11 years, I finally found you

The "Mother of the Spring Festival" who moved China 11 years ago was found!

This is a 11 -year search.

On January 30, 2010, the first day of the country entered the Spring Festival.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Ke took such a photo at the Square of Nanchang Railway Station:

A young mother bent her body with a huge bag on her back, and the backpack in her hand looked at the floor, but the baby in the right arm was clean and warm.The young mother who looked up was rosy, and a pair of big eyes was firm and powerful.

On January 30, 2010, Bamu Yumu was carrying a large bag and hugging his child in a hurry at Nanchang Railway Station.Photograph of Zhouke

It was that day, the photo called "Child, Mom takes you home" was edited by the editor of the Xinhua News Agency’s Ministry of Photography, and it was edited by the editor of the Xinhua News Agency. In the large number of photos of the Spring Festival, it was directly selected by hundreds of websites and newspapers.

In 2011, the photo won the annual China News Photography Gold Award and the 21st China News Award.

"A shocking but thought -provoking photo!"

"Life is carried on the shoulder, and the hope is hope."

"After being a mother, I can’t see such pictures, and I can’t help crying when I look at it."


In the past 11 years, this photo has been circulating on the Internet and social platforms, and has been cited and reposted by major media, and has become a "Spring Festival expression."Whenever the Spring Festival, people always think of this Chinese mother; every time Mother’s Day, netizens will post this photo to praise mother’s love.

Over the past 11 years, many inquiries and feedback have made reporters began to regret that "the contact information of the mother did not leave the mother."In the relevant information that many netizens and followers, Zhou Ke also started a long search.

As the information was put together a little bit, and the photos were compared one by one. Not long ago, the mother became more and more clear: the mother of Bumi Jade, 32 years old, Yi people.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, in Taoyuan Village, Westwan Township, Yuexi County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, sitting around the fire pond, accompanied by the beating flame, Zhou Ke finally ended his search.Mother met.

The rural highway to Baguyu Bumu on January 20.Photograph of Zhouke

"A strange encounter at a noisy station, reunited thousands of miles away, and found a stranger who had no words for 11 years." Zhou Ke said with emotion that these years have taken more people through the camera through the cameraThe unfamiliar city, however, the stranger who had appeared in his own lens became 11 years of concern.

"Live in a house without leakage

It’s my childhood dream "

When she saw Bamu Jade Bumu, she laughed brightly and could not see the vicissitudes of years.As in the photo 11 years ago, she rises her hair and walks on her back. In addition to being thinner, she is still those bright eyes, which is bright.

On January 22, Bamu Yumu was interviewed.Photograph of Zhouke

Behind her is a newly built house, a reinforced cement structure, and a strong sheet doors and windows."I lived in a house where heavy rain couldn’t get in and could not blow in in the cold wind. I dreamed of dreaming when I was a kid." Bagu Jade Bumu, who had lived in the adobe house for 30 years, was in the mountainside of childhood.At the foot of the mountain, the elevation is changed, and the adobe house is unchanged.

Living in a new house, Bamu jade cloth occasionally has a nightmare: fearing that the children are frozen, and they are worried that the house will fall.

Once, every rainy season, the rain outside the house was light rain in the adobe house of Bumi jade.The rain is not tightened on the ground, but they often drip on the bed to wet the quilt, and the family can’t sleep.Put the washbasin on the bed to rain, one is not enough, plus the other, the wooden barrel is not good yet …

Bamu Yumumu recalled that at that time, there was no power at home. In the dark night, the couple touched the room in the house, and found the leakage point to connect the rain.Throughout the night, I was hugging the sleeping children like this.

On January 20th, the above picture is the old daughter Wulabumu introduced the room she has lived; the picture below is her organic in her new room.Photograph of Zhouke

Day after day, year after year, the tiles on the roof did not know how many times have been turned over, and how many times the sleeping night in the rain was.

In front of the old house that was not demolished, the reporter pushed the door of the houses made of wooden boards, a humble wooden bed, and made up the bedding.Roll out a few black Yi Charwa (wearing shirts) from the cabinet. Bamu Yubu said, "These clothes are worn during the day, and the quilt at night." She said that she occasionally went to collect clothes in the town, 2 yuan for 2 yuan.One, there are 5 yuan a dollar, but the family rarely buys, "More people pick it up when others wear old."

