16 -year -old girl dormitory produces!Intersection

The 16 -year -old girl dormitory was born, and the baby’s cry woke up the aunt Su Guan, and the bleeding and unconscious girl was discovered.

The girl is called Xiao Meng. She is a high school student in a county in a county in Yunnan Province. She gave birth to a child in the dormitory. After being discovered by Auntan, she quickly dialed the first aid call and sent Xiaomeng to the hospital.Meng has been out of danger of life. Parents see why they suddenly became pregnant or even gave birth to their children, so they quickly called the police.

After asking the police, Xiao Meng slowly told the truth that the child’s father was actually the father of Xiao Meng.

Xiao Meng’s father, Cai, who is a small business, has a van, and often send children in the same village to school, including Xiaomeng. Last summer, Xiao Meng sat in Cai Mou’s van as usual.Some children propose to go to the school to buy something, but Xiao Meng wants to sit directly at the school, but everyone got out of the car, and she had to get up to get out of the car, but was pulled by Cai. He said to Xiao Meng that you said youThere are more luggage, let me give you one more journey.

Xiao Meng was very happy in her heart, but never thought that Cai Mou slowly extended the demon’s claws to the 16 -year -old flower season girl.

Cai drove the car to a corner, and pushed Xiaomeng to the back seat. Xiao Meng also desperately resisted, but how could a weak girl a opponent of an adult man. After Cai locked the door, the implementation of the little dream was implemented.A violation.

Afterwards, Cai’s threatened Xiaomeng could not say something, otherwise she would be good -looking, and Xiao Meng was also a relatively weak personality, and she silently affected it in the future.Back to the school’s little dream, thinking that her parents were honestly planted in rural areas, and her brother worked in Guangzhou. There was no object that she could describe, so she lost the only phone that can contact her parents.certain.

After a period of time, Cai Mou found that the thing was not revealed, so he thought that Xiao Meng was a girl who could easily control it, and followed many times with Xiaomeng.

A few months later, Xiao Meng found that her belly was getting bigger and bigger, so she knew she was pregnant, but she didn’t dare to tell her.Until one night, she had a child in the dormitory because of her stomach pain, otherwise her auntie found it.I am afraid that the girl in the flower season will stop at 16 years old.

After the police investigated and collected evidence, Cai, who had absconded to the train station overnight, arrested him, and was sentenced to a life imprisonment by the court.

Although the bad guys get the punishment they deserve, the shadow in the heart of the flower season girl may follow it for a lifetime.EssenceEssence

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