2021 Science Fiction Spring Festival Gala | Winning and pension in 2051, wake up once a year

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[Editor’s note] In the Spring Festival of 2021, the science fiction Spring Festival Gala held by the "Future Affairs Administration" returned again.The surging news also cooperated with the Future Affairs Administration to participate in this most old -fashioned science fiction Spring Festival Gala.Today, I will bring you the first story of the 2021 science fiction Spring Festival Gala.

The aging of aging, the urgent issue of today’s society, is also a problem that will face the post -80s and 90s -what will happen to our generation’s old age.This novel designs a clever solution: the old people will enter the hibernation when they are sixty years old, and they can wake up for a week every year.Under such rules, what will the old people wake up every year?How will the Chinese families celebrate the New Year in the future?

One year

Author | Luo Lingzuo

Science fiction fantasy writer, in 2002-2012, engaged in editing and publishing in many domestic science fiction magazines, and used pseudonym A dolphin.On behalf of the short stories, "Chengdu", "Brahma", "Avenue", "You Step into the same River", etc., have also been concentrated in the best science fiction fantasy election of the year.The novel "The Landless Land" is about to be published.


Li Yaozong knocked on the door, and his father Li Guangyuan responded in it: "Come in."

The old man looked at the tablet in his hand: "I encountered a problem again? If you learn math when you were young, you will not always move the veteran."

Li Yaozong smiled bitterly: "Dad, I know, waiting for the stars to be born, catch mathematics from childhood!"

"The plan for a year lies in spring, and I should hold my grandson next spring -what is this time?"

"The Gauss core function mapping in the non -linear support vector machine …"

The code and computing on the tablet are dense. Li Guangyuan picked up his hand and wrote the pen, and said on the top and said, "You have to make up for the lesson. After half a year, I have to hibernate. Who do you find?The problem has never been a problem. You are 30 years old next year. You have to work hard to transfer to the management post. Don’t look like me. At the age of thirty -five years, it is still a farmer. "

"Dad, I read the company’s documents. Our family is at the employee price. In the first year, the first year to the fourth year is 750 %, 60 %, and 50 % off.Fixed to 50 % off. My employee points can still be replaced … "

"OK, the fucking grandson, when I was young, the company engaged in Double Eleven. The product manager made some primary school mathematics questions to toss the user all day.Raising cats, chicken and raising cows … Don’t tell me this, I ptsd. "

He stuffed the tablet back to his son’s arms.

"Okay," he breathed a sigh of relief.

Half a year later, on New Year’s Eve in 2051, Li Guangyuan stayed to the birth of his grandson Li Xingxing. He was happy and patted his son and daughter -in -law’s shoulder, and said, "I have made it, how many old code farmers have not lived to see the grandson …You have to raise your baby well, do housework! Don’t get your daughter -in -law! Xiaomei, Yaozong does not listen to you, you will leave me a message, he dares to lazy, I can smoke him! So, your little family, my old man, my old manDon’t disturb the time, let’s reunite for the New Year in the coming year! "

After the Lantern Festival, Li Guangyuan accompanied his son to Penglai Winter Center.

"Mr. Li, I am your insufficient commissioner Nana." The beautiful girl wearing a light blue dress said sweetly and said to him.

"Okay, you know you are bionic people in a look." Li Guangyuan said lazily, "Hurry up and routinely, start your performance."

"Then don’t delay your time. Dear Mr. Li Guangyuan was born on January 28, 1991. As of today, on February 28, 2051, you are 60 years old and one month old. Thank you for choosing hibernation voluntarily.Thank you for choosing Penglai Winter Hibernation Center … "

"There is no discount for the selection home." Liguang’s mouth didn’t spare people. "What can I do if I do n’t sleep? The pressure of the old -age care is so young, I’ m young and young all day, like words? ”

"Dad, say two less words." Li Yaozong smiled bitterly, "Our supervisor can hear on the end of the terminal."

"Well, what are you afraid of, okay, give you a face, 20 % off is also a discount, making money is not easy."

Nana inserted interestingly: "Next, I will introduce you: you start from 60 years old to 70 years old, and you will recover one week before the Spring Festival each year. Go home to reunite with your family. Ah, I just learned that your family has added a baby,Congratulations! Good news, the company has a special mother and baby channel … "

"Broadcasting, I changed the place."

"Sorry. The recovery time is two weeks. If you want to enter the Lantern Festival before entering the hibernation, you need to pay for additional.

"This is still a little bit."