Bagu Yumu, who was shot on January 22.Photograph of Zhouke

Ten years ago, Taoyuan Village, one of the deep poverty -stricken areas of the "Three Districts, Three States" nationwide, was not a family in the Bimu Jade Bumu.

Looking at the door of her house, around the village, a mountain beam and first -class terraces were clearly visible, and the leaves on the mountains were yellow.In the distance, Dashi Mountains towering into the clouds, could not see the outside world at all.

On January 22, the picture above is the village where Bagu Jade Bumu lived in childhood; the picture below is the Taoyuan Village she lives now.Photo by Li Sijia

"If you do n’t go out to work, you can eat a few acres of land, even if you can eat it." Liu Jian, the first secretary of Taoyuan Village, said, "The land in the village is barren, and many of them are hung on the mountainside.A grain of food. If you encounter floods and droughts, one year’s harvest is gone. "

The Bumi Jade Bumu family has 6 acres of dry land. The ancestors have always been based on planting corn, buckwheat and potatoes. Each year’s harvest barely maintains the family filling the stomach.If you want to eat rice, you have to buy it in a collection town, but there is no money at home.In 2007, the eldest daughter was born, and Bagu Jade Bumu occasionally use the saved change to buy a few pounds of rice, mix with corn flour, and "add meals" to her daughter.

In 2009, the second daughter was born. Wanting to be fed, Bamu Yumu felt that she saw her repeated childhood. She was afraid that the children would never go out of this mountain like herself.

In this way, Kamu Yumu made a bold decision: go out to work!

"I can earn five or six hundred dollars a month to work

"Stronger than planting land" "

On January 30, 2010, the reporter’s young mother who took a big bag and hurriedly drove the baby at the Nanchang Railway Station was Bamu Jade Bumu.She said that it was a scene that she ended her 5 months of work in Nanchang and rushed back to the hometown of Daliangshan.

She remembered very clearly that in the early morning, she carried a large bag herself, took her daughter to the Nanchang Railway Station from the residence, and took the train to Chengdu for two days and one night.In Chengdu, she spent 15 yuan to rest in a small hotel for one night, and took a 14 -hour train to Yuexi County. It was late at night to return to the house of Daliangshan from the county seat.On this trip, Bamu Jade Timing spent three days and two nights.

Nowadays, it takes only 8 hours to take the high -speed rail from Nanchang to Chengdu, and it can reach more than 6 hours from Chengdu to Vietnam.

On January 22, Bamu Yumu and the children were at the doorstep of the house.Photograph of Zhouke

When the reporter opened the shocking "Spring Festival expression" photo, Bamu Jade Bumu was surprised and emotional.She told reporters that she was filled with quilts and clothing in her backpack. In the shoulders of her hand, she had instant noodles, breads, and urine.She said that at that time, there were too many things she memorized, and it also attracted a lot of good people to come forward to help.

More than 10 years have passed, and China’s great progress can actually be seen from the changes in passenger luggage back sac.Now at the station pier, it is difficult to take "classic shots" like Bamuyu Bumu Manhebu.

In the memory of Bamu Yumu, it was her first out of Daliangshan. The first job was to move bricks in a brick factory in Nanchang.

"The brick factory can earn five or six hundred dollars a month, not much, but it is stronger than planting land at home." Said Bamu Yubu said that when she went to work during the day, she carried her daughter to carry stone bricks together.When her daughter fell asleep on her shoulders, she put her aside and looked at her while working.

Bamu Yumu has never read a day of books, let alone talk about the call, and even the train tickets are bought on behalf of the villagers.The signboards under the neon light, the logo on the roadside, etc., everything around her turned a blind eye to her.In the brick factory, her scope of activities is very small. Except for work, bringing children and sleeping, brick factories are all her.

Bamu Yumu told reporters that his childhood spent on the mountains.Although there are schools under the mountain, the mountains are steep, and the road to the mountain will take two hours.Like local girls do not have the custom of going to school, Bamu Yumu has never entered the school.

On January 22, Bamu Yumu and the children walked in the town.Photograph of Zhouke

Most of my childhood time, let go of cattle, take care of younger siblings, sunrise and sunset, constant every day.For Bamu Yumu, the happiest thing every day is to wait for the parents to return.No matter how old, she joined it and learned to plant land.

