26 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women eat chicken into the ICU for 2 days.

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A few days ago, I saw a pregnant woman who was pregnant for 26 weeks of pregnancy in Panyu, Guangdong, because she had abdominal pain after eating the fried chicken for two days, and was sent to the ICU.

After the doctor’s examination was tested, it showed that it was a very extreme hyperlipidemia, and when the stomach pain occurred, the severe pancreatitis occurred. After the hospital was hospitalized, several bags of oil were filtered from her blood after being treated in time to turn the danger.

Netizens also left messages and said: Girls, pregnancy is not an excuse for storm!Maybe this pregnant woman did not pay much attention to diet before pregnancy.

Indeed, although you need to supplement nutrition after pregnancy, you cannot become a "excuse for storm". The scientific and balanced diet is the correct way to add nutrition during pregnancy.I do n’t control my diet, I also like to eat sweets. The whole pregnancy is 80 pounds, and it is crazy to lose weight after giving birth.

In addition, as the second netizen said, the high blood lipids may be that the diet of the entire pregnancy may not be controlled, and it should always be greasy.After pregnancy, a pregnant mother for two people for the nutrition of two people. It should be eaten appropriately, but they cannot eat randomly. Some doctors do not recommend that the food that pregnant women eat should not eat or eat less.

In addition to greasy and spicy irritating foods, the following types of foods are mostly doctors do not recommend pregnant women.

The first category, foods that may cause abortion

This kind of food is absolutely taboo. The pregnant mother can’t eat it anymore, let alone a chance to try it. If it is good for the fetus, you must avoid it.

Such as too cold food (seafood, bitter gourd, purslane), acidic food (hawthorn), food (musk, safflower, turtle) with blood circulation, etc., these foods may cause abortion, so pregnant mothers want to eatTo bear, wait for the baby to eat after birth.

The second category, toxic or food that affects fetal development

This kind of food is also absolutely taboo. Eating may have an impact on both pregnant women and fetuses. For example, foods that are not cooked (four seasons of beans, meat), and spoiled foods (the leftovers leftovers and leftovers, rotten vegetablesFruit, moldy food, food during the shelf life), cassava flour, alcohol, etc.

These food pregnant women may cause poisoning, parasitic infection or other effects, and indirectly affect the health of the fetus, so pregnant mothers should stay away from these foods.

The third category, food that affects the health of pregnant women

Although this kind of food is not an absolute taboo, you can eat it properly, but you must not eat more, just like the too greasy food in front of a pregnant woman in front of the hospital; in addition to greasy foods, it is also the best, too sweet, too salty, and spicy food.Eating less, eating too much will affect the blood sugar and blood pressure of pregnant mothers, and aggravate constipation during pregnancy.

In addition, pickled foods, foods containing a large amount of additives, unhealthy snacks, etc. Eating too much food will also affect the health of pregnant women, and then affect the healthy development of the fetus through the mother.

If it is a food that is absolutely taboo during pregnancy, the pregnant mother must be completely jealous, but you can’t make a joke with your health and the baby in his stomach, tolerate, and wait for the baby to eat after birth.

There are still many foods that "eat too much" may have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses, but they are not completely unable to eat. For example, we all know that pregnant women are not good for eating instant noodles and pickles, but many pregnant mothers have no appetite after pregnancy.If you want to eat some pickles and instant noodles, you can eat less and solve it, and you can grasp it yourself.

There are often pregnant mothers who ask, "What fetus is healthy and smart after pregnancy" and "What babies to eat after pregnancy can skin white and look good?"

In fact, there is no such magical food. If you want the baby to develop in the stomach, the smart, healthy, white and beautiful, and the pregnant mother must "eat reasonably". The following principles must be known.

1. Various types of food, balanced nutrition

This is the basis of a healthy diet. In daily life, common foods, try to eat as much food as possible, but do not eat too much to supplement different nutrition. After all, fetal development requires multiple nutrients, not simply supplementing protein or simply supplementing protein or nourishing.Just nourish folic acid.

2. Eat more foods rich in high -quality protein, with targeted nutritional nutrition

The healthy development of the fetus is inseparable from high -quality protein. Pregnant mothers of these foods should eat appropriately every day, such as milk or dairy products, soy products, lean meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, etc.Pregnant mothers who do not like to drink milk can drink a cup of pregnant women’s milk powder every day to increase nutritional supplements.

In addition to eating more foods rich in high -quality protein, it is also necessary to supplement nutrition during pregnancy. If folic acid is supplemented from pregnancy, it has been supplemented to at least 3 months of pregnancy. After entering the middle of pregnancyThe supplement of DHA is to avoid affecting the healthy development of the fetus due to insufficient intake of nutrients.

3. Eat less meals and control the weight

After pregnancy, due to hormone changes and gradually increasing uterus will cause certain oppression to the surrounding organs, and the stomach and stomach will cause stomach discomfort, which will affect appetite. Especially in the early pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions will be serious.Things, then you can adhere to the principle of eating less. Eat less each time and eat more a day to control the amount of food and help control weight growth.

In the middle and late pregnancy, if the pregnant mother detects abnormal blood glucose or blood pressure, it must follow the doctor’s guidance to diet, and you must not care.

Although there are more taboos after pregnancy, in fact, the pregnant mother can grasp it by themselves. Pay more attention than the usual diet and life to ensure the health and safety of the fetus.

Do you pay special attention to diet nutrition and safety during pregnancy?Have you ever eaten foods that doctors do not allow to eat, to share your pregnancy experience.

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