatmeal, coarse bread.These coarse foods can not only be full of stomachs, but the vitamin B6 inside can also reduce pregnancy.

7. Other food

Yogurt, or raspberry leaf tea, salty sunflower seeds.You can also make kimchi yourself. Many mothers have white porridge kimchi every day in early pregnancy.

Of course, the above foods are not suitable for every mother. Moms can choose to eat food that feel comfortable.

Third, daily life

I often go to some forests with fresh air and over ions, and walk for the park.

Wear some loose and comfortable cotton clothes to reduce compression of the stomach.

You can try to eat less meals and eat the food you want to eat. When you are a queen during pregnancy, you can go to your husband to go out in the middle of the night.

It is best to drive by yourself if you take a car.

We also know that pregnancy vomiting is normal, and there are various methods to reduce pregnancy, but there are still very few mothers who are about 1%of mothers will vomit very much during pregnancy.Stop vomiting, then go to the hospital and test the urine, but there is no hunger ketone disease

Hunger ketone: For a long time, vomiting is often vomited, and hunger causes serious insufficient energy intake. The human body mobilizes fat and protein hydrolysis in the body to provide energy, increase the acetone material in metabolites, and appear related symptoms similar to diabetes.

If this happens, it is extremely unfavorable for the health of the healthy fetus during pregnancy.It is recommended to go to the hospital for liquid replenishment treatment.

How to judge whether this vomiting is serious, do you want to go to the hospital?

1. Vomiting is becoming more and more serious, which makes you feel very uncomfortable and does not show signs of reducing.

2. The number of urinations becomes less, and it is relatively yellow and small.

3. Feeling skin, mouth, and eyes are dry.

4. The body feels getting more and more tired

5. Consciousness is getting more and more blurred

6. There is no way to eat or drink water for more than 24 hours

If you are a mother who is vomiting in the early pregnancy, congratulations, congratulations, your child is constantly telling you that if you are pregnant, everything should be careful.

It is also very effective to reduce pregnancy vomiting according to the above three aspects.

However, if vomiting is serious, even one of the above six cases should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

I wish mothers a good pregnancy.

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