When I first arrived in Nanchang, I moved bricks while practicing Mandarin while moving bricks, trying to integrate into a strange society.

Earlier, she had never seen milk powder and urine.The outside world is always very fresh for Bamu Yumu.

While working in the brick factory, the most headache for Bamu Jade Bumu was that the second daughter was often sick.When she encountered this in her hometown, she would take her children to the town to see a doctor.But she didn’t know how the hospital went, the only thing she could do was go home.

"That photo was when I brought the second daughter home." Said Bamu Jade Bumu.

Unfortunately, the second daughter died of illness less than half a year after returning home.Since then, she has never went out to work again.In 2011, her third child died 10 days after birth.

"At that time, there was only one mud road in Taoyuan Village to the outside world. Traveling by a carriage, medical conditions were very backward. Many pregnant women were produced at home. Children were difficult to treat them in time." Said Bamu Yubu.

The rural highway to Baguyu Bumu’s home on January 22.Photo by Li Sijia

"No matter how difficult life is

We all have to move forward bravely "

Just as Bamu Yumu and her husband intended to go out to work again, the "precision poverty alleviation" mentioned by the village cadres repeatedly brought the couple to see hope.

At first, Bamu Jade Bumu didn’t understand what precise poverty alleviation was.But she saw that there were many tobacco leaf greenhouses on the land of Taoyuan Village, and many villagers were busy.

From a few acres of land, to the large area, Taoyuan Village has changed the habit of previous years, and began to plant economic crops such as tobacco leaves and fruit trees.

As soon as Bamu Yumu asked, one acre of tobacco leaves can earn thousands of dollars, which is not worse than working outside.So she and her husband changed all 6 acres of land at home.

In the first year, due to poor technology and lack of experience, the couple only earned 56,000 yuan, but they saw the hope of increasing income.In the second year, poverty alleviation cadres came to find out and sent a poverty -stricken household to help the contact card.

On January 22, Bamu Jade Bumu organized poverty alleviation materials at home.Photograph of Zhouke

Subsequently, from the county -level contact leaders to the agricultural technicians stationed in the village, and to the specific assistance of the responsible person, everyone set up a poverty alleviation platform for Bamu Jade Bumu.Assist the cadre Liu Yong, run away from Sanshukuka, go to the house of Bumu Jade Bumu, send the tobacco leaf seedlings to the field, coordinate technicians to guide …

Through learning, the output of tobacco leaves grown in the Bumi jade buttu couple increased, and the annual income increased from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the planting area also increased from the original 6 acres to 15 acres.

At the same time, Bamu Jade Bumu also went to the mountainside to find a wasteland, and set up a trial land in the stone seam.She happily saw that the tobacco leaves came out from the stone pile of the half -mountainside.

In 2020, the annual income of Bamu Jade Bumu reached 100,000 yuan, of which the salary income was 30,000 yuan and the family production and operating income was 70,000 yuan, which successfully achieved poverty alleviation.

On January 22, Bamu Yumu and the children walked on the cement road built in the village.Photograph of Zhouke

As the target of poverty alleviation, Bamu Jade Bumu received a subsidy of 40,000 yuan in national house construction in 2018. She raised 70,000 yuan to build a new house with a reinforced concrete structure next to the homestead.The three -bedroom and one -living house was brushed out, clean and bright, and also pasted the floor tiles, rice cookers, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances.According to the Yi customs, the new home was completed, and friends and relatives were invited to come to the house as a guest.

According to national policies, Bamu Jade Bumu also enjoyed funding and education.Since 2013, she has given birth to three children, all of which have been born in the county hospital for free.At present, the eldest daughter Wudu Mi is on the first grade of the Queen Xueyi, and the son of the first grade of primary school, and the son Witch Phuket is in kindergarten.

On January 22, the eldest daughter, Wugu Labu (left), the second queen Xueyi (middle), and the son Wuxi Buji in the school.Photograph of Zhouke

Several children are very sensible, especially the Queen Queen Xueyi, with excellent grades, and became the squad leader.Whenever the villagers praise their daughters, Bamu Jade Bumu always grin.

The reporter learned that as a junior high school in northern Vietnam County, the number of students from Xinmin Middle School has increased from 873 in 2015 to 2425, of which the proportion of female students has increased from 15%to 51%.Under the support of the country, the school not only built several new teaching buildings, but also construction was under construction.