"After the age of 70, starting from the age of 71, you will enter the deep winter session and no longer enjoy once a year’s recovery. However, before entering the deep winter, you have a chance to choose to enter the deep winter, or completely withdraw from the hibernation service, and use the natural person to be a natural person.Go home for the elderly. "

"Who knows whether the pension is enough?"

"It’s not clear, dear."

"How about entering the deep winter meeting?"

"The deep winter state will last until 90 years old or later. Determined depending on physical conditions, 90%of users have withdrawn from the deep winter at the age of 90. From then on, they will not sleep or deep winter.Reward. "

"Yao Yao, the deep winter is still early, Lao Tzu is a little bit stunned now. I don’t want to do things ten years later. Winter, this is not scary."

"Well, dad, don’t worry, the hibernation technology is already mature."

"Little girl, is there anything else?"

"You can sign this agreement." Nana took out a thick document.

"Well, paper contract." Li Guangyuan put on the old flower mirror and flipped the paper.

"You here, here, and the box of the box here …"

"Don’t urge, I know you must have a routine, look, this ‘Sharing Agreement’? What should I share?"

Li Yaozong explained: "Dad, this is an anonymous upload agreement. Some users’ signs and passive feedback are used to optimize the hibernation environment without affecting it."

"Really anonymous or pseudo -anonymous, hey, do you tell the old code farmer, just believe in the company? Forget it, I’m too lazy to fight them." He hooked up a row of small square frames in one breath, and then said:"I have nothing anyway."

Before the Spring Festival in 2052, Li Guangyuan first recovered.

The star is one year old, pink, ignorant, not afraid of life, Li Guangyuan picked him up, Xingxing poked his grandfather’s nostrils with his fingers, the old man laughed and laughed at him with a ghost face.

Li Yaozong was still not promoted to the management post, and Xiao Mei was promoted. She is now the second leader of the Propaganda Department of the Police Force.

After the Lantern Festival, Li Guangyuan returned to Penglai. Before the hibernation, his son asked him, "Dad, did you dream this year?"

"No hey, there is no once."

"Will you feel sleeping for a long time?"

"It’s a little long, but fortunately, when I was young, 996007, do you understand? Now your working environment is much better. How can I eat that kind of suffering?

He looked at the elderly and accompanying children who came in in the hall one after another: "In the fall of 2019, I just started to fall in love with your mother. At that timeIt is good, the future is bright, and the future happiness recruits it … As a result, from the beginning of 2020 to the end of the year, it was too fucking. I finally understood what to witness history.Everything you have experienced! After the whole year, I have never met your mother! Later, the economic recovery was also a twist. When you were a kid, the world encountered natural disasters, and food reduced production. After all, our country has racial talents.Especially in Africa or something, many people starve to death. Your mother and I have brushed Weibo to both depression, and then we uninstall all social networks and go down. "

"Dad …" Li Yaozong hugged the old man’s shoulder gently, "It’s not too early."

"Hmm, urge your father to go on the road." Li Guangyuan lay down, "See you next year."

"Dad, see you next year."

In the Spring Festival of 2053, the stars are two years old, family harmony, everything is good.

In the Spring Festival of 2054, the stars were three years old, family harmony, everything is smooth.

In the Spring Festival of 2055, the stars are four years old, family harmony, everything is smooth.

Before the Spring Festival in 2056, Li Guang woke up, and Nana looked at him with a smile.

"My son? Why didn’t you come to pick me up?"

"Mr. Li Yaozong is attending a temporary meeting. He can’t get rid of him. He asked me to pick you up."

"Little bastard, I have to teach him well -forever, remember: forever -far! Don’t put the company’s affairs on the family, there is no job worth sacrificing the family! I said Nana, although you are an AI, I am not afraid to teach you badly, causing you to wake up and extinct human -or something -you have no need to give your company like this, hey, do you have your life? "

The corner of Nana’s mouth slowly squeezed and smiled.

Li Guangyuan shivered, closed his mouth to put on clothes, walked out of the door of Penglai, a yellow taxi parked in the passenger area. He just opened the door and suddenly opened a black SUV to slide. The door opened, Li Yaozong jumped off.Car: "Dad!"

"Are you your kid?" He tilted his head and looked at the car, "Is unemployed? Started running?"

"What do you say, this is our car."

"Do you buy it at the end of the year, do n’t consume it in advance, I tell you, my generation has a lot of people on a small loan car …”

Li Yaozong cried and laughed: "Dad, I have been promoted! I am now management! Deputy President!"

"Hey, the old master, can’t go?" The taxi driver asked impatiently.

