19 -year -old pregnancy became a single mother: never regretted

Today is Mother’s Day. All hot search is about mother’s topic: Mother’s Day, Mom Bao Girl, Mother’s Day Bouquet, thank you for becoming my mother and so on.

But I was seeing such a entry: 19 -year -old single mother: I never regretted or hesitated.

The pictures are from the Internet invading and deleting

We all say that our mother is great, and they can bring a new life to this world in October.

But there are also some unusual groups -single mothers, they just rely on their own strength to complete their education and support for children.

The single mother interviewed in the news was a dream of her mother when she was young.

This may also be the power that supports her to raise her child.

This single mother’s child is now 19 years old, but she has never regretted these nineteen years of raising her children alone!

Before that, the single mother group would definitely not be understood by us.

Especially in rural areas, divorce seems to be a very "shame" thing for women. If it is alone to raise children alone, it will attract many people.

I know a single mother.After her divorce, she brought her son to the parents in the village. She went to work in the city every day and returned home at night.

At the beginning, her father took her son to play outside, and many people secretly talked about what.

But the little boy is very cute. When he sees anyone, he will smile. He does not understand the worldly views, and also maintains his innocence.

She works hard every day to accompany her son as much as possible.

Later, when I was chatting, I heard her mother said that she bought a small house in the city and wanted to take her parents and son to live in the city.

The hard work of a single mother is far more than the cold eyes of others, because she becomes a mother, she becomes brave enough!

With the development of the current society, many women can get rid of those discrimination and unfriendly through their own efforts.

It is not to promote feminist society, but now, as girls, we must take care of ourselves more.

Keep a good mentality

Independence, kindness, tolerance, and calmness. Once they have these mentality, no matter what profession a woman is engaged in, her eyes will be clear, her expression will be confident, and she will feel everything around with delicate mind.

Having a good mentality is actually important for each of us. Having a good mood is the beginning of a good life!

There is a healthy body

Everyone wants to have a healthy body.

Once you lose your health, you will find that your health is the most important.

Ovarian cancer, known as the "king of women cancer", can actually be cured in early days.

Don’t be nervous even if you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you can treat it as a chronic disease.

Prevent this disease can be done from the following points: avoid bad lifestyles such as staying up late to ensure sufficient sleep; pay attention to balanced diet, do not control overweight; regulate your emotions, do not excessively nervousness and anxiety; regular inspections.

Today is Mother’s Day, but before becoming a mother, all girls are herself, and they are a little fairy who pursues beautiful and beautiful!

I hope that all mothers can be happy every day, not just the holidays.

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