On January 22, the picture above is the Yuexi County Xinmin Middle School, which is studying in Wuxi Labumu; below is the football field where the school is under construction.Photo by Li Sijia

In 2018, Taoyuan Village built rural roads. The electricity, communication, and water were all connected. The small bridge that was often destroyed by the village entrance was also repaired.It was basically solved by problems such as difficulty in school, difficulty in seeing a doctor, and difficulty in communication.

Walking on the wide and flat cement road, the children of the children of Taoyuan Village have shortened to ten minutes.

On January 22, the eldest daughter Wulabumu was in the school class.Photograph of Zhouke

In order to increase household income, the Bumi Jade Bumu couple also used to work in the season of farming.Today, there are rice, there are vegetables and meat.Looking at the children’s cute faces, Bamu Yubu said, "I hope they can study hard and be peaceful. Whether it is the poverty of life or the misfortune we encounter, we must bravely move forward!"

Looking at the sweet smile of Bamu Yumu, the reporter had seen the young mother’s determined eyes in the camera 11 years ago.

On January 21, a photo of the Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Ke (left) and Bamu Jade Bumu.Photo by Li Sijia

[Reporter’s note] The smile on her face is always bright

I was nervous like a child before seeing Bamu Yumu.

In the past 11 years, I have portrayed her into countless images in my mind. Now I really want to meet, and I still feel embarrassed.

On January 21, I took out the photo named "Child, Mom takes you home" and asked her: "Do you remember the appearance at this time?"

"Remember, this is when I was working in Nanchang." She looked closely and laughed.

I told her: "Because of this photo, I found you for 11 years."

She was surprised.

Bamu Yumu’s head is not high. At first glance, she looks a little shy. After I introduce it before and after, she laughs very happily, and her thin face looks younger than 11 years ago.

When she pulled out the yellow blanket on her shoulder from her home, a long -lost feeling rushed to my heart.

The eldest daughter Wubumu wore a yellow blanket in her mother.Photograph of Zhouke

11 years ago, because of a chance, I had an inextricable bond with the young mother, and she left 11 years of concern to me.

On January 30, 2010, early in the morning, I came to Nanchang Railway Station to interview.This is my second year of the Spring Festival.According to the usual practice, after some activities at the station launching ceremony, I planned to return to the unit for publication, but I was unwilling.

On the first day of the Spring Festival, every railway station across the country was the same ritual. The camera screen was similar, and it was easy to be drowned to the Xinhua News Draft Database.So, I changed the 70-200mm telephoto lens, intending to capture the various expressions of the passengers to return home, and look at the Spring Festival from another angle.

The camera was crossing on my shoulders, and I strolled in the Square of Nanchang Railway Station.It didn’t take long for a young mother to appear in the distance and walked towards the mouth of the station.She was carrying a large bag, holding a dilapidated backpack in her left hand, and holding the child in her right hand, which was particularly conspicuous.

At that moment, I was deeply shocked by this image. I picked up the camera without hesitation, squatted down, and pushed the camera up when she was more than ten meters away from me.Coincidentally, the mother had been walking down with her head. When I pressed the shutter, she suddenly looked up and looked forward, her eyes were resolute and firm.I hurriedly pressed the shutter a few times and grabbed the image of the young mother for a moment and firm eyes.

At this moment, many photographers also chased.

After the shooting was completed, I ran to the mother, asked if she needed help, and at the same time learned about her basic situation, and stated that she wanted to continue the interview.But she just shook her head and walked towards the entrance.

This is 11 years …

On January 22, a photo of the Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Ke (back left) and Bamu Jade Bumu and his children.Photo by Li Sijia

Subsequently, I returned to the unit and selected one of them to send it to Xinhua News Agency.On the same day, after the Xinhua News Agency’s photography department named "Children, Mom takes you home", he was selected by hundreds of websites and newspapers, which was unique in the large number of photos of the Spring Festival.

After a lapse of 10 days, the 6th issue of "People’s Photography" in 2010 published this photographic work in the form of huge photos in the front page, which even established its position in the Spring Festival report.Photography commentator Wang Yongwu commented: "It is difficult to be delicate to the normal state. This work will become a landmark of similar themes for a long time.To the transformation of refining. "

In 2011, "Child, Mom takes you home" won the gold award of the annual China News Photography Daily Life and the 21st China News Award.

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