The old man touched the coat, and there was a small stack of traditional paper banknotes. This was a reserve for the hibernating wake -up. He took out five hundred yuan of banknote, and handed it to the driver with no expression.! Come pick me up, you also get rid of joy, take a drink! Do n’t drive to drink! "

The driver took it with a smile and exaggerated a few words. Li Guangyuan couldn’t hold it. He also laughed and got on his son’s car.

That night, Li Guangyuan’s family of four went to the Risbae Restaurant in the festival of the New Year.In the financial war, the wave of equity delivery and the tide of capital tide; there are local salespersons each of them.There is no progress compared to time. "

Li Yaozong was not greedy for small and cheap, but fishermen were profitable. After the storm, the promotion and salary were promoted. Now everyone does not fight, and there is nothing happened to each other.

"Dad, if you don’t want to continue hibernating, I can also raise a family now."

Li Guangyuan nodded and shook his head again: "Winning is nothing. On the whole, the aging is so serious. The old people wake up once a year and protect environmental resources.The increase is equal to zero, which is strictly negative. Well, this is a high -level statement, Zongzong, let’s say, you are picked up, not denying your ability, but if you do internal fighting againDo you still stand up? Your ability is not fighting with others. Dad is old, you can’t help you … "He stroked the star’s head gently:" You are also a dad now, you have to treat the stars at the stars, you have to treat the stars.Responsibility is not responsible for me. "


"Don’t say it! Drink and eat meat! If you really do it, I will recover to see if you are not the vice president next year. If you say it! Xiaomei, come, you also drink, Zongzong is promoted, is there any uncle in home?"

"No." Xiaomei said with a smile, "Dad educated well, Yaozong still cares very much."

"I think he is timid, you are the police again, if you are busy, find a maid, now the smart robot is okay, it is cheap and durable, and it will not rebel."

The candlelight swayed and staggered. Although there were only three adults and a child, they were lively and warm. Liguang couldn’t get together all night.

After a meal, Xiaomei took the star to get on the car first and turned on the autonomous driving mode. Li Guangyuan waved his hand: "Drink too much, want to walk around, don’t spit in the car, how troublesome it is."

"Dad, I’m walking with you."

"Okay, Xiaomei, you take the stars home first."

"Grandpa is drunk!" Star made a ghostly face to him, "smelly!"

"Hey, little rabbit!" He ran to the window, grabbed the star’s ears, and used his face to pinch the little guy’s head, the stars creaked, and echoed in the underground garage.

He looked back and saw a man wearing a hoodie approaching his son. The man wore a mask and stood in his pocket. Li Guangyuan inexplicably raised an unknown hunch from the soles of his feet. He let go of the stars and walked towards them.

The man whispered: "Are you Mr. Li Yaozong?"

Li Yaozong replied, "Yes, are you?"

"Go to death." The man said calmly, his hands stretched out, a cold three -edged bayonet staggered into Li Yaozong’s left chest, pulled it out, and then stirred it up with his chest and abdomen.The body cough, blood flowing, Li Guangyuan’s head bombed. He howls to rush to the murderer.Standing up, shouting crazy, grabbing the murderer’s placket, the other party did not expect that he was so stubborn, was taken aback, and kicked his face fiercely. Li Yaozong didn’t know what he was shouting.The scream, blood flowing down his eyes … "Don’t come! Hurry to save Zongzong!" He remembered that he shouted so much, and then he grabbed the murderer’s mask and pulled it down … he saw the face that faceThat’s the face of an old man with a little bit of warehouse and a bit deadly … strange … Who … why … his consciousness is blurry, his wrist is soft, the killer will break away, and turn around and run …On the ground, climbing to his son, his fingers trembled like branches in the wind, scratching the deceased’s face.

"Zong Zong … My son … Zong Zong, Zongzong, Zongzong … Don’t die, our family just started … Zongzong, look at me … Zongzong! Dad hereYou died! "He raised his head, tears, Xiaomei was crying, and the stars stood behind the adults stupidly, looking at all this, as if I didn’t know what happened, the little hand grasped her mother’s sleeves tightlyEssence

Stars have no dad.

The voice was rolling in Liguang’s intracranial intracranial. He opened his hands and grabbed sadly in the void. It seemed that he could catch the happiness he had just passed away, and it seemed to grab the culprit that destroyed everything.

Then he fainted.


Li Guangyuan pushed the door gently and stomped into the living room. He knew from the house, this time he could catch the current.

Li Yaozong pressed his handle on the sofa and gritted his handle: "Go to death and die! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

He slowly stood behind his son, and the teenager was still fighting the giant boss on the screen. He didn’t realize that he had quietly faced another BOSS in reality.

