19 -year -old Chen Ting called Zhang Yimou: I became pregnant: Give you two ways, choose yourself!

In 2000, 19 -year -old Chen Ting found that she was pregnant. She immediately called Zhang Yimou, 50, and asked him what to do?At that time, Zhang Yimou gave her two choices: "You have two ways to choose from, one is dropping out of school, giving birth to a child, and the other is to go back to school after getting rid of the child."

Chen Ting made the most important decision in his life at that time, and resolutely decided to study and student.That year, Zhang Yimou was 50 years old. Looking at Chen Ting, who was 31 years younger than herself, he gave up his studies for giving birth. This is really a gamble.

Fortunately, Chen Ting gambled.

Chen Ting, who likes dancing since she was a child, her parents have always supported her dream. Although the family is not rich, she still tries to make her daughter participate in the best dance class.At the age of 13, she was admitted to the Academy of Art, and then admitted to the dance class of the Beijing Film Academy with her own efforts.For a long time, every step of Chen Ting has been steady.

If you have not encountered Zhang Yimou, maybe there will be one more talented dancer in this world.

One day, Chen Ting heard that the famous director Zhang Yimou was choosing the heroine for her new movie "Happy Time".She believes that this is a good opportunity. If she can be selected, it may become a "conspiracy girl" like Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi, so as to start the road of performing arts.As a result, Chen Ting participated in the sea election, but among many beautiful and aura actors, she did not perform well, and eventually she was selected, which was in her expectations.

However, Chen Ting was not discouraged because of this. She just went to college and believed that there would be a chance in the future.After a few days, Zhang Yimou suddenly contacted her and invited her to dinner together.Faced with the invitation of the famous director, Chen Ting was flattered and went to the agreed place after packing.

During the meal, Chen Ting and Zhang Yimou talked from movies to dance, and then to art and life.Although the two are 31 years old, they have not produced a ditch and get along well.For a period of time, Zhang Yimou often asked Chen Ting to go out and eat, walk or chat together.

Zhang Yimou’s behavior made Chen Ting feel a little aggressive.She originally thought that Zhang Yimou was interested in her and wanted her to play movies. Therefore, all the previous actions were tentatively tentatively of her.Therefore, when Zhang Yimou gave her a gift or had intimate moves, she declined euphemistically.

But day after day, Zhang Yimou never showed his intention, and Chen Ting’s confidence gradually exhausted.On this day, Zhang Yimou asked Chen Ting to go out for dinner as planned.Chen Ting went complicatedly, thinking that after dinner, he said clearly with Zhang Yimou.Because she had always thought about it in her heart, she was absent -minded while eating.

Zhang Yimou also noticed that Chen Ting had a mind. After hesitated, he still planned as planned.He took out a bouquet of roses and handed it to Chen Ting.Chen Ting looked at the roses and was a little embarrassed.Zhang Yimou asked her straightforwardly: "Are you willing to be with me?" When he heard Zhang Yimou, Chen Ting was stunned, but he took the rose and promised him with a blushing face.

Yes, Chen Ting and Zhang Yimou finally established a love relationship and became husband and wife.Subsequently, Chen Ting gave birth to three children in 2001, 2004 and 2006.Their marriage life has always been very happy, and often participate in various public activities and charity.

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