256 yuan a copy!This kind of sky -high ice cream, I eat a hammer

In a blink of an eye, it is summer, and the sweltering and sweating belong to the commonplace. At this time, the magic weapon of summer is naturally essential.

For fear of hot thunder, air -conditioning WIFI room is a must, cold drinks with rich taste are the key, and ice cream is even more YYDS!

After all, "eating ice cream in summer", this thing that is going to do when it arrives has long been a sense of ritual engraving in DNA.

However, the goose did not know when it started, and the times suddenly changed, and a few dollars of ice cream when they were young are slowly disappearing.

I believe that friends and Xiao Lei have the same feelings. Lingling in front of the freezer is not hesitant to eat, but because the price can’t guess the price.

The cheap ice cream chosen with the fluke (self -thought), but when the boss burst out "XX yuan", the wallet was injured!

The ice cream tastes similar, but the gradually exquisite packaging and the price that has been raised has made Xiaolei feel more and more unfamiliar.

For these hidden freezers, they are only to give wallets a heavy ice cream. The rivers and lakes are frightened and given the nickname: "Ice Cream Assassin"!

I have to say that in the past two years to summer, major social platforms will definitely come up with topics related to "high -priced ice cream".

No, the old brother of the ice cream industry "Zhong Xuegao", a wave of hot search last summer, and one year later, I liked the hot search.

This is quite funny. The reason is that Zhong Xuegao lives in the live broadcast room, allowing the audience to leave a message "I Love Zhong Xue Gao" and then take a screenshot of welfare.

Of course, the goose anchor did not expect that the audience did not follow the routine. The interception was "I love Snow Lotus" and "I love old popsicles".

I can’t give it up, the old is embarrassing.EssenceEssence

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The smile was over, but the goose netizens started to talk about the price again.

In fact, it was almost the same at this time last year.

At that time, the founder said that "cost is 40, do you want to love?", Accurately stepped on Chinese netizens thunder, and was resisted.

Although the founder clarified that it was a malicious editing, the original words were misunderstood, but the price of Zhong Xue Gao ice cream was really expensive.

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Xiao Lei searched in Zhong Xue Gao’s flagship store. The cheapest is 10 140 yuan for "semi -ingredients", and one 14 yuan is even.

The most expensive thing is the price of "Ghana Black Gold" to 856 yuan. Good guy, the average one is 32 yuan.

Picture source: Taobao@图 图 旗 flagship store

No wonder many netizens shake the public message in the Q & A area. Is the ice cream selling such a expensive gold?IntersectionIntersection

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This is not the most absolute. In April last year, Zhong Xuegao also launched the "Zhong Xue Gao’s Cake" series, which was called a high.

Alas, this series has launched a total of 4 models, namely apricots, Zhilongli, pear blossoms, and cheese with you.

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The name of the ice cream is also good, that is, the price is quite unscrupulous, 68 yuan/box, 78 yuan/box and 88 yuan/box.

Compared to the 8 and 10 in front, this is a box of price. The people who have a big appetite have finished eating a few spoons.

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Before the end, the unit price was expensive. This "cake" series has made a bundle sales model similar to luxury goods.

For example, if we want to buy a single box of "cakes", we must buy a combination package with basic ice cream in the store.

Good guy, Zhong Xuegao nicknamed in the ice cream world- "Hermes in the ice cream", really no problem at all.

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Not to mention that Zhong Xue Gaoneng has always persisted and sat in the position of the industry’s elder brother. The sales volume is really good.

And the steaming of Zhong Xue’s steaming, other brands will naturally not let go of this big cake, and have launched high -priced ice cream.

SO, high -priced ice cream began to appear "cake passes" phenomenon, and more and more victims attacked by ice cream assassins.

Traditional brands have launched high -priced ice cream. At least we know the brand, and in most cases, we can screen and escape.

However, some unknown small brands have also joined the ice cream assassin team, which is really invincible.

Lemon pattern+a string of English letters+transparent bag packaging, this popsicle reveals a breath of "buying it will definitely not lose".

Of course, goose reality is often cruel. Lemon syrup freezes into a popsicle with water. This brand dares to sell at a high price of 9.9 yuan.

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The yellow popsicles that disguised their appearance and were unattended and no one asked, and they were also full of "surprises" at the checkout.

It must be the price of "25 yuan", so that netizens decided to shoot the video so that this unforgettable lesson is always reviewed.

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In addition to the simple packaging, there are some greasy packaging, and some ice cream assassins have practiced Dafa, and even tempts you to step on the mine.

You think you can pick up Bao’s ice cream by "one hairy and five". As everyone knows, this is the name of his brand. In fact, you have to sell 6 yuan.

Picture source: Left Network and right Taobao

Of course, if you see the brand that you can’t understand, don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it. This is a "warning".

For example, the following otter festival (tǎ jì) ice cream, one sells 89 yuan, both can reach the price of a hot pot.

Picture source: Left Network and right Taobao

The above is just the corner of the ice cream assassin brigade. If you want to experience the stabbing, welcome to the supermarket and convenience store.

There may be some friends who want to say that there will be a market if there is a demand. Do you think that if you sell it expensive, do n’t you buy it?

Although this is true, some of the truths, Xiao Lei feels that there can be room for discussion.

For example, the brand has always emphasized that the rise in raw material prices has caused ice cream to increase the price, which is indeed okay.

Alas, from 2008 to 2020, the cost price of ice cream raw materials such as milk and whipped cream rose by about 80%.

However, some people in the industry said that the gap between high -priced ice cream and ordinary ice cream in raw materials and costs.

In fact, the cost price is 7 to 8 yuan, which can be bought so expensive, mainly because the brand side has worked hard in other ways.

Innovation and marketing and marketing costs such as ice cream -shaped packaging innovation, co -branded with various big IP, plus packaging advertisements, etc.

These buffs are superimposed, and these brands of ice cream want to sell cheaply, of course, it has become an impossible thing.

Moreover, many netizens spit out high -priced ice cream, but they are not just expensive, but also the impact of high -priced ice cream on the market.

Ice cream sells expensive but can guarantee high profits. In this way, whether the tube is proactive or forced, everyone has increased prices.

At the same cost of selling, high -priced ice cream has a higher profit. After a long time, retailers are naturally reluctant to sell cheap ice cream.

And when those "good quality and low -cost" brands have closed down, isn’t it the ending of our affordable ice cream party in the end.

SO, please get up in the face of high -priced ice cream thunder. Do n’t feel embarrassed and get out of pain.

Please bravely say to the boss: "No! This ice cream is too expensive! No, I’m going to change a cheaper!"

In the end, Xiaolei also wanted to give supermarkets and convenience store owners to make two very operable mature suggestions:

Let’s say that we should put these high -priced ice cream in a freezer, or the price of the ice cream partition is the price!

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