Li Yaozong waved his arms and wanted to give the little bastard’s head. No. The news said that after the beating, he was easy to kill the child, either she was stupid.He looked at the vase, shook his head, the vase was very expensive, and it was not easy to clean it; then look at the baseball stick, shake his head, not the enemy … look at the chicken feathers … In what age, there are chicken feathers, only I have eaten it when I was a kiddeficit.

Would you like to pour Coca -Cola on your head?No, fabric sofa, cola sugar is high, it is not clean, sticky …

"Dad, have you thought about it?" Li Yaozong suddenly said without looking back, "Otherwise you are here to play two games? I just died again."

He was a bit frustrated. He sat on the sofa and picked up another handle and said, "Zongzong, do you play games again, what is the exam?"

After choosing the role, he glanced at his son sideways, and his handle fell to the ground.

Li Yaozong’s mouth was bloody, blood stains with large bowls on his chest, and the wounds were flowing blood outside.

"Dad, nothing, I’m just dead." The little boy looked usual, "I was killed, you saw it, isn’t it?"

Li Guang was sorrowful and sat up suddenly.

The shutter window was not tightened, and the micr -light was diffused into hazy. He covered his face with both hands, and the tears of the old man overflowed from his fingers.

Zongzong …

My heart feels a little weird. Is this the son’s house?Unlike the memory, he changed the house after being promoted?It is gray everywhere and dark green.

Li Guangyuan got out of bed, is this the hospital?I seemed to be injured … he pulled up the shutter window, took off his pants to look at his thighs, without any scars. He looked out of the window and shocked.

Thousands of colorful balloons composed of colorful balloons like hill -like balloon clusters, floating in the air, only a few tens of meters away from him, like a giant bright mushroom, it slowly rises, a wooden house hanging below, this picture, this picture, this picture, this picture, this picture, this pictureIt seems that there was an old man and a little boy in the wooden house?As if he heard his speculation, the door of the wooden house opened, and a group of dolls that shook his head and his head walked out along the pop -up red carpet, knocking on the instrument in his hand, and the tune was strange.Iron Penguin, drumming soldiers, Barbie dolls, plastic superhero hand … There are a few walking on the edge of the red carpet, and the little people next to them suddenly kicked down. They fell and screamed long.

What is the following?Is there a void?Li Guangyuan rose in his heart, the floor seemed to be shaking … is not an illusion, something hit the shell of the ward, a golden red fence shifted through the window, the surface was densely served. After tens of seconds, he saw it.This goldfish is full. Compared with the wooden house, the balloon is like a match box. The goldfish hangs in the air and goes towards the sky.

This must be a dream.

He looked at his fingers in a detailed finger, itchy fingertips, and a transparent blister. He hurriedly rubbed his fingertips, but the blisters still grew up until the size of the grapes stopped expanding.It was made of fragments and cut the blisters, but the glass was firmly sticking to the fingertips and could not throw it away … Li Guangyuan was stunned, and he grabbed other gadgets and was firmly attached by the blisters -they changedIt is flat, like suction cups.

Really ridiculous … I have to leave here.

He walked towards the door of the room. He thought about it and didn’t push it with his hands. Instead, he kicked open, and then the house tilted and "spit out" him. He rolled on the ground several times before lying on the grass. It was good.Finally, it was a solid place. He sat up and saw a few monsters in front of him, and couldn’t help crying "I fuck."

The head of the sheep narrowed his eyes, and the tea cup in his hand emerged with a hand -painted style. It said to the two guys next to it, "Look, another one."

The human head and fish head monsters looked at Li Guangyuan together. They got up from the teahouse, and Li Guangyuan retreated again and again: "Don’t come!"

This lawn is also more than a dozen square meters. He retreated to the edge, surrounded by the vast gray gray fog shrouded in the Quartet.

"Don’t be nervous, Mr. Frog."


"He hasn’t figured out who he is, where he is, and slowly explain to him." The head said.

The beautiful man with a human body waved his hand, and a picture of the air twisted in front of Li Guangyuan’s eyes. He heard the narration: "Well, I did n’t remember to encrypt themselves, it really was a small white.

"I found the file header information."

The chaotic picture is quickly edited. He saw his childhood, teenager, youth … from the desk to the workshop, from your eyes to his eyes to straight, staring at the code on the screen …

"This is all unrelated information, starting from the last time."

Li Guangyuan saw Xiaomei holding Li Yaozong, who was full of blood.

"Zong Zong …" He called softly, and tears dripped.

He saw him catching up with the murderer and grabbed the opponent’s mask. He held his breath, but saw that the opponent’s face was an oval black mosaic.

"Yo, Mr. frog’s memory has been moved. Hey."

