22 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers and fetuses have changed magical changes

22 weeks of fetal baby changes

Fetal development

1. Development index weight (gram) body length (CM) double top diameter (CM) abdominal circumference (CM) femoral length (CM) about 326g from head to hip minister of about 23.3cm5.45 ± 0.5716.70 ± 2.233.82 ± ± ±0.47

2. The focus of development

The baby’s skin is not so transparent, male treasure also has sperm. The baby now has sweat glands, and the skin is not as transparent as before.If it is a male treasure, his testicles start to enter the scrotum, and the original sperm is also available.The baby’s little head is still growing quickly, and he must be a clever person.

3. Fetal skills

The baby will pull Baba!The baby Baba is born, and the little thing will "pull" a bleak black thing. This is the legendary fetus!The fetus will be temporarily stayed in the baby’s intestine. After the baby is born, it will be officially pulled for the first time!At this time, the baby prefers to listen to the mother’s "sweet" singing. Maybe you sing and tune, but for your baby, you have to sing to TA every day.

4. Fetal movement

What a small sportsman!The baby can be called a small sportsman now, with an average of 50 times an hour, almost once in one minute!

22 -week production check

Maternal Mother’s Maternal Check Data Reliance Index (CM) Normal amniotic fluid volume (ML) Placental maturity Periodone value (HCG: IU/ML) Palace Height (CM) abdominal feed (CM) weight increase (KG) 15.1-15.2200-500Placental level 0 4,060-165,40018-22.580-914.7

Prompt for inspection

Is this alien my BB?The result of the four -dimensional color ultrasound is obtained this week. The doctor will give you a rough result based on parameters such as the baby’s head, abdominal circumference, and femoral length: for example, the baby is healthy, but it is smallEat some nutritious things to meet the baby’s development needs.Of course, if the lip line is discontinuous or the heart has a small hole in the heart, the doctor may ask you to do the diagnosis again next week, and then you will face difficult choices -to stay.However, this probability is very small. Moreover, this also reflects the benefits of medical science, and reducing birth defects is of great significance to the family, although it may be very difficult to accept at this moment.

22 weeks mother changes

Physical change

The navel is pushed out. In 22 weeks, your weight is basically one pound in a week.The uterus continues to rise and starts to compress the lungs, and the belly is getting bigger and bigger. You are already a expectant mother.When you take a bath or do prenatal education, you may suddenly find that the navel -like navel of Xiaokeng becomes flat!Yes, it may soon protrude.Until it is about to give birth, the navel will become a thin layer of skin.It can be seen how amazing the power of the baby is, TA is fierce when expanding!

Emotional change

Do a good mother, you can arrange more activities. Maybe you quit your job after pregnancy and concentrate on being a full -time mother, but do you know?Too monotonous life will also affect your mood. Watching TV at home every day, irregular sleep will cause emotional depression.So while your baby grows up steadily, take more outdoor activities, and talk to friends more about your mood to soothe your mood.

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