18 methods to ease morning vomiting during pregnancy

“2022 Parenting Season”

When I am pregnant, I want to vomit in the morning, mainly due to the increase in progesterone after pregnancy. There is no food in the stomach in the morning when I get up in the morning. It is easy to have nausea and vomiting in the morning. It is a normal phenomenon.

So what can be relieved during morning vomiting during pregnancy?Let’s take a look.

The morning vomiting will not wait until I get up in the morning.Mathery usually occurs during an empty stomach (especially overnight sleep).Because when you don’t eat in time, the stomach is empty, and there is nothing else to digest except for gastric mucosa, which causes nausea.

Before going to bed, a small amount of composite carbohydrates (muffins, milk, cheese, dried apricot, etc.) that eats a small amount of high -protein can make your stomach comfortable until the morning.

The stuffed stomach is as easy to cause nausea as the empty stomach.Excessive stomach burden (even when you are hungry), it will cause vomiting.

The best way to prevent nausea is to keep blood sugar stable, while ensuring something in the stomach.In order to stay away from the feeling of disgusting, eating less meals is a wise approach. It is used to replace the traditional one -day meals with six meals a day.Don’t forget to bring some easy -to -digest snacks (fruits and nuts, oatlip strips, oatmeal or salt and salt).

Foods rich in protein and carbohydrates can help you resist nausea.Overall, nutritious foods are helpful to alleviate nausea, and expectant mothers should try to eat as much as possible.

If you can’t eat those things at all, then you can eat as much as possible.Next, there will be a long time for you to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

In the short term, it is more important to get enough liquid than getting enough food, especially when vomiting makes you lose a lot of water.When you feel uncomfortable, you feel that liquid is easier to drink, so you can add nutrition through liquid.You can supplement vitamins and minerals by fruit, soup, juice.

At the beginning, some foods usually make you feel comfortable, even the only one who can eat, but you eat these foods every time you are nauseous. You will find that they are gradually failed and even starting to cause nausea.At this time, find some new flavors of food.

Don’t force yourself to eat things you do n’t like, let the taste buds master, let your eyes master, and let your nose master.

Given that expectant mothers have a sensitive sense of smell, they often find that a certain smell that I once felt seductive suddenly hates. Those smells that I hated before, but now I can’t stand it.

Supplements during pregnancy can help you supplement lack of nutrition.I am afraid that I ca n’t swallow these pills, and even afraid that I will choke if I eat it? In fact, taking vitamins a day can reduce nausea.

Ginger can relieve morning vomiting during pregnancy.There are many ways to eat ginger. You can make vegetables directly, make tea, and make ginger snacks, biscuits, ginger sugar, etc.Drinks made of fresh ginger (ginger soda are not counted) can also relieve nausea.You can also try another food that fights disgusting-lemon.Many people find that the smell of lemon feels very comfortable.Some people think that sour or mint flavors are a good choice.You can also try almond dew, which can soothe the stomach (it is also helpful to burning).

You should sleep and rest as much as possible.Fatigue will aggravate nausea.

Do not jump out of the bed and rush out of the door-strenuous activities will aggravate nausea.You should lie on the bed for a few minutes, eat snacks on the bedside, get up slowly, and enjoy breakfast calmly.

While reducing stress, you will find that the symptoms of nausea are also alleviated.


There are a large number of medical assistance measures to help expectant mothers alleviate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, such as acupuncture, finger pressure massage, biological feedback therapy, meditation and hypnosis.

If you try various methods yourself, you can’t relieve morning vomiting, and consult the doctor to see if the drug is needed.

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