He saw the flashing police lights and ambulance lights … people lifted him to the stretcher … The eyes of the stars in the crowd, Xiaomei dyed the blood holding the stars, which made him slightly relieved.

He was pulled to the hospital -no, not a hospital, although it looked very similar, but Liguang recognized it. This was the Penglai Winning Center.Why pull me here?The medical care surrounded him, and everyone was wearing a mask and goggles. He was scared without shadow lights. He saw himself struggling and shouted Yaozong’s name …

The blue syringe was pierced into the blood vessels. His open eyes slowly closed, and the chaotic picture was also dark and extinguished simultaneously.

"Mr. Frog? This is your memory."

Li Guang was sitting far and fell, and he was embarrassed. He asked, "Am I dead?"

"NONONO," The goat’s head took off the single glasses glasses and wiped it with a piece of silk. "How can you be so frustrated? Welcome to the old man’s dream park."

"I still think the old man dreams of the universe more momentum." The fish head that had never spoken said.

"Mr. Frog, you don’t have to be afraid to come here. This is different from the outside. It is an absolutely safe field."

"Wait a minute, why do you always call me a frog? You recognize the wrong person."

The goat’s head stopped wiped in his hand, his fingers bounced slightly, the lens buzzed to the air, and when he fell, he swelled into an waiting body mirror.

He saw the creatures in the mirror: the gray -green skin, with white patterns, a huge triangle head staring at the mirror, two big eyes blinked slowly … He raised his hand, and the creatures in the mirror also raised their hands.The transparent blisters at the fingertips do not know when it has become a small suction cup, and there is a cricket between the fingers.

"The shape of the frog is not very rare. The probability of two thousandths. We are not interested in knowing your mortal name. Come on, forget the vulgar world, and build a dreamy garden with infinite charm!"

"—— The old man dreams of the universe," said the fish headman.

They brought frogs to meet the Lord of the Paradise ("Cosmic Lord." Fishouman intervened). Between these discontinuous entities, countless staggered silver pipes linking each other.Floating light, non -human passengers traveled.As for the various entities that are distributed in the three -dimensional space, the cognitive boundary of Mr. Frog: the black city that is always drizzled, the neon light cards are row, the Chinese characters are flickering, the detective wearing a raincoat raised a collar, revealing the exposureThe bare praying mantis head; the huge robot hosted the sword to fight, the wings behind them were expanded, the dragon’s dark meat wings were popped up, and the red magma was sprayed; a million robotic cats were arranged into matrix; The superhero of the fat and fat buttocks holds the red and white and blue star shield, standing on the collar platform and twisting. There are hundreds of different superheroes on the stage.The old lady of the cat rushed up and quarreled with the shield leader …

The lord’s physical crushed block is located in the central area.

It was a giant eye.

The giant eyes suspended on the tip of the pole needle, red eyebrows were superimposed with red eyebrows, wrapped in white eyes, and black pupils were staring at it.

"This thing looks a bit familiar," said, "What is the name?"

"Well, we can’t remember it." The beautiful man mermaid said, "We call it the magic eye. It is said that the design is inspired by a fantasy movie 50 years ago, and a group of thieves stole a magic necklace …"

"It’s a bracelet, I remember very clearly, there are Sanskrits of" Prajna Paramita "engraved on it." The fish headman retorted.

"Ah. Regardless of it, in short, the lord lives in the eyes of the magic. It is the founder of the dream space."

They stepped into the eyes of the magic, which was full of the arc -shaped design language of the Lelo Triangle. On the throne of the palace, there was an eternal fire of suspended groups. In addition, there was no one.

"How about the lord?"

Mr. Yangtou and the mermaid/Murloc group bowed to the flame.

"I have witnessed everything about Mr. Frog." The flame shook, making a rude man’s voice, "Do you have anything to know? I can answer three questions you."

Mr. Frog didn’t feel closer. Its frog’s feet stepped on a lotus flower on the floor. It worked hard to think, as if a personal shadow was fading. No, it closed his eyes, blood, struggling, and son’s hand… How many individuals he used to have this little hand has been with this little hand?

"My name is Li Guangyuan." It said, "My son is Li Yaozong. A few days ago -it should be a few days ago, he was killed. I was injured, was sent to the hibernation center, and then came here."

"Well, I know this." The flame replied inadvertently, "What I asked, what do you want to know?"

"I want to catch the murderer who kills my son."

"As you can see and see the" Sanxian "group, the murderer’s face has been blocked."

"… I don’t quite understand. How can I find this murderer?"

"This is your first question. The answer is as follows: Someone added a dynamic mask in your memory ditch back. You can’t eliminate it by yourself. You go to the art master Xiu Xiu, she can help."

