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In the early stages of pregnancy, some women don’t notice that they are pregnant.Until menstruation has not come, they will consider whether they are pregnant.The most reliable method of testing is to go to the hospital for examination. In addition, there are some signs of pregnancy. You can refer to it.Remember that some signs of pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of menstruation, so after inferring pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

Here are some common signs of pregnancy. You can infer whether you are pregnant through these signs.

1. Menstruation delay

One of the most reliable signs of pregnancy is delayed menstruation, but there are many reasons for delaying menstruation, so Xiaobian recommends that you should still need to confirm the test paper of early pregnancy.

2. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy. Pregnant women can vomit at any time during the day or evening, not just in the morning.

3. Bed bleeding

When embryo is implanted into the endometrium, bed bleeding may occur. The color of bed bleeding is lighter than the color of normal menstruation, and bleeding usually only lasts about one day.

4. Breast swelling

Many women feel breast sensitivity and swelling in the early days of pregnancy, accompanied by pain and tingling.Areolas may be deeper than usual, and small bumps on the nipples may be more obvious.

5. fatigue

In the early stages of pregnancy, women felt very common.The elevation of progesterone hormones in expectant mothers also needs to provide babies with oxygen and nutrients, so they will feel fatigue.

6. sensitivity to odor

In the early pregnancy, many women’s sense of smell will become sensitive. Some of the smells that they can accept before will suddenly become unbearable, and even their favorite foods will become unattractive.

7. frequent urine

Frequent urination is a very common sign of early pregnancy.Pregnancy will promote blood circulation in your body, and at the same time, the expansion of the uterus will compress the bladder, which will cause frequent urination.

8. Constipation

Some women can make constipation in the early stages of pregnancy. This is because the increase in progesterone in the body slows down to slow down, while the colon begins to absorb more water.

9. Headache

Women’s progesterone will increase during pregnancy, which may cause headaches.

10. Bloating

During pregnancy, the expansion of the uterus can cause the prospective mother’s abdomen swelling, which is similar to the experience of the menstrual cycle.

11. There is a metal flavor in the mouth

Many people feel metal in their mouths in the early pregnancy.This is mainly due to the changes in hormones in the body, which affects the taste.

12. Basic body temperature rise

If you have been drawing the basic body temperature gauge, you can see the table to speculate whether you are pregnant.If your body temperature is 37 degrees and above, and keeps this temperature for more than 18 days, then you are likely to be pregnant.

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