24 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus showed a clear face, a clear face and a big eyes grinned to scare mother and netizen: fake photos?

Recently, in Lisaki, the capital of Virginia, a mother named Kellyton was pregnant 24 weeks and went to the hospital for a check -up. The ultrasound screen showed a female fetus blinking her eyes with a strange smile.Sturded on the spot.According to doctors, everything in the fetus is normal without worrying.Kellytton uploaded photos to social media, and immediately caused widespread attention from netizens. Some netizens said that it was fake photos, and some netizens believed that the medical testing technology is now developed, and it is normal for taking the fetus high -definition photos.

Comprehensive foreign media reports that at 24 weeks of pregnancy, Kellyton, who is 17 years old, went to the hospital for gender scanning. After learning that the baby was a girl, he was unexpectedly scared by the child’s expression.According to her post on social media, the general baby would avoid the camera, but her daughter blinked a pair of round eyes and grinned.

"I have never seen this scene. The fetus looks super weird, but I have loved this baby!"

Kellyton also revealed: "On the ultrasound picture, the baby’s face was normal at first. The nurse confirmed that it was a girl. When the doctor turned the camera back to the child’s face, she looked at me like this."

It is reported that when he was lying in the dark room to watch the ultrasound, Kellyton was really startled by the sudden ghost face, but he was very at ease after learning that everything was normal.

"I don’t know why she looks like this. Some netizens think it is a fake photo, but she is a baby in my real life."

Roryk and her husband Rorik had two sons. At first, they thought they might welcome the third boy and found that his wife was very shocked when she was pregnant with her daughter.Kellynton said happily that another photo took her little nose, and it was possible to see that her daughter was very beautiful.

According to doctors, the fetus is basically taken for 12 weeks. You can see the characteristics of the face. Due to the impact of the fetal position, it may not be able to fully display its face during the checkup, so it cannot be guaranteed that every birth checkup can be fully checked.See the fetus’s face clearly.

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