"Where are I?"

"The second question, the answer is as follows: Since the Buddha Lodd has proposed the concept of subconsciousness, there has been no substantial progress in this research for a hundred years, until now."

"Winter hibernation users, note that it is refrigerated and fresh, not frozen -everyone has subconsciousness. In the case of refrigeration, they will enter the abyss of their own subconscious and form a dream.Affecting the quality of hibernation, people will inhibit the inhibitors to the hibernist. However, there are always some people who break through the control of inhibitors. Those elderly people who are in a strong surface emotion before hibernation, those who are angry, desperate, unwilling, anxious, expectingOld people, dream. "

"You mean I am in a dream? But I don’t know what you said, I can’t dream of what I don’t understand."

The flame smiled, Mars jumped: "Yes, you are indeed in your dreams, and what I said you really don’t know … You used to be an old programmer who likes to watch technology news, right?Is the brain interface? It’s simple. In the interconnected dreams of different elderly people, I call it "Wan Mirror Qi Liang". This is my new edition of the 16th edition of the name. Homorrhea hints "The evening scene is desolate",What do you think of the Sanxian group? "

"There are both Chinese -style classical aesthetics and ancient Greek’s Akimid style."

"Okay! Miao!"

"It should be the inspiration from the" Qingqing World, Wanjinglou "in" Journey to the West "!"

"Cough, okay, Mr. Frog, you have another question to ask."

Mr. Frog flatten his mouth and looked at his fingers: "Why did I become a frog, and why do people here do not look like humans?"

"This involves the privacy of others. I only answer the part of you: Dream is a self -compensation mechanism. You become a frog, and there are several possible explanations: you know that you are hibernating, frogs will hibernate. Then why no one has no?What about becoming a snake? Because you have witnessed the victims of your loved ones, you want to catch him -this is why your finger becomes a frog with absorption. In the end, it may be important for you to have a childhood complex for frogs."

Mr. Frog opened his mouth: "I have to go to the art master Xiu Xiu. I should ask you where she is, instead of asking the problem that is useless just now."

"Mr. Frog, the three sages will help you find Xiu Xiu. We are all born in a code farmer. The technical problem is never a problem. The problem is that you see the murderer."

"thank you all."

"Don’t, we are all old men and old ladies." Mr. Yangtou said. "No old man will tolerate the tragedy of the white -haired black -haired man."

"So what do you plan to do after you find the murderer?"

"My daughter -in -law is a policeman." Mr. Frog paused, "but I want to kill him by myself."


The darkness faded, and Li Guang opened his eyes.

Before the Spring Festival 2057.

He lay down slowly for a while, and looked at his hands at his hands. This was the hands of an old man. The skin was loose and the bones were swollen. When he was young, there were too many keyboards.

"Mr. Li, Ms. Mei and Star Children are waiting for you." Nana said softly.

"Well, I’m going out."

When the star saw him, he came over and hugged him, and buried his head on his chest: "Grandpa."

He stroked the hairy little head and raised his eyes: "Xiaomei, you have worked hard."

Xiaomei’s chest was dressed in a white flower.

"Dad, let me take you to see Yaozong."

The cemetery was built by the river, and Li Guangyuan stood in front of the tombstone. Looking at the photos of Yaozong, one rotated every few seconds. He didn’t know how many cycles were. Xiaomei stood beside him.The flowing water under the slope seems to be thinking about life.

"This year is really fast." He murmured to himself, "It’s like a dream. Xiaomei, why was I sent it to the hibernation center?"

"I called the police station at the time, and the ambulance came with the police car. I thought it was a hospital’s car. I didn’t expect it to be in the hibernation center … Later, they told me that as a hibernist, there is a physiological indicator monitoring in the body.They found that you sent a car if you were injured. "

"That murderer, did you catch it?"

Xiaomei shook her head silently.

"Isn’t there monitoring everywhere?"

"We suspect that he has a companion. The monitoring took him on a black car and lost it."

"I saw his face."

Xiaomei’s eyes lit up: "That’s great! You can let AI make a portrait-"

Li Guangyuan sighed: "But I didn’t remember."

"how come?"

He hesitated and said, "If I figure out who he is, can you catch someone?"

"At least it can be arrested."

"I will remember again in the past two days." He stroked the small tombstone, "Zong Zong, my father will avenge you."

No. 2102, Fuxing South Road is an old community. Even if it is near the Spring Festival, there are still few people in the community. Most of them live here are lonely old. The youngest one may be the security guard at the door.

Li Guangyuan walked into the community with a large down jacket. On the 20th floor, there was a dog urine in the elevator. The inner wall was covered with housekeeping cleaning and explicitly old cards with small cards.

With a bang, his hand was still in his pockets and walked towards Room 2008.

Five minutes later, he panting his waist and stood straight. The old man sitting against the bed was also panting, and his blood dripped along his cheeks.

"Can you talk well now." Li Guangyuan held the hammer, "Gu Junxuan, what wrongdoing your fucking with my family? Ah? Why do you start with my son?"

Gu Junxuan was struggling with a beer belly. Qiu Yi was torn and blood was spit.

"How do you find me … he said to wipe my face except …"

"God has eyes." He felt the blood pressure rising, "Say, I just want to understand why you kill my son. Otherwise, I will hammer you with a hammer and smash it into mud."

Gu Junxuan laughed: "So your son can be resurrected?"

His blood pressure rushed to his eyes dark. He breathed calmly, smashed on Gu Junxuan’s shoulder, and could even hear the sound of broken bones.

Gu Junxuan’s face was pale, and the sorrow became: "What’s the use of you killed me!"

Li Guangyuan smashed another hammer on his knees, Gu Junxuan twitched his legs on the floor: "I want to freeze! Go to sleep! Don’t wake up every year! I want to live! Ah-"

Li Guangyuan’s feet stepped on his knees and moved.

"Why kill my son!"

"He looked for me," Gu Junxuan groaned. "As long as he kills Li Yaozong … gives me a free hibernation for a lifetime … and there is a fund … After sleeping for 20 years, I have a lot of money and a lot of money! … IThere is hope in life, haha … ah -you are content! "Gu Junxuan screamed," You have a son, a daughter -in -law, a grandson, and a cheap hibernation! Your son still does not know that he is high in the sky and the vice president, accounting forIt’s the seat of others! "

"Whose seat?"

Gu Junxuan shook his head: "I won’t tell you, I have to go to hibernate …"

"I let you sleep," Li Guangyuan took out the rope and tied the other party from head to toe.

The doorbell rang, someone was shouting outside, "Mr. Gu?"

Li Guangyuan stood up and stuffed the hammer back to his pocket. He glanced at Gu Junxuan, and the latter finally relieved: "Calm, you will not kill in public, right, you are different from me, you still have little grandson, etc.It’s … "

Li Guang opened the door.

People wearing Penglai Medical Uniforms came in, put down the stretcher, and looked at everything in front of them, his complexion was hesitant.

"Mr. Gu, we came at the agreed time -what is going on?"

Gu Junxuan watched Li Guangyuan with a smile, the latter’s face was ironing, his fists rang, but he was helpless.

"It’s okay, I’m going to hibernate."

"This gentleman is …"

Li Guangyuan took out a small card from his pocket and said slowly: "Yu Hui accompanies the company, serving the special preference for customers, on -site service, Bao Jun is satisfied."

Then he watched the medical care and lifted Gu Junxuan to the stretcher, went downstairs, and got on the car.

"Don’t talk randomly, old things, otherwise you are at the end of the murder." Gu Junxuan said to Li Guangyuan before driving, "Cherish the moment, take care of the elderly, maybe we will still be a neighbor of hibernating in the future."

Li Guang, who has always been angry and painful, whispered, "Yes, come to Japan. The year of the year lies in spring."

Gu Junxuan felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say that when the door was closed, he saw Li Guangyuan’s depressed face and suddenly smiled.

Old things are crazy, hehe.


Before the Spring Festival 2077.

He woke up from a long sleep.

The bionic man Nana took care of his dress and opened the tablet. He saw the account balance, counting the long string of five times, 500 million yuan.

It is worth it, he fists, moves and bones, no different from 20 years ago. The old injury has healed, and the beauty of the world is waiting for him.

"Mr. Gu, your old residence was demolished. You can choose to get 50 million yuan in cash compensation, or one place for 300 square meters."

Gu Junxuan didn’t think about it: "I want a house."

Ghost knows how much house price is now?The old -fashioned small has lived for decades and did not wait until the demolition. Now I wake up and have this good thing.

Penglai’s special car sent him to a new home. In the city center, there are primary schools, middle schools, subway stations, hospitals in the surrounding city center … He sees the listing of the intermediary, more than one million, and he can’t help but secretly.

Thanks to the advancement of scientific and technological, the average life expectancy of human beings has reached 150 years old. For those who are only 60 years old, they are equal to the previous thirty -year -old young people, Gu Junxuan looked down at his belly, everything is brand new.He stood on the balcony, holding a wine glass, looking down at the city, and the sun shining obliquely. He suddenly realized that his tears slipped.

The past has passed, and I want to start from scratch.

Be a good person.

Gu Junxuan began to work out. He never had so much suffering in his past life, because he saw hope that he didn’t understand the meaning of "hope is a good thing, maybe it is the best thing in the world".Now he knows: there is money, a house, and a young time waiting for him to squander.Although in this glorious, a crime is faintly visible, what is it?He had found someone to find out. The old thing surnamed Li did not lighter him or something, but Li Yaizong’s face appeared more and more frequently in his dream.

Think of a way.

He donated money to all religious temples, churches, and churches in all religious schools outside the city, and hurriedly married to make the hustle and bustle full of life. This is very effective.Little, until his wife was pregnant and gave birth to a child, the baby’s eyes were the same as the deceased. He yelled and escaped the hospital.

From then on, he rarely went home and heard a lot of wind. The woman smiled and cheered him when he was in love with the lovers: "I really endure the heart that I want to go to bed with him, he is young and soft …"

Gu Junxuan gritted his teeth and put himself in his work. He was quite smooth at first, but he quickly realized that his knowledge and talent could not control the wealth he had.You don’t need to do a few times, just look at it at a glance: 50 million.

Although this money is not a huge sum of money in this era, if it is carefully calculated, he can still settle in his old age -no!I am only 60 years old!How can I lose everything I have?I killed talents in exchange for talents!

Gu Junxuan took the risk and embarked on the road of drug trafficking. The neurotic drugs of the new era were very effective. He once tried it once. Seeing that the whole world was just a doll home in the carton, his ambition burned again …

Destiny gave him a sip of sugar and gave him ten more feces.He offended the black and white two, and his body disappeared, leaving only one skin, wandering on the streets and lanes, and owed a butt debt. He dodged the creditors or killers in a shock and picked up garbage.

One day he saw Li Yaozong walking towards him, scaring his soul, and he crushed the beer bottles and killed the young man again with a broken glass sheet. After he saw it clearly, where is Li Yaosong?In the appearance, he killed his last hope.

He sent out a crying cry, cutting his throat, blood vessels, and eyes with glass slices. He saw a new hallucination: a sheep head, wearing exquisite golden silk glasses, a black civilized stick, left and right, left and rightEach stands with a monster with a fish body and a fish head, wearing a suit, they walked towards him. Is that death and its guards?The civilized stick point is on his head, and they say, "Start reading the head file information -this is a double barrier, hee hee." And a gray -green and white giant frog lying on the glass curtain wall of the commercial building,Two big bulbs stared at him indifferently, jumped to them after being stunned, and said to the three monsters, "Thank you."

What is he thanked?

On January 18, 2058, one week before the Spring Festival.

He woke up from a long sleep, and Nana was waiting for him.

"Mr. Li, your physiological brain waves are very fierce, have you dreamed?"

"Um. It’s a good dream." He was wearing a clothes, "There are many good friends in the dream. Do you have a pen? Give me a piece of paper, thank you."

He wrote a name on the paper.

"Mr. Li, Ms. Mei and Stars are waiting for you outside."

"Well, I know, it’s about to give her a gift."

"Do you get a gift from your dream?"

"Yes." He stared at Nana’s eyes, and the pair of electronics looked back with emotionally. "You know the memory of the hibernist can be read."

"Mr. Li, I don’t quite understand what you mean."

"Have you read the memory of the customer?"

"The company respects the privacy of citizens, and has never done similar things."

"With the help of my friends in the dream, I got the identity behind the scenes in Gu Junxuan’s memory, and put him into an infinite cycle but each time in different hell dreams. This was only a year, but for the murderer,He has experienced hundreds of years of torture, and these brain wave shocks will be projected on the customer’s hibernation monitoring terminal, and you have not stopped it in the middle -you know what I am doing. "

Nana was silent, with a stylized smile.

"Yao Zong said, what I said to you, his director can see. So, I guess you acquiesced this matter, because the name of someone written on this paper, just happened to be Mr. Director who wanted to remove it.The person who dropped. This can be said: I reported my revenge, you picked it up cheap. "

"Mr. Li, your car is here, please prepare for travel!" Nana’s eyes flashed and took the initiative to lead the way.

Li Guangyuan followed it to the gate, the sunset, and the red lanterns hanging on the foyer slowly rotated, another year.

"Magic eyes?" He whispered to Nana, but the robot was unmoved at all, opening the door for him, bowing and saluting.

"Looking forward to you back to Penglai after the Lantern Festival!" It said with a little girl’s ticking voice, "The plan of the year lies in spring, and I wish you a happy family and happy New Year!" Goodbye! "

Editor in charge: Zhang Ye

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